TwiNj SS : When Topper Fell In Love By TuttiFrutti (Episode 11)

The college was over and Twinkle was walking back to her car silently when she heard laughs and giggles.
She turned sideways to look at the people and saw Kunj standing with their Maths teacher Ms. Minakshi Singh.
She was trying to get closer to Kunj while laughed at her jokes.

Twinkle felt hurt when he stopped laughing and placed a hand on her waist and looked into her eyes.

She couldn’t take it anymore so she ran to her car and drove back home.

Twinkle came back home and locked herself in the house.

Pillow’s pov:

Hello,You guys didn’t informed me that what she did with that paper balls par Yuvi Ki fav girl iss janwar ne bata diya mujhe dance kiya than a uss din mere saath aur phir kya hota hai pata hi hain…par yeh kya aaj yeh mujhse baat kare bina room me chali gayi …u know She was the only one that lived here after she moved out of the orphanage except sometime when the four, Foram, Rahul, Yuvi and Twinkle decided to have a sleepover….koi baat nahi job hi hua ho Mera Yuvi sab thik kar dega Meri Jaan …

Pillow’s pov ends.

“Unhe kya lagta hai mai koi bachhi hoon jo samjhungi nahi? Pehle haste hai, phir kiss karte hai then kehte hai it was a mistake aur phir jaakar doosri aurat ke saath haste hai.” Twinkle says between her cries.

(What does he think? I’m a child? First he laughs at me then kisses me then says it was mistake and then he
enjoys himself with some other woman.)

She touches her lips and then rewinds their kiss. She blushes a little but then cries again. She changes into her clothes and falls down on the bed and slips into a deep slumber after a long, tiring day.


Kunj laughs with Minakshi at she jokes about one of the male teachers. When she inches closer to him, he stops laughing and looks at her with a frown and then places a hand on her waist to stop her from inching any closer and glares at her.

His eyes shift next to a figure and he gets shocked when he hears a sob and sees Twinkle running away. He curses himself knowing very well she misunderstood everything. He felt hands on his chest and sees Minakshi inching closer with piggy like pouted face. Kunj coughs and pushes her away.

“I think hum yaha students ko padhane aate hai na ki flirt karne.” Kunj says in a warning tone making Minakshi huff and leave.

(I think we come here to teach not flirt.)

“Shit ! Sab mess up kar diya maine.” Kunj curses himself.

(Shit! I messed up everything.)

“Huh! Calm down Kunj. Mai usse shaam ko tuition time baat kar lunga.” Kunj tries to calm himself.

(——I’ll talk to her during tuition time in the evening.)

The whole day passes but Twinkle doesn’t come to his home. He tried calling her numerous times but her
phone was switched off which made him worried as hell.

At night, he couldn’t sleep. He wanted to go to her house but he didn’t know her address. He decides to talk to her next morning.

To Be Continued…

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