TwiNj SS : When Topper Fell In Love By TuttiFrutti (Epilogue)

“Twinki ! We finally graduated!” Foram says hugging Twinkle tightly while Twinkle giggled.

“Twinki ! God I’m gonna miss everything.” Rahul says hugging Foram and Twinkle.

“Yuvi kahan hai?” Twinkle asks looking at Rahul.

(Where’s Yuvi?)

“Waha dekho.” Rahul says pointing his finger to the side, “Tumhare priye Cutie usae phir se lecture de rahe hai ki vo Ab tumhe Twinkle keh kar bulana shuru kar de. Seriously Twinki, Itna possessive koun hota hai?” Rahul says shaking his head.

(See there ———Your dear Cutie is again giving him lecture on how he should start calling you Twinkle. Seriously Twinki, who becomes so possessive?)

Twinkle giggles looking at Kunj who had a serious look on his face and he was lecturing Yuvi who had a I-give-a-damn-care- to-what-he-is-saying look.

It’s been 2 years since Kunj proposed Twinkle. They decided to keep their relationship a secret in college as a teacher- student relationship was not acceptable in their college and society. Only Rahul, Foram and Yuvi knew this and supported Twinkle and Kunj anyway.

“Cutie!” Twinkle yells making Kunj stop lecturing Yuvi and then his lips curve in a smile.

He then turns his head sideways to look at the love of his life who was now running like a kid to him. He immediately turned his body towards her and opened his arms for her. She almost jumped on him making him
chuckle. He pulled her up a bit so her feet were barely touching the ground.

Her habit of calling him Cutie had never gone. Even though he sometimes wanted her to call him Kunj, she stuck to Cutie saying it suited him. Kunj accepted the fact that his girlfriend was a baby disguised in a lady and didn’t argue further.

“So finally my student graduated?” Kunj says rubbing his nose on hers making her grin and then look around a bit and peck his lips.

No one was around except the three so it was not a big deal.

“Eww! Stop this kissing in front of me. I already told you!” Yuvi says closing his eyes with his palm.

Kunj finally sets Twinkle down and pulled her into a side hug. Rahul and Foram too made there way towards them.

“Kyu bhai? Meri girlfriend, mera Mann, mere hoth.” Kunj says pecking her lips.

(Why bro? My girlfriend, my mood, my lips)

“Fine. Fine whatever. Congrats ! Jaan.” Yuvi emphasizes on the word ‘jaan’ to irk Kunj and to show him that he didn’t care how many lecturers he would give him.

Kunj’s jaw tightens a bit and his hold on Twinkle tightens.

Twinkle notices his change in mood and frowns cutely. She had told him billion times that they had a friendship and Heart-heart relationship but none can convince a possessive Kunj. He always told her he wanted her to be only his jaan (life). She kisses his jaw making him relax and look at her.

Even though it’s been two years of their relationship, they were still madly in love. Twinkle had moved in with Kunj by now and they lived together, cooked together, studied together (basically he taught her but she would start teaching him things too specially romance) and even slept together. No, they didn’t do anything except
sleeping together. They would have make out sessions but they would stop before things started to heat up, they wanted to consummate only after their marriage.

They always had the same chemistry that they had and that wouldn’t change for them Ever.


5 years later….

Kunj stood there nervously waiting for his bride who was almost ready. Well that’s what Foram had said. Kunj had never been so nervous in his life than what he is now. He couldn’t sleep throughout the night for two reasons.

First, as the bride and groom can’t see each other until marriage Twinkle was at Foram’s house as Foram’s family had took responsibility of her wedding and Kunj had a habit of sleeping with Twinkle in his arms and as Twinkle wasn’t there to cuddle he couldn’t sleep.

Second, he was thinking what if Twinkle rejects him suddenly. What if she realizes she isn’t ready to marry him yet or more if she realizes they weren’t made for each other. He never got those thoughts before but marriage was something that made him think that way.

