TwiNj SS : When Topper Fell In Love By TuttiFrutti (Episode 10)

Two Rosy petals Meets & Lost In Each Others

“Twinki, tumhe kya ho gaya hai? Tum bahut weird behave karne lgi ho !” Rahul points.

(Twinki, what happened to you? You’re behaving weird nowadays.)

“Twinki, are you trying to impress someone?” Foram asks.

“Listen guys, Mai Cutie, uh, you know na Kunj sir ko impress karne ki koshish kar rahi hoon. I’ll explain you all
later. Bye I need to go!” Twinkle rushes away while the three talk about Twinkle trying to impress Kunj which Kunj heard and frowned. He hadn’t seen Twinkle yet.

(Listen guys, I’m trying to impress Cu-uh you know Kunj sir.—–)

Twinkle walks to the washroom and settles her saree and applies her lip gloss again. The bell had rung and she knew she would be late, but she wanted to check on herself once before impressing Kunj.

Kunj had started teaching but his eyes went towards Twinkle’s empty desk. He wondered where she was.
Somewhere the thought of her with a boy made him feel uneasy.

“I’m sorry! I’m late!” Twinkle says panting a little.

All the eyes went to her.

Everyone in the class starts laughing once again seeing her in a saree. She didn’t mind at first but now as everyone was together in a class laughing at her, she felt embarrassed. She looks at Kunj who tried controlling his laughter but he too laughed a little. He was laughing at her childish behavior of impressing him but she misunderstood he was laughing at her because she had made a fool of herself by dressing up in a saree. She
looked down at her feet hurt. Her eyes filled with tears and  she ran out of her class to the washroom.

Some of the boys started whispering of how hot she was looking making Kunj turn possessive. He was jealous of how the boys talked about her waist.

Kunj realized Twinkle ran away and shushed the class asking them to continue studying while he rushed out to meet Twinkle. He followed her crying state as she walked inside the changing room that was between the girls and boys washroom. Kunj hesitated at first but walked inside only to find Twinkle crying keeping her palm on her mouth to suppress her cries.

“Twinkle.” Kunj says softly making her look at him.

“Leave me alone.” She spat and looked away.

He walks towards her so that he was just in front of her.

“Look at me.” He whispers.

“No, I hate you. Mai apke liye dress up hui soch ke ki aapko pasand nahi hai short dresses par aap bhi sabki tarah hass rahe thai. I made a fool of myself. I feel so embarrassed.” Twinkle starts crying again.

(—-I dressed up for you thinking you don’t like short dresses but you were also laughing at me.—–)

“Hey, look at me. I’m sorry okay? I-” He pauses

“Mai apko kabhi impress nahi kar sakti. Aapka kabhi attention nahi paa sakti.” Twinkle says innocently with a pout.

(I’ll never be able to impress you. I won’t ever be able to grab your attention.)

He sighs and joins their forehead, cupping her jaw.

“You don’t know how beautiful you’re looking, Twinkle. Tum nahi jaanti mai apne aap ko kaise control kar raha hoon.” He started placing soft kisses on her jaw.

(—–You don’t know how I’m trying to control myself.)

He pulled her closer to him by wrapping his arms around her soft waist.Twinkle moans making him groan and finally capture her lips. Their lips moved in sync as if they were made to fit in each other. He bit her lower lip
slightly and their tongues fought for dominance. He broke the kiss and ran his hand up her bare arm.

“Every boy in this college is talking about you. I don’t know why I feel so jealous.” Kunj whispers huskily and captures her lips again.

He breaks the kiss and placed kissed on her neck and sucked and bit her neck leaving a hickey there. Twinkle moaned making him realize it.

He pushed her away and wiped his lips with the back of his palm. Twinkle looked at him with shock. She touched her lips and smiled to herself.

“Shit! Look Twinkle, Ye sab nahi hona chahiye tha. I lost control. It was a mistake.” Kunj rushed away making Twinkle look down hurt.

(—–This shouldn’t have happened.—-)

“Mistake?” Twinkle chokes and continues crying.

To Be Continued…

Awww So Hot na and cute too …But but MISTAKE what strom will come with this small word….Wait karo for 2 months….hahaha joking will post soon !! Love You all !!


  1. Muhammad Murtajiz

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    Kiss was too hot but story me twist ye ki kunj ise mistake manta h…let c Kya hota h.
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    Super dear ei bhi confused hu why kunj said this line i think k teacher hone ki wajh se

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