TwiNj TwinRaj Horror Ff Pyaar Ka Dard Hai (14~ Very Soon)

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Flashback Continues:
For two hours, Kunj remained in drugged position with Twinkle supporting his head. After two hours, he opened his eyes feeling dizzy and saw that he was standing on the roof of his house that too on the railing. He got shocked and realized that a hand was holding his wrist behind his back. He turned to look at the owner of that hand, it was Yuvi. Beside him stood Twinkle with a worried expression. “Kunj,” she said worriedly. “Twinkle? Boss? Why have you made me stand here? Do you want to kill me? Get me down, idiot!” He said angrily. Yuvi had an evil smile on his face, he pulled him down. Twinkle held his bicep as he felt dizzy. “Kunj, Kunj are you okay?” She asked and his head fell on her shoulder as he hugged her, she hugged him back stumbling backwards as he was too heavy. “You just leave from here Yuvraj jee, you were trying to hurt my Kunj, what is this necessity? Please leave,” she said. “No I won’t,” he said. “Leave else see what I will do,” she threatened making Kunj gain his senses. “Nahi jaunga, toh Kya kar logi tum?” He asked. She shifted her gaze from Kunj to Yuvi. “Police ko bula doongi,” she said. “Okay,” he said and began to leave but then stopped in the middle. “Today I m going, but next time when I will come, I will do a big bang, just wait and watch,” he said and left. Kunj and Twinkle went downstairs and she settled him on the couch and brought chilled water and splashed it on his face. He blinked several times and he sat beside him and hugged her. “Kunj thank God you’re fine, that blo*dy boss of yours,” she said, he hugged her back. “Don’t worry he’s gone,” he said and she sighed.


At night when they were sleeping, Kunj was awakened by someone banging their main door. “Who can it be at this time?” He asked to himself and sat up freeing his bicep from Twinkle’s grip, today she was extra protective about him. He kissed her forehead and covered her properly with the duvet. He got off the bed and got out of his room and went downstairs to the main door and answered it. He saw a hooded man. “Who are you? That too at this time?”

He asked and the man removed his hoodie revealing his scarred face with a fresh wound on his temple. “On the way back to home, we lost our way and my brother is nowhere to be seen, can you help me in finding him?” He asked and Kunj chuckled. “Sorry? It’s 3 in the morning, please go and ask for help from police,” Kunj said and was about to shut the door when he saw another hooded man coming from behind with Twinkle in his arms, she was unconscious. “Oh no, I left her in the room, how did he get her?” He muttered under his breath.

“Twinkle!” He said worriedly and was about to approach the hooded man but the man with scarred face throttled him and stabbed him to death. Kunj woke up from the bad dream and switched on his bedside table lamp. He saw that Twinkle wasn’t there on the bed and panicked. “Twinkle! Twinkle!” He shouted worriedly and got off the bed and opened the bathroom door but no sign of her was there. “Where did she go?” He asked himself and then checked the other room and almost all the room but still he didn’t find her.

“Twinkle! Twinkle! Please wherever you are come out!” He shouted worriedly and just then the store room door opened and she stepped out of there. Kunj ran to her and kissed her forehead hugging her tightly. “Where have you been? I was finding you like crazy, and what were you doing in the store room at this time? Do you know how much panicked I was?” He asked and she put her finger on his lips. “Ssshhh, I m fine, nothing has happened to me, I just went there as I wasn’t getting sleep,” she said.

He sighed and hugged her again. “You scared me,” he said. “It happens, it’s okay, Kunj, I found something from the store room,” she said as he broke the hug. “What did you find?” He asked and she took him inside the store room and showed him her doll collection. “Look at these dolls Kunj, how cute they are, when I used to play with them in childhood, I only used to talk to them, but right now when I was playing with them, I got a whole new vision, I was playing with them as if these are my babies,” she told him and he shrugged and chuckled. “So?” He asked.

“So Kunj, next week is your birthday, and I want to give you a special gift on this birthday of yours, I want to make you a father, a father of my child,” she said and he looked at her lovingly. “So this was what you thought? Okay, abhi poori kar detay hain aapki yeh khwaish,” he said and picked her in his arms. She laughed and locked their lips together. “Not right now Tweety, look you’re in my arms, you will also fall, I will also fall,” he warned.

He fell on the couch and she fell on top of him. “Baby sleep over here only, already I woke up in a panic, same dream like yours,” he said and she pecked his lips. “Good night,” she said and dozed off on top of him. He wrapped his arms around her and he too slept.


Next day, Kunj didn’t dare to go to office but he had to go out by some other work. Yuvi spied on them and saw Kunj and Twinkle in a hug admiring each other. “Soon this smile of yours would be for me,” Yuvi muttered under his breath. Then he saw kissing her lips and then beginning to leave. “Very soon, only I will kiss you Twinkle, and this thorn named Kunj will go away,” he said.

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    Hey Sara!! I read all the parts and liked it so much! I really liked those little romantic moments between Twinkle and Kunj!!
    Ugh, Uv is such a sick bastard!!!!!
    Btw, the dream right? They had similar dreams!!! I wonder what’s gonna happen next. But post soon!!!! <3
    I really loved it! <3

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      Thanks for the review.. yeah they were dreams which were similar

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