Twinj Rab Miliya S2 Episode ~46 {ALVIDA}

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Episode 46 …
The Episode starts with all returning back to taneja mansion kunj and yuvi too was staying there with them all went in hall and watched Rohan as he was feeling irritated with the haldi …

Go and get freshen up Rohan RT said while he sighed and ran upstairs and all laughed …
Chalo RT we will also take a leave Manohar said while usha and Bebe nodded …

Arey you stay na Leela said while Manohar replied we are already leaving our gems here he smiled looking at twinj they met them soon sarnas left from there …

It was night time and Rohan and sanaya was talking and blushing yuvi and kunj sees him and smirked they both put the call in speaker while mahi and twinkle entered with snacks …they laughed seeing Rohan mouth covered by yuvi and kunj has his phone ..

Baby baby r u there ? Sanaya asked while kunj replied her she thought it to be Rohan and continued talked ..
I am so excited for our wedding Hayee kitni mannate maangi meine sanaaya said and all laughed she got confused

Ro ??? Why are you laughing Rohan removed yuvi grip and replied what all the did she blushed while they teased her soon they left for their rooms ..
The rest of the function passed by with twinj enjoying everything to the core as they wanted to cherish everything Alisha veer adi and ani too joined them ..

Alisha and kunj met and teased each other kunj teased her on wedding and Alisha on twinkle being his same girl he loved since long time ..they both laughed ..while twinj too spends time with each other …

soon it was wedding the next day and boys (Rohan kunj yuvi adi veer) they all planned for bachelors and left from there making excuses while the girls too smirked and decided to go and party too soon sanaya twinkle mahi Alisha and ani went to the girls club and has very much fun while the boys too dancing madly drinking the whole night passed …they were driving when they bumped with another car boths cars stopped with jerk ..

Kunj and yuvi came out follows by Rohan and veer and they sees twinkle mahi and others coming from the car it was 5 am in morning ..
Arey we got so much drunk that we are seeing our wives here veer said rubbing his eyes while Alisha smirked …

Huh what you guys doing here at this hour kunj asked while twinkle looked at him …
First you say then we will she replied while kunj sees her huh siyappa queen he murmured ..while twinj yuhi veer Alisha started fighting while Rohan and sanaya was spending the last night of their bachelorette sitting under the shade of tree ..all smiled seeing them soon they moved back to TM …

Twinj entered their room while kunj closed the door you are looking hell hot twinkle I am not able to control he said while she smiled joining their lips…
Twinkle link ..
Kunj dress link ..
they continued torchering each other  soon they slept being tired ….
Next morning ::
They all woke up there were hell tired which can be clearly noticed from their face they all moved from there as twinkle and kunj was seeing the arrangements they did everything perfect while yuvi and mahi handling the guests at home ..soon the day passed fully and they got ready everyone looking hell hot …

Twinkle and kunj complemented each other and smiled soon they were dancing in Rohan barat enjoying to the fullest all left for the venue …the bride side was already present there they were welcomed and Rohan was accompanied to mandap by twinj and yuhi he was waiting for someone soon Sapna too reached there and smiled while Leela hugged her …

Thank you so much Didi for calling me here after what all I did she said regretting while Leela nodded in no ..

When my Twinkle can forgive me why can’t we not forgive you or it was Rohan wish that you come in his wedding Leela said and sapna looked at Rohan who in yes happily all smiled soon sanaya too came with her family and they tie the knot promising each other ..and also took blessings from everyone ..

Twinj also took vows again and smiled happily ….kunj spotted someone there and was shocked he moved towards him and pat on his shoulder ..while Karan looked at him …
Kunj ???
Karan ???

They both hugged each other and smiled happily ..
Saale Kamine you to forgot me completely kunj said while Karan smiled ..
Huhuh it’s nothing like that just hell busy from past 6 months with baby he make puppy face while kunj laughed ..

