TwiNj SS: Dard Bhari Maut (1~Innocent Life)

Hi, I am Twinkle, it’s been a month since I work in a hospital. I have been blind my whole life but a month ago, my cornea was changed by transplant. I got a loving husband in Kunj who is a police officer. It was morning and I was sleeping in my hubby’s arms with nothing but my milky white body covered in duvet along with him. From the first night itself, we have been trying to become parents but till now my womb is still not filled up. We have decided not to give up on this, we trust God.

I smiled at my sleeping hubby and moved his arms away from me and sat up clutching the duvet but I was pulled back by him. He opened his eyes and smiled at me, I smiled back as his face leaned closer to me and his lips met mine. Soon we were ingulfed in a deep and passionate kiss being carried away to our world of love, pleasure and joy. He laid beside me, we both panted heavily. “Good morning sweetheart,” he greeted me and I smiled. “Morning Kunj,” I greeted back. “Do wait for getting nauseous very soon,” he said caressing my tummy and I blushed.

He got off the bed and went to washroom to freshen up. I too sat up and wore the clothes which were on the floor and were kissing the corners of the room. I went to my cupboard to take out new clothes for today. Just then Kunj came out and gave me a sudden hug from behind. I startled as he buried his face in the crook of my neck. “What’s the need to fear? Still not habitual of these sudden hugs?” He asked and I tried to make him leave me.

“Kunj, please leave,” I stammered. “What were you doing?” He asked. “Clothes,” I said and he pulled out random clothes still hugging me and gave it to me. “Any other tantrum? Baby,” he mocked and I giggled and made him leave running outside to iron my clothes and could hear him laughing. After sometime I returned to my room and got ready and I and Kunj left together for our work. He dropped me to hospital and I got working immediately. As I passed by a room, I saw a man entering inside, he had strange looks that frightened me.

He was wearing a big black hood, on his back there were huge black wings that were fluttering continuously, he took off his hood and that’s when I saw his face, the white part of his eyes was red, he had humanly looks but at the same time he didn’t look like a human. His wings stopped fluttering and he entered the room. I sat on the bench outside in a shock and after sometime, all I heard was the cries of death from that ward where that strange looking man had entered. Within seconds, the screams stopped and he came outside.

I stared at him as he too stared at me. Then he went away out of the hospital, I ran outside but then he was nowhere to be seen. I ran back inside to the ward where that man had entered earlier and checked the pulse and heartbeat of the person but they were none. The computers were blank, his body was as cold as ice, I felt guilty. I could’ve stopped that man but instead I watched as he killed him and went. I fell on my knees crying badly. Today, I have taken an innocent life.

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