TwiNj SS : When Topper Fell In Love By TuttiFrutti (Episode 9)

Four month had passed now, Twinkle regularly went to his house for tuition while in the college everything was the same before. Twinkle was happy as she got to meet him twice a day and she also got his number so that she could fix their tuition timing everyday.

She would call him everyday asking random question. The only thing that changed was that now Kunj didn’t get
irritated by her. Yeah, except sometimes. He would now smile and laugh more with her. Everyday before starting studying at his home. They would eat different dishes that Kunj made together with Twinkle who would sit on the contour talking to him while he cooked and then they would drink coffee while Twinkle asked him Random things. It still didn’t satisfy Twinkle. She felt Kunj was not paying the attention she wanted to give.

“Kya karu mai Cutie ka attention paane ke liye?” Twinkle looks at herself in the mirror.

She woke up at 5 AM determined to do something to gain his attention.

(What should I do to grab Cutie’s attention?)

She looked at the clothes she was going to wear for college. She would prefer wearing jeans and shirt or shorts and top and something she would wear skirts too.

“Kya Cutie ko chote kapde pasand nahi? Kahi vo saree or suit toh prefer nahi karte?” Twinkle asked herself with a horrified expression.

(What if Cutie doesn’t like short dresses? What if he prefers suit and sarees?)

“Oh no! Maine notice kyu nahi kiya ye sab. Damm it ! I’ll have to wear a saree today !” Twinkle exclaimed and after looking at her wardrobe, she finally found a peach colour saree with a sleeveless blouse that she wore once on a function.

(Oh no! Why didn’t I notice this?—–)

Foram was the one who dolled her up in the saree. Twinkle quickly takes out her phone and looks at Saree
tutorials. She dresses herself up quickly and lets her straight hair fall down freely and curled her flicks. She put on a light make up and lip gloss before picking up her bag and rushing out imagining Kunj’s expression.


Everyone in the school looked at her weirdly as this was the first time she wore a saree. It’s not usual that someone wears a saree to college. All the boys were stunned as they raked their eyes up and down Twinkle’s perfect figure. Some even complimented she looked hot but the fact that wearing saree in college was actually funny didn’t stop anyone from laughing at her.

“Jaan!” Yuvi says surprised.

As Twinkle was his best friend, he called her that. Both of them were orphan and had grown up in the same
orphanage together until they moved out, there bond was something no one could express in words.

“Oh God ! You look hot baby !! But aaj kya hua tumhe. Saree? Are you serious. Tumhe pata hai kitne students tumpe has rahe hai?” Yuvi says with a deep frown.

(—–But what happened to you today? Saree? Are you serious. You know how many students are laughing at you?)


To Be Continued….

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