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Hi guys ? I am happy that you are liking the story , more twists are coming so plz continue to support me ?

Is Kunj realising his love for Twinkle ?

Twinkle :Why are you doing this ? Why are you coming close to me ? You don’t want me in your life nah ??? Plz don’t made me weak …

She walks away meanwhile he looks on ??..Tara & Yuvi were looking at them angrily ??…

Yuvi ; I don’t like all this , Twinkle is mine ..only mine ❤now I will marry her in 4 days ?….(he walks away)

Tara was angry & at the same time hurt?..

Tara: Why I am feeling like Kunj is falling for Twinkle  , noo he can’t leave me , he is my everything ? if he leave me i will die ❤ Why that night I decided to unite them , why ?????

Tara remembers that night of wedding ~ FLASHBACK

Twinj were completing their pheras meanwhile everyone puts flower on them ?❤ but then Tara arrives & gets shocked seeing someone else in her place ?…

Tara :Kya horaha he !! Kon hai ye ladki?!!! Kunj ?

Kunj & Twinkle stops & he gets shocked seeing Tara there ?? meanwhile Twinkle  was relief ?..

Kunj : Tara tum yaha ho to ye kon he ??

He puts Twinkle’s  dupatta up & he gets shocked seeing her ??..meanwhile she was nervous …Tara was shocked ?

Kunj  was just shocked seeing a strange girl at the place of Tara  ? Tara misunderstood Twinkle  that she want to marry her love Kunj ? …Twinkle  was hurt because it was all destiny game ?… Tara comes to Twinkle & stares her ?…

Tara : Twinkle ye sab kya he …what are you doing here …in the mandap with my husband to be ??…

Twinkle  was shocked that her best friend is doubting her ?…

Twinkle : Tara how can you say this !! I escape from my marriage because I don’t want to marry someone that I don’t love & you know nah about my dad ? when I came here I see that today is your wedding & me tho  is chipku Kunj  ko to janti bhi nahi ? but your strange mother-in-law kept me here ? I was waiting for you to come & stop this wedding …

Kunj  was stunned knowing that Twinkle  escaped from her marriage ?..

Kunj :But humari half marriage to puri ho chuki he nah ..sirf sindoor rehegeya he ? Twinkle  tum itni selfish ho ki apni hi friend ke ..?

Tara was in dilemma ? meanwhile Twinkle  looks  at Kunj angrily ? & comes to him & holds his coller leaving him suprised ?..

Twinkle:Ohh Mr.chipku don’t say anything bad about me …me bohat hi gusse wali hu …I know karate so Shhh ?❤..tum tho badha romance karahe the tab?

They look at eachother angrily ?? then Tara comes with the sindoor …

Tara : Ye lo sindoor …fulfil this marriage ?…don’t insult a relation like marriage ?(in an emotional voice)



Twinkle goes in her room & trows & break everything & breaks down ??? she remember all the moments with Kunj & her engagement ??? …

Twinkle :Kunj I hate you !!!! You are very bad but I can’t hate you because I love you ❤ in very short time you made me fall for you ? & now you are hurting me …fine if you don’t want me in your life  be with Tara  ?…..

She cries very badly ????…

Then Kunj  comes & see her crying ???..

Kunj : Twinkle !!!!!!?

Twinklr gets up & swipe her tears ?Kunj  comes to console her but she stops him ?…

Twinkle :Don’t touch me ? , I don’t want you to come close to me , I am engaged  now ? now we are strangers ….

She was leaving but Kunj holds her hand & push her close to him ?❤❤ meanwhile she looks on ??..

Kunj : I want to ask you why you attracts me ? I love Tara  but I can’t ignore you? ❤

They had an  emotional eyelock ❤?❤

Then Tara comes & gets shocked to see Twinj so close ??..

Tara was so hurt seeing Kunj & Twinkle so close to eachother? she leaves from there immediately ?…

Kunj  push Twinkle more close to him? she looks at him & remember her moments with him ❤❤…

Twinkle:Kunj listen stop lying to me , you don’t care about my feelings & I don’t want to be more hurt because of you so plz leave me ?…

She tries to leave but Kunj  again holds her hand & push her close to him ❤ meanwhile she was shocked ?…

Kunj: You think that I don’t care about you ah ! So miss Twinkle  I care about you ❤ ..

Twinkle  gets emotional after hearing him ?,Kunj  cares her face & wipes her tears ? they both share an eyelock ❤…

But Twinkle  interrupts this moment & runs away ?Kunj was shocked ? ….

Kunj :What is happening to me ? Why I can’t see her crying ? Why I cared her face ??? Why I have a strange connection with her ? Why ?????

Tara trows all thinks in her room & cries badly ??????….

Tara :Manik you can’t leave me , you can’t ?…

She takes a knife???? &..





What will happen now ? Keep reading & supporting ?

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  1. Hi guys , sorry for grammatical mistakes & names , I written this one in 10-12 minutes ,

  2. Amayaa_s

    Sorry guys for grammatical errors & names mistakes but as niti Taylor is Tara … manik’s name always come on mindi as I loved Kyy…. I write thi part in 15 minutia so you can imagine

  3. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Ohoo cliffhanger.. Amazing..
    Very curious for further part.
    Post soon

  4. Loved it
    Post soon

  5. awsm epi dr loved it

  6. Fabulous

  7. Hi…..amaya….this is sur
    Nice ff…….
    Please post a longer update……..I like twinj very much…..
    Ur story is engaging…..plz continue n post twice a day if possible……
    Love u…..?

  8. Great job in 15 min…
    Well done ..
    Luved it ..
    Post next soon

  9. Vibhu

    Great one dear!
    I Loved it ?

  10. Interesting

  11. SSK

    Amazing episode

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