Wow congratulations kunj said and again hugged him now you make me meet your wife he said while kunj nodded and called twinkle …
Guess who is she ?? Kunj asked Karan while he looked at her ..

Is she jasmine he asked while kunj nodded in yes he got happy Twinkle was confused as who is he ??
Oyee chipkalii forgot me Karan he said while twinkle hugged him kunj joined them too ..
I am so happy for you both finally together Karan said and smiled ..

How come you are here ? Kunj asked while Karan looked at him it’s my friend Rohan wedding and you both ??
Arey he is twinkle brother and my brother in law kunj replied ..

Now who is Twinkle ?? Kunj tell her that jasmine real name is Twinkle they both smiled ..soon Karan made them meet his wife Surbhi and his son ..twinkle kunj and Karan again cherish their childhood memories after sometime all left from there and took sanaya to TM ..
@ TM :::
She was warmed welcome by her in-laws they let her in after post wedding rituals twinkle and mahi started teasing Rohan for giving them compensation to enter in while he looked at kunj and yuvi asking them to help him they looked at him and joined twihi making him shocked while Rohan frustratedly smiled and gave them gifts and entered in while twinj and yuhi too spend their time ….twinj went from there and twinkle changed her clothes and went in balcony while kunj came back after changing too and he looked at her and backhugged her…

What happen my twinkle twinkle phus star ??? he asked while she turned he looked at her and got worried seeing her in tears Twinkle what happen ?? He asked cupping her face …

Nothing you will always love me like this na kunj she asked him while he looked at her no nah I’ll not love you like this he said while she looked at him shocked he moved closer to her ..I’ll love you even more day by day because I fell more for you with each passing second I can’t even forgot to take breathe but can’t stay without you now kunj ended while twinkle hugged him smiling while he caressed her waise why you asked this he asked ..
Uhmm no just she said and lifted her toes up to kiss him while he smiled and too kissed her on forehead …

2 years later :::
Sarna mansion ::
A little cutie was seen running while a lady running behind her ..asking her to stop while the girl giggled and nodded in no and continued running..
The lady got tired and sat on couch while 2 other ladies comes there and laughed seeing her state … And sat on either side of her ..

So to be mumma is tired mahi said looking at twinkle who has a cute baby bump with sanaya on the other side ..
Haan I am too much tired this pihu is hah she made me run so much uff twinkle said fanning herself ..

Kunj yuvi and Rohan comes there and looks at twinkle her state kunj got worried seeing her sweating he sat on the floor ..
Are you okay he asked worried and kissed her palms while she nodded in yes…pihu comes there and sat in mahi lap …

Pihu ki bachi you made my wife so tired kunj said tickling her while she laughed ..
Papa save me she said while yuvi too tickled her ..
See you had made my sister condition so worse Rohan said showing her tongue and sat on floor beside kunj ..

Arey Bhai I am fine doctor only asked me to walk so pihu is just helping me twinkle said and kissed her ..
Pihu is maasi’s favourite kunj said and kissed Her cheeks….while they all spend time soon lert and ushar Bebe comes there as they went to Mandir to pray for Twinklee and her baby …

Sanaya sees her cute 3 months old baby boy Aryan and smiled seeing him handling him while Rohan too helped her  everyone was so happy usha instructed the servants to prepare the dinner …after sometime they all sat to have their dinner …
Kunj was feeding twinkle while she had it enough and ask him to stopped now ..

No no eat more twinkle he said stuffing her while she made faces…
Take me somewhere this sadu is not leaving me twinkle said while all laughed ….
Leela too made her drink some of her home remedy while she was making faces papa plzz save me from your wife Twinkle said while RT laughed ..

