TwiNj SS : When Topper Fell In Love By TuttiFrutti (episode 3)

Kunj smacks his head.

“Okay fine. Ms. Twinkle tumhari  problem kya hai?” Kunj asks with a sigh.

“Ahaan haa !! Ms. Twinkle nahi. Sirf Twinkle. T-W-I-N-K-L-E.” Twinkle spells every alphabet.

“Uhh !! Twinkle. Tumhari problem kya hai? Mera peecha kyu kar rahi ho(What’s your problem? Why are you
following me?)?”

“Kyuki aap mujhe ignore kar rahe ho !!” Twinkle whines stomping her foot.

“Ignore? Excuse me. Mai tumhara lecturer hoon. Friend nahi jo ignore karunga. Tumhe mujhse chahiye kya?”
(Ignore? Excuse me. I’m your lecturer. Not your friend. What do you want from me?)

“Apka Contact number woh kya hai na I have contact numbers of all professors .” Twinkle says with a innocent grin with mixing small lie.

“Look Twinkle–” He pauses and purses up his lips and continues, “Tumse kuch bolna hi bekaar hai.”

He starts walking again and Twinkle starts running behind him.

“Cutie Sweetie !! ” Twinkle shouts and stops him and he immediately stops as students look at them.

He closes his eyes to stop himself from yelling at her and grits his teeth.

“Excuse me. For your kind information my name is Kunj Sarna aur tumhare liye Kunj Sir.” Kunj explains

“Cutie,” Twinkle says ignoring what he just told her, “Mai ye keh rahi thi–”
(I was saying that)

“Hey, Twinkle.” A boy walks towards Twinkle.

“Hey” Twinkle gives him a small smile trying to remember his name.

“Oh ya !! Tumhara naam toh Chameli tha na?”(Your name’s Chameli right?)

“Chameli?  Twinkle that’s a girl name and koi Ladka apna naam chameli kyu rakhega.

“Nahi? Kisi ladke ka naam Chameli toh tha mujhe yaad hai.” Twinkle narrows her eyes trying to remember.
(No? I remember some boy’s name was Chameli)

“Accha koi nahi !! Sorry. Mujhe yaad aa gaya. Tumhara naam toh Karela tha !! Right? I know. I know. I’m always right. Bas thodi der lag gayi yaad aane mai. Par–” Twinkle’s rant was cut off.

(Oh. It’s okay. Now I remember! Your name is Karela. I know. I know. I’m always right. It just took a few
minutes to remember. But–)

“Twinkle. Mera naam Karela nahi Pamela hai.” Pamela corrects Twinkle.

Twinkle bites her tongue and laughs softly.Pamela kaisa naam hai? Iske parents ko toh ladke ka naam
bhi nahi rakhna aata, Twinkle thinks.
(What type of a name is Pamela? His parents don’t even know how to keep a boy’s name.)

Twinkle was one of the toppers of college and the heart snatcher of the college too. Every boy wanted to be her friend but Twinkle kept herself away from them but the problem was Twinkle could never remember someone’s name properly except her close friends. One time Twinkle had called her Professor, Bandar instead of Mahindar. Topper toh ban gayi but yaha maar kha gayi yeh ladki hahahaha.

Twinkle smiles and turns towards Kunj who had taken advantage of the situation and walked away to god knows where.

Twinkle pouts cutely and curses Pamela under her breath.

“Iss Karele..uh..Pamele,” Twinkle mutters pronouncing his name wrong yet again,”Iss Pamele ko
toh mai baad mai dekhlungi. Ab mai Cutie ko kahan dhundu?”

(I’ll see this Pamele later. Where to find my cutie now?)

Twinkle looks around and sighs.

“It’s okay Twinku. Cutie ke pass rehne ka tere pass pehle se hi accha plan hai.” Twinkle raises
her imaginary collar and walks towards her next class.

(It’s okay Twinku. You have another plan for staying close to cutie.)


Today They have only one lecture of Ecomonics and Kunj too has no other lectures so he too left to his home early so Twinkle didn’t gets chance to put her plan into action but she was lost in KUNJ whole day and looking outside window.

Later At Home,

“Love at first sight: Is it possible? Do people really meet and in moments simply know they’re meant to be? Falling in love at first sight is one of those things you either believe in or don’t. The concept of it is so fairytale-esque, it’s almost hard to believe it can actually happen in reality. If you feel a little sick in the stomach upon meeting someone you’re attracted to, it could very well be love at first sight. When you experience love at first sight, it’s very common to feel like you’ve already met this person before. Nothing seems forced. It all seems naturally comfortable between the two of you. This can be incredibly powerful, as you feel your connection to this person may have existed prior to your first meeting, The moment I laid eyes on him I knew that love at first sight was real. Even days later I can see remember how hard my heart was beating and how much I wanted to hug him but I was paralyzed by his amazing smile and perfect eyes.” Twinkle was hearing her fav Love show of RJ Rashmi Desai on her cell phone’s radio and smiled and RJ Rashmi plays romantic song.


Twinkle started dancing taking her fav red heart pillow in her hands… These are what exactly happened with me today when I saw My Cutie first time ,I felt butterflies in my small tummy , a strange smile was plastered on my soft rosy lips, I forgot my friends whom I was meeting and tapping my pen when I saw in his brown eyes, OH My God Oh My God I am love at first sight with KUNJ MY CUTIE awww Thank you so much RJ Rashmi and kissed her pillow many times.


Pillow Ki Dastaan—Oh God See this silly darling ,I came in her life through her best friend Yuvi ,YUVI Awww He is my Hero My Love But He gave me to this crazy janwar, she always dance with me whenever she is happy sometimes I lost my self in my dream Awww I am in hands of Yuvi My Love and we both are dancing passionately but always this janwar breaks my dream by kissing me lots of time and I always become wet with her sliva ewww I can’t even shout at her because she is my Yuvi’s favorite girl sometimes I feel like if I have two hands I will throttle her neck but then my Yuvi will cry so  I always avoids this but I m happy because you know when Yuvi comes here to visit his fav girl Twinkle at that whole time I am always close to my love he always hug me I feel his heart beats for me, he puts me on his lap Awww BUT I m surprised today this Twinkle fell in love with her sir hwwww I feel pity on him kyun pata hain this girl will kiss him like she kissed me and Yuvi yaa she kiss him on his cheeks I feel so unlucky koi baat nahi iss se piche chutega na if she gets her love and what if I went back to my Yuvi Awww.


Twinkle slept after eating dinner and thinking her plan for next day.

To Be Continued….

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