TwiNj/TwinRaj Horror Ff: Pyaar Ka Dard Hai (8~Vision Of Past)

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Now this is where Twinkle recalls everything of her past..


As Twinkle went unconscious on the stage, the crowd began to worry and called her name.

“Oh God, what the hell happened?”

“Is she okay?”

“Why did she became unconscious all of a sudden?”

“Oh no!”

Almost everyone were in panic. She was rushed to hospital immediately.


As she woke up in the hospital, her gaze went on Yuvi standing in front of her. “Twinkle, what happen? Are you okay?” He asked acting sweet. “I m fine, no need to show fake concern,” she said ignorantly. “Can you please tell me in detail that what happened? How did you faint?” The doctor asked. “Yes Twinkle, tell how did you faint?” Yuvi asked and she rolled her eyes. “Doctor please ask him to go from here,” she requested. “You please go from here, you’re giving her distress,” doctor told Yuvi. “But why? I m her husband,” he opposed. “You will have to go as you can see she is very uncomfortable, if you won’t go, then she won’t talk properly, give her some space and please leave,” said the doctor and he left after giving a death glare to Twinkle, she ignored him and looked away. “Yes, please tell the whole matter.”

Doctor asked. “Doctor I was performing on the stage and as I finished, I began to play a random music and even sung a song which seemed so familiar and had a flashback,” she answered. “Bring her the piano,” doctor said and the ward boy immediately brought it as the one who was in charge of her performance, he had sent it there. The doctor gave it to her. She opened it and settled it by her side. “Play the same tune again,” the doctor told her and she did as she was told. She began to play closing her eyes, some scenes played in her vision.

Twinkle sat in front of piano and a man came from behind adjusting her hands on the keys and played the same tune along with her.

Some other man came behind Twinkle. “Today I want to teach you a new tune Tweety,” said a seductive voice. “Why not?” She said and the man entwined his fingers with hers and nuzzled in her hair, she noticed something awkward and turned and seeing the other man she jerked.


Twinkle opened her eyes by the vision but continued to play and again closed her eyes focusing on it.

Vision continues:
The other man was Yuvi. Twinkle looked at him fearfully. “What the hell are you doing here? You’re just a friend of my husband, be away from me,” she shouted angrily. “Don’t know why, but since I have seen you, don’t know what has happened to me, I just want to come closer and closer and closer to you darling Twinkle also known as Tweety,” he said and she stood up moving backwards. “You don’t have any right to call me Tweety, only my dear husband has it!” She shouted.

“Your husband is gone out from some work,” he said with a smirk and began to near her. “No! Don’t you dare to come closer to me!” She shouted and then fell on the floor while walking backwards. “You’re mine Tweety,” he said seductively and kept his foot on her foot, she screamed with pain. He got on top of her and she struggled to make him leave and finally managed to push him and stood up. “Just leave!” She shouted and began to go but he held her wrists and pulled her back. She struggled and he tried to take her to the room.

Kunj came there and seeing the scenario of Yuvi forcing Twinkle, he got shocked. “Twinkle!” He screamed in worry and rushed to her but Yuvi pushed him on the wall, he got hurt and fell on the floor. Yuvi pushed Twinkle and her head banged with the table and she went unconscious. Yuvi turned to Kunj and smirked and made unconscious Twinkle stand. “Don’t you dare Yuvraaj!” Kunj shouted. Yuvi held the back of her head and pushed her on the wall and she fell on the floor with her head bleeding heavily. “Oh Teri! Pagal hai Kya!”

Kunj shouted. “Pagalpana tumne abhi mera dekha kahan hai?” Yuvi said and fractured Twinkle’s leg breaking it. Kunj went unconscious seeing the torture. Twinkle was admitted to hospital, Yuvi made someone do such a black magic on Kunj that his body would be alive, his heart beat would be proper and he would even breathe but his soul would be separated from his body and he would roam like a lost soul, he hid her body in the basement of store room. Then his soul was captivated in the Yuvi-Twinkle Manor in which Twinkle came to live without informing Yuvi as he knew the secret and didn’t wanted her to reach it.

Vision end.

Twinkle stopped playing the music and opened her eyes and was teary eyed. “Did you recall anything?” Doctor asked. “I did, but I m going, I will come to meet you later,” she said and went from there acting as if she walks by crutches.


Twinkle reached Yuvi-Twinkle Manor and saw Yuvi on the couch, behind him stood Kunj who came near her and stood beside her being invisible to Yuvi. “What happen?” He whispered. “I recalled you are my..,” she was cut in between.

“Don’t tell him about it, act as if you didn’t recall anything, remember one more thing, if he dies accidentally some minutes before the full moon night which is on June 17 at 4:31 am then only I can again become a human, then only my soul will go back to my body, else my body would be lifeless and my soul would never get peace,” he told her. She nodded and went to Yuvi. “M sorry baby, I love you,” she said hugging him acting to cry. He hugged her back, she stared at Kunj and injected Yuvi on his neck with sleeping injection and pushed him back on the couch.

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