TwiNj SS : When Topper Fell In Love By TuttiFrutti (Episode 12)

Next morning, Kunj looked around for Twinkle but she didn’t come to college. Her friends were shooting daggers at Kunj after Twinkle told them everything. They can see anything but not their best friend crying.


Two weeks passed but Twinkle stayed locked up in her house. She was too embarrasses to go to college plus she was trying to move on. She hadn’t eaten much or talked to anyone.

Yuvi got angry and after college he came back to Twinkle’s home. As both of them were close, they had the duplicate key to each other’s house.

He knocked her her room door twice.

“Yuvi, leave. I don’t want to talk to anyone.” Twinkle says in a muffled voice.

“Twinkle Taneja .” Yuvi says in a warning tone making Twinkle immediately jump up and open the door. She knew what were the consequences of his this voice.

Yuvi looks at her shocked. She had red puffy eyes and she had become thinner or weaker than she already was.

“Pagal ho kya tum?” Yuvi yells immediately and hugs her.

(Are you mad?)

“Yuvi, I love him. Kya mai

pretty nahi hoon? Kya mai kabhi kisi ka attention grab nahi kar sakti?” Twinkle asks Yuvi with a innocent face.

(—-. Am I not pretty? Can I ever grab someone’s attention?)

“It’s okay Jaan. Vo Kunj Sarna nahi jaanta Vo kitni keemti cheez kho raha hai.” Yuvi says patting her back only to find her already about to faint.

(It’s okay honey. That Kunj Sarna doesn’t know he lost a diamond.)

He calls the doctor immediately and gets shocked when he tells him about her blood pressure being low and of how she should eat more as she has become weak.

Yuvi curses Kunj and helps Twinkle get up after the doctor leaves. He manages to bring her to the living room while she hugged him to keep herself stable.

Kunj had taken her address from the Dean after making some lame excuse. He wanted to talk to her but when he came here and saw Yuvi hugging his Twinkle, he felt angry.

“It’s okay jaan. I held you.”

When he heard the word ‘Jaan’, Kunj lost control and came running inside. He grabbed Twinkle’s arm pulling her away from Yuvi making both of them shocked.

“Listen-” Yuvi starts.

“Shut up !” Kunj warns.

And then grabbing Twinkle’s arm once again he makes his away towards the nearest room which was Twinkle’s.

“Leave me, Kunj.” She struggles under his grip.

Kunj hid the hurt he felt when she called him Kunj instead of Cutie. If this would have been the situation four months ago, he would have been more than happy but now everything had changed. He locks the door and pins her to the wall.

“Tum mujhe impress karna chahti ho aur phir Yuvi ko hug kar rahi ho? Huh? Itni jaldi saara pyaar mere liye udd gaya? Agar mujhse pyaar karti ho toh usko kyu hug kar rahi thi huh? Kahi tumhara aur Yuvi ka..” He couldn’t finish as she slapped him hard.

(You wanted to impress me right? Then you go hug Yuvi. Huh? All the love flew away? If you love me then why were you hugging him? Are you and Yuvi..)

“Bas. Mai kucch bhi sunn sakti hoon par Yuvi ke baare mai ek shabd nahi. Apko kucch nahi pta hai uski meri life mai kya importance hai. Orphanage mai vohi tha mere saath. Jab mai roti thi toh Vo mujhe sambhalta tha. Bas Kunj bahut ho gaya. Mujhe apse baat hi nahi karni.” Twinkle pushes him making him realize his mistake.

(Enough! I won’t hear a single word against Yuvi. You don’t even know what importance he has in my life. He was the one with me in the orphanage. When I used to cry, he used to hold me. Enough Kunj. I don’t even want to talk to you.)

“Listen Twinkle. I’m sorry.” Kunj apologizes but she drags him out of the house and throws him out,Kunj looses balance and fell down.

Yuvi stays there stunned at her action. She slams the door shut and takes in a deep, shaky breath.

“Woah, Twinkle.” Yuvi claps.

“I hate him. I hate him so much.” Twinkle says angrily but she knows it was all a lie.

To Be Continued… I had write AdiYa Small OS for Bepannah if you want to read then read.

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