“Lo aa gayi, Meri Jaan.” Yuvi says to Kunj knowing very well he was still possessive of that Nick name.

(Here comes, my life)

Kunj looked at Yuvi for a second before fixing his eyes to his bride who looking breathtaking. He almost forgot
to breath when he saw her in that Red lehenga with golden borders and netted blouse. The golden jewellery and bangles added to her beauty. The light makeup with the nose ring made her look no less than a goddess.

Kunj inhaled sharply.

“Beautiful..” Were the only words that left his lips once he saw her.

Twinkle looked up and her smile broadened when she looked at him. Still she was a baby with the same cuteness. She was still adorable.

Once they were face to face, they had a long eye lock, getting lost in each other’s eyes.

“Ek dusre ki aakhon mai dekhne ke liye poori zindagi hai. Abhi Zara varmaala pehnao muhrat nikal raha hai.” Foram interrupted them.

(You both can look into each others eyes throughout your life. Right now the auspicious time is passing)

Yuvi and Rahul pulled Twinkle up and made her sit on their shoulder so she was out of reach of Kunj. The supporters of Kunj weren’t less. If boys scooped up Twinkle, then the girls were the ones who scooped up Kunj
making everyone including Kunj shock. Nonetheless, Never suspect women power.

After the varmala, everyone enjoyed teasing session.

Kanyadaan Twinkle gave this right to Yuvi saying Only Yuvi has right to do Kanyadaan of her because he was there for her from childhood to till now and he will in future too no matter what ; Yuvi did kanyadaan and take promise from Kunj to always make her happy if he will saw her sad he will kill him;Kunj too promised.

it was time for Pheras. The rituals continued and then both bride and groom stoop up for Pheras. With each Pheras, they promised each other to stay with each other no matter what.


“Cutie! Look at that cutie!” Twinkle tugs on his shirt and points at the cute dolphin that swam along their ship.

“Hey! Cutie is a name only for me.” Kunj complains and puts on his goggles. Twinkle giggles at him.

“Cutie! Aap ab ek dolphin se jealous ho. That’s so…Cute!!!” Twinkle jumps up and down and then hugs him.

(Cutie! You’re jealous of a dolphin. That’s so…Cute!!!)

“Bhagwan ne biwi di hai ya biwi ke roop mai ek bacchi.” Kunj says scooping Twinkle up in his arms while walking inside.

(God has given me wife or a kid disguised as a wife.)

They were currently on their honeymoon. Kunj had surprised her by taking her to Hawaii.

Kunj was shirtless and only had a half pant on while Twinkle wore shorts and a crop top.

They made their way back to their hotel that was by the sea.

“Hey handsome!” Two girls wave while walking past them.

“Hey! He’s taken.” Twinkle’s hold on his neck tighten making cough.

“Marne ka iraada hai kya Punjaban.” Kunj frowns at her possessiveness.

(Are you planning on killing me.)

“Unn ladkiyon ko batana tha you’re taken.” Twinkle complains and Kunj throws Twinkle up in air a bit making her squeal but land back safely in his arms.

(I have to tell those girls you’re taken.)

Kunj pushes open his door and walks in and signals Twinkle to lock it.

He places her on the counter of the kitchen. He opens the fridge and takes out a tray of fruits. He plops a piece of fruit into her mouth and then into his. He keeps the tray apart when she locks her arms around his neck. He wipes the corner of her mouth and pecks her lips.

“You’re mine.” Twinkle says seriously rubbing her nose with his.

“Accha Ji? Toh zara dikhao toh how am I yours” Kunj asks picking her up and walking up to their bedroom and placing her down on the bed.

(Really? Then show me how am I yours.)

“Let me show you!” Twinkle pulls him down so that his lips land perfectly upon hers.

It didn’t take much time for them to get engrossed in themselves.

It all started with Twinkle going Gaga over her teacher and now both the teacher and student are Gaga over each other.

~~~THE END~~~

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