TwiNj TwinRaj Horror Ff Pyaar Ka Dard Hai (19~Yuvraj’s Daughter)

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Twinkle’s POV:
I just heard my daughter say “mumma” but the thing is that I m still pregnant. It is so disturbing and shocking as well. What’s going on? I tiptoed towards the store room playing with my fingers that were drenched in sweat. “Mummyyyy!” Shouted the voice again. I gulped in fear. “Who? Who’s it?” I asked. “Mummyyyy!” Said a girl’s voice again. I reached the store room door. “Mummy! Mummy!” Said the girl’s voice once again. I felt not to turn back and keep going and that someone needs me. I unlocked the door and walked inside careful not to trip.

I switched on the light and walked down the stairs. “Hallo?” I called out. “Mummyyyy,” said a voice loudly and sighed as if the owner of the voice had passed out. I kept walking downstairs and then my gaze went on the couch near the bookshelves. There laid a girl with her face hidden by her hair. “Who are you? How did you come here?” I asked the girl but she didn’t seem to listen to me. It looked as if she was asleep. I couldn’t tell why she wasn’t speaking anymore because her face was hidden by her hair.

I got down the stairs and approached the girl. I moved the hair from her face. The young girl of about five years was so innocent and cute that I didn’t had any heart to leave her there and let her be in the hot temperature. She had her eyes closed. I checked her breath to make sure she’s okay, she was breathing. Her clothes were somehow a little dirty and her hair were also a little messy. “Wake up,” I said shaking her a little but she didn’t move an inch. Suddenly I felt rush of air pass by me which caused me to close my eyes.

I saw Yuvi as I closed my eyes. “You might be thinking who is she and how did she come there to your house, she reached there by my help, she is my and my late wife Mukti’s daughter who died by cancer, you killed me, now it’s your responsibility to take care of my daughter Yukti (Yu from Yuvraj and kti from Mukti), don’t leave her to roam alone, she has done nothing wrong to you, don’t give her the punishment of my deeds, please,” he said and then I opened my eyes and sighed.

“Not everyone is like you Yuvi, when a girl becomes a mother, she doesn’t only loves her own child but she also develops care for other children, and you see I will take care of her, love her and nurture her way better than you, I won’t let her become like you, she would become like me and Kunj,” I said with hatred for Yuvi in my voice. I bent and made Yukti sit up and then picked her on my shoulder and walked upstairs and closed the store room door behind me. Everyone were having breakfast and seeing the child, Chakor came to me.

“Who’s this child? How she came here? And why are you carrying her like this? You shouldn’t carry weight in pregnancy,” she said and I nodded and gave Yukti to her. “Come with me,” I said and began walking upstairs, she followed me to my room and kept Yukti on the bed. Kunj too came there. “Who’s kid is she?” He asked. “Yuvi and Mukti’s daughter, I saw her in the store room and Yuvi told me to take care of her, I also don’t have heart to leave her like this,” I told them.

“But are you sure you will take care of her?” Kunj asked. “When m I taking her care alone? You’re also there with me to take care of her, and Kunj, I hope you don’t have problem by her,” I said and he shook his head. “When you accepted her, what problem will I have? I am happy that we will now be less impatient for our baby to come,” he said and we shared a hug. Chakor left from there. “We will make arrangements for the new baby as well as Yukti,” I said breaking the hug and he smiled.

“When the ritual of baby shower will happen, then we will write the most unique thing on the cake, you know what is it?” He asked me cupping my cheeks. “Yes, TwiNj ki/ka Kavit/ Tinku,” I said and he smiled and kissed my forehead, I smiled back at him.
End of POV.


Later at night, Twinkle stood in the balcony looking at the moon. Thankfully it wasn’t the full moon night. As she was engrossed in looking at the moon, Kunj came and hugged her from behind. She smiled.

“You know when my soul was separated from my body, I thought it will take forever for you to get to know the truth, I thought I won’t ever get back to normal,” he said slightly kissing her cheek. “But I came and nothing such happened,” she said turning her face a little. “That’s because I m lucky,” he said. “Hmm, but I m thinking how did Yukti reach the store room without our notice?” She asked. “I m also thinking that only,” he said and they both were silent for the rest of the time. After sometime, they went inside.

As they went inside their room, they got shocked as Yukti wasn’t there. “Oh my God, Yukti! Yukti!” Twinkle shouted worriedly. “Relax, relax, she might be in washroom or somewhere here only,” Kunj said to her and opened the washroom door but Yukti wasn’t there either. They checked the whole house but she was nowhere. They opened the house door and went outside to look for her. They looked here and there. In the moonlight, they saw a tiny figure walking aimlessly. They walked to her as fast as they could. As Twinkle approached her, she hugged her immediately. But she didn’t respond to the hug but kept resting her head on her shoulder.

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