Twinj : TERE ISHQ ME MARJAWA – Introduction

Hi guys my name is Amaya ( you all can call me Amu) I am a big fan of Twinj & I love this couple a lot so I decided to write a beautiful lovestory with lots of twist & romance so plz support me ❤️ 

So let’s start with our main characters :

Finally it’s the night when Kunj & Tara will get get married ? , they were in reationship for 5 years..❤ but this marriage will be full of twists …because Twinkle will enter in their lives ?….Twinkle who escape from her house on her wedding day because she doesn’t want to marry Yuvraj because she doesn’t love him ? &  will arrive at Tara’s  house to hide …hmmm ?..

Dulha Kunj : Polite & sanskari guy ? , only son of the most rich woman in the town , he was very shy & doesn’t talk much  but Tara  changed him completely with her love ❤

Dulhan Tara :A middle class girl , she is orphan & lives with her brother ,best friend & soulie of Twinkle  ❤ , she is very pure heart & loves Kunj a lot

Second dulhan Twinkle :Bindass tipe girl , she decide to escape from her marriage because she doesn’t love the guy , she is so filmy & be lives in love-marriage …bestie of Tara ❤…

Yuvraaj : He loves Twinkle a lot & he wants her at any cost

Hmm one groom & 2 brides + a villan hmmmm….

2 months after that night of marriage 

Kunj looks at Twinkle who was in tears ? he takes the divorce papers but he didn’t sign ?

Kunj: Ye rahe divorce papers ? you can take them Twinkle but I will not sign the papers now? …I will sign before your marriage with Yuvraaj ?

Twinkle was totally broken & her tears came out from her eyes ?? meanwhile Kunj  avoids any eye contact with her ?..

Twinkle: Yuvraaj leave me alone with Kunj (Yuvraaj was also present ) …I will come later ? mujse isse baath karni hai ? (he leaves)..

Twinkle cries & holds Kunj ??

Twinkle :Why you are doing this to me????nahi shadi karni hai mujhe Yuvraaj se??I know you didn’t sign the papers kyu ki you have some feelings for me heh nah? (with  an hopefull face)????….

She was waiting for his answer?meanwhile Kunj takes a deep breath & turns away ? he controls himself ??Twinkle  runs & hugs him from the back ?? wich suprised Kunj & finally he felt something & he gets emotional ?

Kunj :I make you free from this marriage…I don’t have any feelings for you Twinkle ? I love only Tara & plz accept it & me will never become one ?

Twinle gets hurt by his words & interrupts the hug ??Kunj was hurt seeing her crying badly ? she wipes her tears ?…

Twinkle:Fine,enjoy your life with Tara & me tumare paas kabhi bhi wapas nahi ayungi ? you broke my heart ? I will return if you call me warna I will never come in your life never ? Enjoy your life with your Tara ? ?

She turns but she have still fate that Kunj will stops her ❤

but he didn’t as she runs away crying ??? Kunj  gets angry & hurt ?? he trows away things in his room ??…

screams “Why I am hurt seeing her like this ? My heart wanted to stops her but? Why ,why??? & breaks down ???? meanwhile Tara comes ??? he see her?

Kunj :I fulfil my promise ,Twinkle  left me & she is free from this marriage ?…

Tara gets shocked seeing Kunj’s room ?it was a mess ?..

Tara :Accha phir Twinkle  ke jane ke badh why you broke thinghs ?? Why are you upset ??????..

Kunj  looks at her with a confusing  face ??

This was just a trailer , I hope you like it so plz let me know if I should continue it ?

Sidhant Gupta as Kunj 

Jasmine Bhasin as Twinkle 

Zain Imam as Yuvraaj 

Niti Taylor as Tara 

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