When I am trapped with her since long how can I save you twinkle beta RT said making all laughed and Leela angry ..
Twinkle puttar it’s necessary for you na beta Manohar sat on her side while she hugged him ..papa but these ladies don’t let me do anything she said pointing on usha Leela n Bebe…

Haww they said and laughed together enjoying their family time .
.soon kunj took her for night walk and yuhi and lert ronaya left for their respective homes …
Twinkle was walking resting her head against his chest while he wrapped his one arm around her and held her hand from his other hand both walking barefoot feelings the cold breeze and soil of their lawn …

Everything became so fine na kunj ..twinkle said while he smiled yeah ..
Me you our baby now haha I can’t believe that we actually fell in love twinkle said ..
Bas bas siyappa queen now these mood swings too .. what will my baby think that her is mumma is still baby ..he winked…

Haan na ???love you shoo much she kissed on his cheeks while he smiled ..
Arey meri Jaan when you will come ??? Papa is eagerly waiting for you …kunj said keeping hand on her baby bump while twinkle kept her hand on his …

Huhuh even mumma is you just come soon we will make your papa life hell .. Twinkle said and both laughed talking with their baby soon they went inside …
Usha gave them milk and kunj took it…and they sat on couch there …

Nahi na kunj plzz she pleaded like a child but he nodded in no …
Yes you have to drink you know na what doctor said plzz drink for me twinkle  he requested while she makes a pout ..
But promise me you will give me chocolate okay she said while he smiled
Haan pakka I’ll give you he said while she drink closing her eyes kunj couldn’t help to control his smile …

I love you soooooo much twinkle you came in my life I found my life within you RAB MILIYA mujhe tujh me twinkle he said and kissed her cheeks while she smiled and replied love you too ..he wiped the left over milk from her lips and took her to their room …

He made twinkle lie on his lap and was caressing her hairs …
Kunj story na plzz she said while he smiled okay he said and took a book and started saying her a fairytale within no time she slept being tired he smiled and made her sleep properly arranging pillow below her head and covering her with duvet he pecked her forehead ..

(Jeena jeena plays in the BG ????)
He smiled sitting on the other side of bed you are bearing so much pain just to complete our family and I couldn’t thank you enough twinkle he laid beside her and kissed her palms and pulled her slowly towards himself he slept too…
Few years later :::
Twinj room was shown which was changed completely kunj was seen peacefully sleeping wrapping his around his little beauty she moves in sleep and went above kunj and slept on him while he smiled covering them both with blanket soon after sometime his eyes went on watch kept there …oh fish it’s so late where is this siyappa queen she didn’t woke up me…huh ..

Inayu baby wake up it’s quiet late na baby wake up kunj said but his little beauty wasn’t even moving an inch he smiled and kissed on her chubby cheeks…and pulled her more closer to him
So who are not waking up I am gonna leave them and went for walk and will not bring even chocolates too he said while inaya their little princess looked at him rubbing her eyes cutely …

Kun..j it’s not fair she said while he smiled so you woke up inayu baby and huhuh when you are going to call me papa ????..alee you are kunj na papa is a toh  downstairs (she calls Manohar and usha as maa and papa and twinj as Twinkle and kunj only …)

Abey ?ye pehli aisi beti hai Jo parents ko naam se bulati hai he murmured and got up with inaya in her lap ..
Twinkii …ku..nj twinkii Kaha hai she said when twinkle entered room with her milkshake and sees her …so miss Sarna woke up …

Huhu twinkii why you left and went Haan she said and moved in twinkle arms and kissed on her cheeks …I went to prepare your strawberry milkshake as I know my baby is a big foodie she said and kissed on her cheeks back …
Ofooo Twinkiii she said rubbing her cheeks while twinj laughed …twinkle made her have it …

Happy birthday inayu both said and kissed in either of their cheeks while she jumped happily…
Thank you shoo much she said and twinkle took her to give bath while kunj too went to get ready …inaya went downstairs while twinkle who was called by kunj in room came and sees him ..

What happen kunj ??? She aksed while he turned and hugged her tightly
Nothing was missing my wife just he replied and kissed her while she smiled soon inaya too entered with her teddy in her hands looking hell cute she looked at her parents ..

