TwiNj TwinRaj Horror Ff Pyaar Ka Dard Hai (20~Gift)

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As Twinkle approached her, she hugged her immediately. But she didn’t respond to the hug but kept resting her head on her shoulder. “Yukti baby, why were you roaming like this outside?” she asked her breaking the hug. “Nothing,” she replied shaking her head. “Tell papa, what happened bacha?” Kunj asked her kneeling down. “Nothing,” she said again. “Beta did you want something? Tell us,” Twinkle asked worriedly. “Yes, I want, just an answer, will he ever come again?” She asked wiping her tears. “Who beta?” Kunj asked. “My daddy, will he come again?” She asked. “Beta let’s go inside and talk,” Kunj said and lifted her.

The trio went inside and sat on the couch. “Will he come?” She asked. “Yes he will come, but only on weekends,” Kunj replied. “Who are you both?” She asked. “Do you remember that you were calling me from inside the store room?” Twinkle asked. “Yes, I remember,” she replied. “You called me mummy,” Twinkle reminded. “Yes I know, my daddy had left me there saying that this is where I will get my mummy, so hearing your footsteps, I called you,” Yukti told her. Twinkle looked at Kunj and then at Yukti. “But your daddy..” she was cut in between.

“Beta it’s time to sleep, okay, come,” Kunj said and took her away lifting her. Twinkle too went behind them. “Uncle, how many Sundays are there in a month?” Yukti asked cutely. “Four,” he replied. “And Mondays?” She asked. “They are many, now you sleep,” he said taking her to room and made her lay in center and kissed her forehead. “Love you Daddy,” she said without realizing and then closed her eyes. Kunj looked at her smilingly as she called him daddy. “Love you too baby,” he said and caressed her hair.

Twinkle came there and laid on the other side of Yukti. “Did you notice that she has already started to call me daddy?” Kunj asked and she nodded. “And me also as mummy, but sometime ago only she was asking of Yuvi, all of a sudden she forgot and called you Daddy, why?” Twinkle asked thoughtfully staring at the ceiling. “Let’s leave it Twinkle, her mind would’ve been so disturbed that she forgot. But Twinkle, you had been living with Yuvi for so much time, why didn’t he ever tell you about her?” Kunj asked. “Because he’s a lier,” she answered.

“Means?” He asked. “He told me Mukti died by cancer, I don’t think so that she died by cancer, she might’ve been tortured the same way like me,” Twinkle said. “Yes, Yuvi wasn’t a good man, he could’ve done anything,” he too agreed. “I just hope that Anita aunty’s warning doesn’t comes true, and Yuvi never returns, he has caused us so much pain,” she said. “Hmm, I wonder where might’ve been Yukti living since so much time,” he said. “I m just so tensed for her, we will take care of her very well, she shouldn’t feel different,” she said. He smiled and then switched off the lights and slept.


Next day, after coming from school, Yukti was in the store room. She was looking at the dolls and the toys. Meanwhile, the others were busy. Suddenly the doorbell rang and Chakor went to open the door. “Your courier,” said the man and Chakor took it from him. It was really big, the card on it said that it was from Surjeet and Anita. “Why did they send this?” She asked herself. Then she noticed that inside the card, there was a folded letter as well.

She opened it. It said,

“Dear Twinkle,

Sorry that Yuvi caused you so much pain and didn’t told you about his daughter, he even told you a lie that he’s your husband when you had just woken up from coma. Sorry for whatever happened. But we hope you’re taking good care of his daughter. But if you still ever feel that you won’t be able to take care of her, then feel free to drop her at our house. But that ways she won’t get motherly love. Do give this doll to Yukti and tell her that it’s from Yuvi. No hard feelings, no grudges, but lots of love.

Anita and Surjeet.”

“I should show this to didi,” she said and went to Twinkle and showed it to her. After reading, she sighed. “I don’t feel like leaving her side, I won’t give her away, I and Kunj both have accepted her, and we don’t mind her presence, I hope you also don’t mind it,” Twinkle said. “No I don’t,” Chakor said. “Give this to Yukti,” Twinkle told her pointing at the wrapped gift. “But didi, first let’s ask her about her birthday, if it’s near then we will gift her on that day only.”

Chakor suggested. “Good idea, you ask, that ways you both would have a bonding as well,” she replied and Chakor agreed and left the gift on the couch. She went downstairs in the store room and saw Yukti sitting with her back towards her. Chakor tiptoed towards her and hugged her from behind. “Mausi,” she said and then Chakor left her and sat by her side. “Yukti ka birthday kab aata hai?” She asked lovingly. “21 June,” Yukti replied. “Okay baby, that day we will celebrate it, and that would be your best birthday, okay?” Chakor asked. “Okay mausi,” she agreed. Chakor kissed her cheek.


Later at night, Kunj was sitting with Twinkle. They were talking and laughing. He held the bottom of her top and pulled it upwards making her swollen tummy visible. He placed his hands on her tummy and caressed it. “Baby,” he said softly keeping his head lightly on her tummy and she felt tickles. He too giggled. They forgot that tomorrow would be a full moon night which meant Yuvi’s return. They didn’t knew what more awaited their lives. They didn’t knew what will happen the next day or on Yukti’s birthday.

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  1. Nice episode dear
    It’s like a treat for me today as it’s my birthday and reading your 3 episode together it’s so amazing…
    Please post soon

  2. Please NO! He can’t come back again. Oh God. What will happen? I am sure he will cause Twinkle some harm and to her baby off course. Uv ka chapter band karo na please.

  3. Please dont harm any of them n also keep twinj baby save

  4. Me_rp_27

    Amazing epi…

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