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Everything will change !!!

Kunj turns & gets shocked seeing Tara?….

Tara:I know you still love me ❤️ I am your soulmate not Twinkle ?, it’s just an attraction not love ☹️ you can’t forget me , I will not let this happen?  yeh shadi me nahi hone dungi?..

Kunj was stunned after listening her words ? he holds her hand & push her in the corner ?.

Kunj: Tara , listen I loved you ? but now everything is changed …..

Tara gets angry after his words ? she pushed Kunj close to her & cares his face meanwhile Kunj was feeling uncomfortable ?…

Tara: You are mine only mine ❤

Kunj gets angry ?

Kunj: Stop this nonsense & get lost from here ?

Tara was shocked ???

Tara: Kunj!!! How can you say this ??? Tum aise nahi teh!!!!!?

Just then Twinkle arrives & see them so close ? she was stunned & she gets teary eyes ??…

Twinkle:Kunj  …yeh kya kareho Tara ke sath??

Kunj immediately trows Tara’s hands away ? but Twinkle leaves from there ? & he follows her ?….Tara looks at this & gets tears eyes ?…

Tara: I can’t let this marriage happen , I can’t !!! Kunj why are you behaving like this ah??

Twinkle was crying ? & Kunj was behind her ?…

Kunj: Twinkle , aisa kuch nahi hai jaisa tum soch rahi ho ? plz try to understand ❤…

He finally holds & push her close to him meanwhile her eyes was full of tears??❤ 

Twinkle: Explain me nah , why you were so close to Tara ??…

Kunj wipes her tears meanwhile she looks on ❤?..

Kunj: I don’t know why Tara comes there &…? oh god how can I explain you ??

Twinkle: Because she still love you ?

Kunj: But I love you ❤

Twinkle: Really ? So why you were close to her?

Kunj: Because ….

Kunj kissed Twinkle leaving her speechless meanwhile it starts to rains ?

On the marriage day ?

Twinkle interrupts the hug with Kunj? & cares his face ? meanwhile he kisses her hand ?…

Twinkle: Pata nahi mujhe kuch ajeeb si feeling arahi he jaise ki me tumse door janewali hu ?… (Kunj puts his hand on her mouth ?)

Kunj: Don’t say this plz ? tum janti ho nah …hum ek dusre ke bina nahi reh sakte ❤ no one will separate us ?…

They look at eachother emotionally ?? Twinkle holds his hand & kiss it ?…

Twinkle :Aaj humari shadi he nah to I promise ke hum ek dusre ko itna pyaar karenge jaise kisi ne aaj tak nahi kiya ?…

Kunj nods yes & was about to hug her but then Yuvi arrives ?…

Yuvi :Hmmm …Kunj be patient …Twinkle is all yours but after marriage ?❤ chalo ready hojao ….? (he leaves from there)

Tara puts a kaala theka on Twinkle ❤

Tara :Kisi ki buri nazaar na lage  meri best friend ki happiness ko ?( she makes a fake smile)

Twinkle smiles & hugs her ?…then Kunj was already in mandap in groom’s attire ?he was so excited ?

Kunj was about say something but then Twinkle arrives & he gets lost in her beauty ? she comes & sit be aside him ? he tries to hold a her hand but she shyly push his hand away ?..

Pandit:Dulha & dulhan ek dusre ko vaar maala pehnayiye ?..

They stand up & Kunj makes wears the maala to Twinkle & winks at her ❤️ meanwhile she also make him wear the maala & gets shy ?they sit down & Yuvi’s parents makes their gatbandhan ( Twinkle’s parents doesn’t know anything)& they starts their pheras?…

Twinkle  p.o.v:”I promise to love you always & trust & support you in every situation …❤️ I hope we will be happy in our new life ?”

They continue with their rounds ? & everyone puts flowers on them ?

Kunj  p.o.v:”I am so happy finally we are going to be get married now I will do what I have planned  ?”…

Apart from this Tara & Yuvi were watching them secretaly ?

Tara :You know Yuvi …my heart is burning seeing this ? your love is going away from you & you can’t do anythink ? but he shadi kuch peacefully nahi horahi he ? Something is fishy , he can’t be my Kunj because wo aisa  nahi tha ☹️

Yuvi smirk & holds a remote ? meanwhile Tara was suprised ?…

Yuvi :Ye to tufaan se pehle ki shanti he Tara kyu ki in some minuits everything will be changed ? Twinkle agar meri nahi hosakti to kisi ki hone bhi nahi dunga …(Tara was still confused?)Mandap me bomb he ?..

Tara was ??

Twinkle & Kunj completes their pheras ..& he make her wear the mangalsutra ? meanwhile she smiles…& then he holds the sindoor ? they look at eachother emotionally because this will compete their relation ❤..

Kunj: you are mine Twinkle . .I love you ?..

Twinkle: I love you more ?plz put sindoor fastly ?..

He puts the sindoor on her headline meanwhile she close her eyes ?? & then Yuvi presses the button & boommmmm??? the bomb blast ??

Shocked nah ?? More to come, now the real story will start & many things are about to unfold so plz keep reading ?

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