Mere romance ki dushman kunj murmured Twinklee heard him and laughed while inaya comes towards him .. she said while kunj looked at her oh my god miss inaya Sarna called me papa is that dream twinkle ???
No kunj she replied …

But your papa to papa(Manohar) na I am toh kunj hai na??
Aleee no no you are my papa my lovely dady? too she said and ask him to lift her while he did ..
Wo na she said and twinkle laughed seeing him making faces I want that doll you have to buy for me ..plzz papa she kissed on his cheeks while he smiled widely

Anything else madam ?? Buy chocolate too for my mumma she said and passed a flying kiss to twinkle …
Maa beti ek team me huh kunj said while twinkle and inaya both hugged him he smiled and he thanked babajiii for his complete family …

Soon the day went and all the arrangements were done by twinkle of course and kunj make sure that everything goes well…inaya got ready by usha and Manohar while twinj were having time together …

Huh what a daughter I got kunj said and laughed…she is really cute Hayee meri beti he said ..
She is mine too hamari beti twinkle said
Haan Haan hamari beti kunj got up while twinkle comes there and hugged him ..

Link for twinj pic …
Chale Mr Sarna ??? She asked while he nodded and wrapped his shoulder around her while both smiled love you siyappa queen kunj said while twinkle smiled and kissed his cheek and replied love you too  soon they both went downstairs

Rohan sanaya Aryan pihu yuvi mahi Leela rt and the rest guest everyone comes and wished her while she smiled happily she was more attached to lert and ushar she was loved by everyone in the family …
Happiest bday to you inayu RT picked up and kissed on her chubby cheeks while she smiled …Leela too wished her
Thank you sooo much Nanu Nani she said and hugged them..

Twinkle was happy the love she craved all in her childhood her daughter is getting and that too from everyone kunj was happy with his little tantrum queen fulfilling her every wish became his priority ..

Inaya went towards twinj and holds their hands with her in middle she took them near came and cut with them all smiled seeing them soon she feeds Twinkle and then kunj and went towards lert and ushar who gave her gifts she went towards Bebe who cuddle her giving her gift while twinj smiled…ronaya and yuhi too joined them ..(lag ja gale …plays in BG ??????)

They reminisce their journey from the start how they got married their fights their nok jhok twinkle reveling her past their separation again meeting their confession and finally their togetherness symbol their daughter inaya ..this RAB MILIYA JODI..indeed their life had several ups and down but at the end they had a perfect life perfect family and a happily ever after  ?? …
Finally completed my another beautiful journey ??? this had been really special for me too and yes you all read the title right “ALVIDA” ..
I have completed all of my stories … everything checked ✅
Fan fiction ✅
Short stories ✅
One shot ✅
Hmm yeah This story was a limited one it’s has to be ended long back before separation ? but again I continue it now the story is complete what all I thought while starting this I never thought that this would have 46 episodes too as I didn’t planned that much but yes thanks to you all for your support love ..
Special thanks to my lovely readers some of them are who are really special for me even though in busy schedule they read n commented love you all …I am ending the story before my finals ? now the things is I can concentrate fully there ? seriously ?? …
So yess I completed 100 for twinj Rab Miliya series too ?? bolu Kaise first season 55 Episodes and second 46 hogaye na 101 ???
And yess one more things not only the end but completion of 400 episode on twinj today by me ??? plus I have started writing on twinj with RAB MILIYA and ending too on RAB MILIYA what a coincidence ???…
I have done so much bak bak so sorry for that ?? spare me last time ? and yes to the writers I wouldn’t be available for few days apologies before only ?? I’ll be back soon and cope up with everything … Insha’Allah
So yeah last but not the least ? love you all keep supporting others and to the dislikers if you have any problem you can comment and share it with writer rather than disliking 1or 2 is normal as can’t do anything of them but on other writings too i saw even 5+ and more plzz don’t hurt them it’s just a request rest is yours decisions and reader’s keep reading keep supporting bye took much time today…
Bye allahafiz ???
Logging out ???
[email protected]^^€€®@


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