TwiNj TwinRaj Horror Ff Pyaar Ka Dard Hai (12~Knocking At Midnight)

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Flashback Continues:
That day, Kunj was unusually very happy. He was sitting in his room when Twinkle came to him and sat on his lap. “What are you thinking?” She asked. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. “We will be really very rich,” he whispered and she looked at him confusingly. He nodded and she thought for a while and then grasped his face placing her thumb on one cheek and fingers on another slightly opening his mouth. “Are you drunk baby? You always used to say that wine is bitter then why?” She asked. He made her leave his face and shook his head. “Believe me I m not drunk,” he said and she agreed. “Fine, so then stop joking with me,” she said slapping him lightly. He shook his head again. “Don’t you know me? Do I ever lie to you?” He asked and she shook her head. “You don’t do it always but now you are doing it,” she said and then he chuckled. “Okay then listen to this,” he said and called on Yuvi’s number. He picked it after a few rings. “Hallo boss,” Kunj said as he picked the call and kept it on speaker.

“Hallo, what’s up? Are you ready for tomorrow?” He asked. “Yes boss, but what if I don’t succeed in doing so? I m kinda scared,” Kunj said and Twinkle raised his eyebrows at him. “You? Scared? It can never be,” she whispered and he placed his finger on his lips and she looked away. “You should be because it is natural, and who’s this with you? Did you tell anyone about this?” Yuvi asked sternly. “No, I didn’t,” he lied. “Then who’s this with you?” Yuvi asked. “No one,” he lied again. “Ok then,” Yuvi said and disconnected the call.

“Kunj you lied to your boss?” Twinkle asked and he nodded faking sad expression. “What to do? I did it for my wife, and everything is fair in love and war,” he said and she smiled and they shared a kiss.


Next day, Kunj woke up and saw that Twinkle wasn’t there, he freshened up and went to kitchen and saw her cooking. He smiled and hugged her from behind. ” Chori Chori Sapnon Mein Aata Hai Koi, Saari Saari Raat Jagaata Hai Koi, Dil Mera Dil Bekaraar Ho Gaya, Dil Mera Dil Bekaraar Ho Gaya, Aisa Lagta Hai Mujhe Pyaar Ho Gaya,” he sung teasingly and she laughed.

“So romantic that too at this time?” She asked teasingly turning to him and he nodded. She eyed his shirt buttons naughtily and then looked at him, her hands traced down his shoulders and he began to unbutton his shirt, he gasped and looked down and then at her. He held her hand stopping her immediately. “What are you doing?” He asked. “Huh, as if you don’t know,” she replied sarcastically opening the last button. He clutched his shirt and she laughed. “You have started blushing like girls, Kinjal… Sometimes I don’t understand that here who’s the girl and who’s the boy,” he said to him teasing him calling him Kinjal as if he was a girl.

“No, m not blushing,” he said and she took off his shirt and began to run away. “Twinkle, what the hell?” He said and she turned to him. “If you’re brave enough, then take this shirt from me, come come,” she said and resumed running and he ran behind her to their room and ran in circles behind each other and she climbed the bed. He slapped his forehead. “I became taller than you,” she teased and he snatched the shirt which resulted in her falling in his arms.

He began to laugh and picked her in his arms and threw her on the bed. “I am brave enough and I took the shirt from you, Tweety,” he said and she got up and he moved back. “No no, not again please, I need to go to office, better go make something, I m very hungry my dear wifey, Kinjal’s wifey,” he said teasingly and she shook her head in disbelief and went from there. He giggled and then got ready. After having breakfast, he went to office. He was very excited.

As he reached the office, he directly went to Yuvi’s cabin after knocking. “Kunj, actually for that time travel thing, it can’t be done here, you’ll have to come to my house after work, that is after 8,” Yuvi said. “Okay,” Kunj agreed.


Kunj phoned Twinkle after coming out from Yuvi’s cabin. “Yes Kinjal?” She teased. “Kunj,” he corrected. “Yes so what happened Kunj?” she asked. “Boss is asking me to go to his house after I m free for that work,” he told her. “But what work is it?” She asked and he looked back confirming that Yuvi isn’t nearby.

“Time travel, he said that I can time travel as I m born during a natural disaster,” he told her. “Oh, but did you tell him all this?” she asked. “No I didn’t,” he said suddenly realizing. “So then how does he know? I say that you should come back directly to house and don’t go anywhere, you can be in danger, if anything happens to you so then I won’t be able to live my life,” she said and he agreed and disconnected the call.


Kunj came directly to home as planned.  As Twinkle answered the door, she hugged him immediately. “Missed you baby,” she said and he hugged her back. “I will eat and then we both will directly sleep,” he said and she agreed and then they went together to the dining table. As they ate and slept, Twinkle woke up to someone knocking on their main door very loudly. Whoever it was, he or she was actually banging the door. She sat up and looked at Kunj, he was sleeping close to her. She tried waking him up. “Kunj,” she said shaking him. “Kunj wake up,” she said again and he woke up. “There’s someone at the main door,” she told him. He nodded and went to answer to door, she sat playing with her fingers as he went.

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