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Hi guys , I am so sorry for the late update but I was busy with my studies ? so I am back with this romantic & mysterious lovestory ? keep supporting ?

I can’t live without you!!!!

After kissing Twinkle’s hand?Kunj  cares her face ? meanwhile tears fall down from Twinkle’s eyes ?…

KUNJ: Aur kitna control karogi apne emotions ko ah?You love me & I love you ❤ controlling your feelings yoh hurt yourself & me also ??…

Twinkle cries & hugs him titly?❤

TWINKLE: I want to control my emotions but when I am close to you…..I can’t control myself ? pyaar jo karti hu tumse❤

Kunj hugs her more titly ?❤

KUNJ: So don’t control your emotions nah?…

Then Twinkle interrupts the hug ?? & they share an eyelock ???….

TWINKLE : I have to control my feelings for you because I am feeling guilty because I married you on your & Tara’ s wedding day , I snatch her love ??…

Kunj console her ?❤..

KUNJ: It’s not your fault …our destiny want us togheter that’s all but sab itna difficult kyu hai?❤I always cared about you but never accept it & when I realized it …. it was very late ?


Kunj return to house after meeting Tara then he hears Twinkle  screaming & gets worried?❤…

KUNJ: Twinkle ???❤❤..

Then he see Twinkle unconscious near the swimming pool ? he runs to her & holds her in his arms ?? he was so worried ?❤…

KUNJ: Twinkle  ?? Kya hua isse  ????

Then someone pulls them in the swimming pool ? ??

Kunj still holds Twinkle  in his arms meanwhile she puts her arms around his neck ???…Kunj gets relief seeing her fine ❤❤❤…

KUNJ :Thank god are you fine?..

Twinkle  smiles ??..

TWINKLE: Dekha you care about me ❤❤..

Kunj was ?? he avoid any eye contact with her meanwhile she looks at him with lovely eyes ??


They both gets emotional & Kunj hugs her ❤ & both cries ??

Twinkle interrupts the hug & walks to the mehndi function again ? meanwhile Kunj looks on ?…

KUNJ :I will not give up , I will not let this marriage happen because I can’t get my……bus yeh shadi tho nahi hogi ✖️

Tara comes in her room & trows thinks away & remember the words of that lady & cries ??..

TARA: Now  I am feeling that you are going away from me , you are my everything ? I will not easily let you go away listen Kunj !!! You are mine only mine❤I love you so much , so so much ❤️ That lady is lying because you can’t do this nah

She breaks down & cries , just then Kunj enters in her room & gets shocked Tara in that state … he immediately goes to her & hugs her ?

KUNJ : What is this Tara ? Why are you doing this , don’t harm yourself & you know nah that I can’t see you like this ?

Tara hugs him more titly ?

TARA: Thank god you realize that I am still in your life warna tum to Twinkle piche rehthe ho , you can’t imagine how much pain you gives me ? but I still love you like crazy & you love me ?????

Kunj looks on ??? & Tara gets unconscious ☹️

Next day it was Twinkle & Yuvi’s sangeet….Twinkle was remembering what happened las day ? she looks at her mehendi & gets sad ?

TWINKLE: I always thought  that my marriage will be like bollywood films but my life is a mess ?❤(she thinks about Kunj)❤….

Kunj arrives in her room & both share a mirror eyelock??…

TWINKLE: What you are doing here ??

Kunj comes to her & come close to her & she gets nervous?❤..

KUNJ : I will make you ready for the sangeet? itna haq tho hai mera !!!!!

Twinkle was stunned & Kunj came close to her & gives her a kiss meanwhile she closes her eyes ?❤

He makes wearing the earings & bangles ? she looks at him ?, he makes her wears the necklace & touch her back ??Twinkle  feels his touch ?

Enna sona kyun Rabb ne banaya
Enna sona o…
Enna sona o…
Enna sona, enna sona…

Kol hove te sekh lagda ae
Door jaave te dil jalda ae
Kehdi agg naal Rabb ne banaya
Rabb ne banaya, Rabb ne banaya

Enna sona kyun Rabb ne banaya
Enna sona kyun Rabb ne banaya
Aavan javan te main yaara nu manavan
Aavan javan te main yaara nu manavan

Enna sona, enna sona…
Enna sona o… ( Background music ?)

Twinkle was ready & Kunj looks at her ??

KUNJ: Puts a kaala thika, meri hi nazar lag jayegi? you are looking gorgeous ?

They look at each other ?? just then Yuvi  enters the room & Twinkle & Kunj acts like nothing happened ?

YUVI:Omg you are looking stunning ❤❤!!! I know you are crazy about bollywood ? that why your favourite actor is coming to our sangeet ? come fast

Twinklle was so excited to see her favourite actor in her sangeet?❤..

TWINKLE: Omg I can’t wait anymore , I want to hug him , take a selfie with him …hmm shadi bhi usse karlungi?

When she turns  & they clashed ? & Kunj holds her?….he was little jealous ?

KUNJ: Itna bhi exited hone ki zaroorat nahi hai ?…..

Before she can say something he gives her a kiss on the cheek ? leaving her stunned ?

KUNJ: You are looking so gorgeous that I can’t control myself ??

