TwiNj TwinRaj Horror Ff Pyaar Ka Dard Hai (16~The Fulfilled Old Desire)

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“Now it only would be possible when I join your soul and body, for that we will have to go to the basement which is in the store room, let’s go,” she said and they went to the store room together. They climbed down each stair carefully after switching on the light. As they were finished, they thought about the basement, where could it be? They searched everywhere and then by mistake, she pushed the couch away and saw a handle. “Got it? Yayyy,” she said and pushed away the couch fully and opened the door situated on the floor.

Ladder stairs led down. They both climbed down in the basement and then their hands searched for the switchboard. When they finally found it, they switched on the lights. Twinkle turned and got teary eyed seeing Kunj’s body surrounded by lemon and chillies, all of them had a big cross on them and needles inserted everywhere. Twinkle sat down and saw that he was lying on vermilion spread everywhere. She destroyed the whole setting, the lemons, the chillies, the vermilion, everything and then looked back at Kunj’s soul. “Come Kunj, get in your body, it still has a heartbeat,” she said.

He came forward and got inside his body. Kunj opened his eyes and looked at himself, he felt his skin and face. He looked at Twinkle, she was smiling in tears. ” Hamara zikr toh har pal hua fasaane mein … toh kya hua joh todhi der hui aane mein?” He said in a poetic style and they both had a hug. “You are a human again Kunj,” she said and he smiled. “How couldn’t I have been back to being a human? I have such a loving wife who cares less about herself and more about me, now let’s go upstairs,” he said and they switched off the lights climbing up towards the basement and then back to their house. “One problem,” he said.

“What?” She asked. “What to do of Yuvi’s body?” He asked. “Let’s call the police and tell them the whole matter, that ways we won’t get in trouble,” she suggested and he chuckled. “By doing that, you yourself is inviting trouble,” he told her. “But Kunj’s family, what about them? I stole their son from them and then after two years, I killed him,” she said. “You didn’t kill him, you were just saving yourself,” he said cupping her cheeks. “That’s what I m saying, we will just tell the police that he tried to molest me,” she told him.

“Okay, but when they ask you who’s he, so what will you say?” He asked. “My husband’s boss,” she said. “Better think about all this, police will call his parents also,” he said. “I m not scared. When you’re with me, nothing can happen to me, I have a proof that he tried to molest me, the camera in our room, I installed it before itself,” she told him. “What?” He gasped happily. “Yes,” she said and he smiled. “So intelligent,” he said and they both had a hug. “Enough fun, let’s call the police,” she said, he nodded agreeing to her.

She took the phone and dialed the number and kept it on her ear. After a few rings, the call was answered. “Hallo, how may I help you?” Said the voice. “There’s a dead body in my house,” she said and stated the address. “Coming right away,” said the voice and hung up. Twinkle hugged Kunj worriedly. He hugged her back. “Relax, nothing will happen bad,” he assured. She tightened the hug, he did the same. After sometime, the police came, most probably the CID team. “Yeah, so where’s the dead body?” asked a constable. “There in our room,” she said and they began heading there.

As they went inside the room, they looked at the dead body and then at her. “How did he come here? Any idea?” asked ACP Pradyuman. “Yes, he is my husband’s boss and he had tried to molest me,” she told him as confidently as possible. “Oh, so how did he die?” He asked. “While trying to save myself, I had hit him and he ended up dying,” she said. “Do you have any proofs against him?” He asked. “Yes, this CCTV camera,” she said pointing at the wall and they took off the camera for thorough analysis.

Yuvi’s body was also taken for post mortem. They went from there. Kunj and Twinkle had a hug. “Thank God we got rid of him,” she said. “And thank God nothing happened to you, I tried saving you but my powers didn’t work at that time,” he told her. “I know you tried to save me, I never misunderstood you as whatever you faced and whatever you did before was all for me only,” she said and he cupped her cheeks. “Okay, but do you know one thing? I didn’t give you what you wanted at that time,” he said.

“And what was that?” She asked and he held her hand and took her with him. They ended up outside the store room. He unlocked it and they walked inside to the cupboard which he opened and showed her his toys collection which was a Tweety, Pooh, bear, and many others. “Look at them, how cute they are,” he said and she smiled. “Yeah they are, so?” She asked. “When I was a kid back then, I used to play with them as if they are all my friends, but when I grew up, I played with them as if they are my babies,” he told her.

“Oh, so what? I still didn’t understand,” she asked. “Tweety, next week your birthday is coming, so do I have the honor to give you the most precious gift on this birthday? Should I make you a mother, a mother of my child?” He asked and she nodded encircling her arms around his neck. “Hmm, abhi ke abhi puri kardo na apni ye khwaish or dedo mujhe vo qeemti tohfa,” she said and he smiled and picked her in his arms and took her to their bedroom and placed her on their bed while she had her arms around him.

He laid beside her and moved her hair from her face running his fingers in her hair. “Mere lafz lafz tere honton pe, tu rag rag mein meri basa, Main rooh rooh se chalta hoon, tu shaamil hai meri yaadon mein, Mere dil ka sukoon, mere dil ka junoon, tu ishq hai mera shaista sa, Mehsoos karoon tujhe har pal, bhar kar meri bahon mein,” he said huskily. They looked at each other lovingly and slowly leaned into each other and locked their lips together for a brief moment and then parted away looking at each other smilingly.

Once again they locked their lips, this time in a passionate and a long kiss. He chewed her lower lip and she moaned. He explored every corner of her mouth and sometime later they broke the kiss panting heavily but their foreheads were joint together. He went down to her neck and kissed her neck sending shivers down her spine. He bit her neck and she moaned his name. She was loving his sweet torture and turned her back towards him. He kissed her back and then placed his head on her back. She giggled feeling tickled by his beard. He chuckled.

“Main bejaan sa ek phool hoon, tu khushbu mein meri basa, Mere akks mein tu hi tu dikha, tu hi toh hai mera aaina, Hawa jaisi chalti hoon, tu rait jaisa murrta hai, Jisay dekh kar main muskura doon, vo hi to hai tera chehra,” she said huskily and smiled, he too smiled and they continued from where they left. This one night had become heaven for both of them and at the same time it had become hell for Yuvi’s parents. Also that it had become a death for Yuvi. They didn’t knew what morning was awaiting them.

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