Just then light gets off…Kunj & Twinkle  gets surprised ?….

RANBIR:Swagat nahi karogi mera Twinkle ?….

Twinkle gets super happy ??

Ranbir starts dancing & Twinkle too joins him ? they both dance togheter & someone was fuming in jealousy (Kunj)?…

(They danced on Dilli wali girlfriend??)

Twinkle hugs Ranbir titly ?

Twinkle:I am a big fan of yours … I watch all your films ? I love you Ranbir?

Ranbir sit on his knee & kiss her hand? Twinkle  was like OMG?.

RANBIR:Thank you so much my love ❤you are so beautiful ?, kaha hai tumara hone wala dulha?

Twinkle looks at Kunj & they both share an eyelock ?❣…Ranbir tough that Kunj is her fiancè??& he goes to him …

RANBIR:Contrast bro , bohat acchi ladki se shadi horahi hai?..

Kunj was surprised ?he was about to say something when Twinkle & Yuvi arrives ?…

YUVI:Ranbir, I am the lucky man , she is going to marry me not him …?

Twinkle & Kunj looks at each other ?❤…

RANBIR:Oh ,I am sorry , congo bro & I wish a happy married life both of you  ? I have to go , meri shooting hai …I enjoyed a lot ?

Twinkle makes  a fake smile & leaves with Yuvi meanwhile looks on ,Ranbir was about to leave but he stops?…

RANBIR:You love Twinkle right ? I can see in your eyes ? she also loves you, I can see in her eyes …

Kunj was stunned ?…

KUNJ: Yes I love her & I don’t want Yuvraaj to marry her ?..

RANBIR :Jo bhi karna hai jaldi kar warna mere jaise  “channa mereya mereya ” karta rehe jayega? all the best bro ?(he leaves)

Kunj looks at Twinkle ? & thinks about Ranbir’s words?

KUNJ: He is right , I can’t give up , today I will say “I LOVE YOU” in front everyone?❤…

Kunj comes with her guitar ? Twinkle  , Tara , Yuvi & everyone’s were suprised ?..

KUNJ: I want to dedicate this song to the person that I love ;I want to tell her that I love her so much aur sirf me uska hero hu?

Tara gets excited because she thinks that he is talking about her ❤ but Twinkle  was emotional ?

Kunj starts singing & his eyes was only on Twinkle ?Tara’s eyes was only on Kunj??…

Teri wajah se hai mili
Jeene ki sab khwahishein
Paa loon tere dil mein jagah
Hai yeh meri koshishein
Main bas tera banu
Bin tere naa rahun
Maine toh maangi hai yeh duaa

Dil hai yeh sochta
Phir bhi nahi pataa
Kis haq se kahun bata..

Ki Main Hoon Hero Tera ( Kunj sings this ???)

He finishes his song & everyone claps ? Twinkle  was teary eyes & very touched ??❤….

M:I LOVE YOU❤ (he said looking at Twinkle)

Tara thought that he said to her & she was about to runs to him ? but Twinkle who was not able to control him ? runs to him & hugs him titly ? & kiss him???

It’s real or a dream ? How will Tara reacts ? Who was that lady ? Many more to come so plz continue to support me ❤️ By the way you ship Twinj or Tara & Kunj in this story ? Comment below ???? 

I written this post in 30 minuite so plz ignore the mistakes ☺️


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  1. Amaira_s

    Wow such an amazing update amu dear ? I like twinj but in this story I like Tara & Kunj , so excited for twist & turns …post the next one soon 🙂

  2. Amazing episode

  3. Twinj twinj twinj only twinj … Tara not at alll

  4. Shalu02

    Nice Episode dear ?and I only love twinj ship no Tara

  5. Forever only twinj they are the best….. Tara kunj don’t even suit each other only twinj are the best

  6. Only twinkle and kunj….. They are the best……… Love you twinj. Amazing episode.. Please unite twinj soon

  7. Amazing. You are just increasing my curiosity.
    I’m loving it.

  8. Ahann…..Mess….Teeno ki lives?!!! ?
    I so want to see Kunj and Tara together. ????
    Usse -ve mat banana please….?????

  9. Only twinj …no tara- shara ..
    I m reading only because of twinj ..
    Epi was superb
    Post next soon

  10. No Tara…… Only twinkle for kunj

  11. A big no for Tara. Twinj the best made for each other. Good epi

  12. Nice Episode dear I only want Twinj together no Tara wara and post soon

  13. The one and only twinj(Sidmin) so please don’t seperate them and yeah no Tara shara only our twinj is best

  14. Hmmmmmmmmmm………….Difficult question. I love Twinj but want to see Niti and Sidhant in something together toh yeh hi sahi. TARA AND KUNJ for a change.
    Oh is it inspired from IMMJ ?

  15. I’m sorry to say but niti and sidhant doesn’t look good together. But jasmin and sidhant look good together so twinj are best. Post soon but unite twinj

  16. Niti and Sidhant not looking good bcoz niti looks so small in front of Kunj and other hand I love Sidmin and Parth and niti so much so plz don’t seperate twinj

  17. SSK

    Amazing episode. 🙂

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