Twinj Rab Miliya S2 Episode ~43

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Episode 43
The Episode starts with twinj reaching Sarna mansion they both entered inside and was shocked to see Leela and RT there with Manohar and usha …twinkle gets teard eye on seeing them ..while they both got up and stand seeing twinkle they were so much happy to see her ….

Twinkle steps back while kunj sees her and hold her from shoulder nodding in no ..and took her ahead …
Twinkle Leela said and was about to hug her when Twinkle stopped showing her hand….

Stop right there Mrs taneja she said angrily while everyone was shocked seeing her …usha went towards kunj…

Kunj we are going inside you handle twinkle its really gonna difficult for her stay by her side usha ended while kunj nodded in yes manohar and usha left inside after leaving twinj and lert …

Twinkle puttar plzz forgive us plzz RT said folding hands infront of her ..tears started flowing from her eyes she was moving towards him when she remembers their behaviour since childhood and step back …

Forgive your for what Mr taneja ??? See I am free from the tag to being a murderer see I returned your Rohan back…you got him na they why you guys came here ??? She asked angrily ..

Twinkle calm down twinkle calm down listen to them once ..kunj said
YOU STAY AWAY FROM ALL THIS KUNJ OR ELSE NO ONE WILL BE WORSE THAN ME… she said angrily while kunj was shocked he was seeing her in angry mode for the first time he decided to stay quiet …

Twinkle puttar plz plz we know we did a big mistake my making you away from us but plzz believe me we love you so much Twinkle Leela said ..

Hah seriously ? Twinkle let out a faint laugh show this to somewhere else Mrs taneja I am not going to come in your words you people used me now I am finally out of your life than what do you want ????

We want you twinkle we want you we want our daughter back RT said …
Daughter ? So you remember you had an daughter too ???? Wow amazing but that daughter is no more lost all the rights on me that day when kunj asked you to take me back and you refuse didn’t even thought for once ..I have always craved for your love but you never gave me everytime you wanted to get rid of me now finally when you got Bhai back you wanted me to come back soon so that you can use and throw me once again ..she brokedown completing last lines kunj was too feeling sad for her …

No twinkle it’s nothing like that I did that day because I don’t wanted your and kunj relationship to get more worse he said while twinkle looked at him …

RT went near twinkle and sat beside her and cupped her face I always loved you twinkle more than anything I know I did that in my ego and when I realised that thing it was too late so I decided to get you married and not give you more pain twinkle …and when I heard about your death my whole world shattered I can’t describe what I felt at that time plzz twinkle forgive us specially me twinkle I am you culprit plz forgive your papa once he said …

No I had already ended all Ties with you I don’t need any justification so please don’t waste your time here twinkle said ..and ran towards her room …

Kunj Leela and RT were in hall kunj was really feeling bad for them but he couldn’t deny that twinkle was right in her place..

He went and kitchen and gave them water .. I know what you may be feeling right now but ..twinkle is right on her place it will take time for her to cope up with these things he said…soon usha and Manohar came outside and consoled them …
We are leaving take care of our twinkle Leela said and they both left from there..
@ taneja mansion :::
Leela and RT both came and was very much sad they were feeling very much guilty about what they had done with their poor soul …guilt is what kills the person from the inner core they were feeling it now …Rohan sees them and came towards them …

What happen where you guys went ?? He asked worriedly looking at their faces ..
We went to meet Twinkle RT said and left for his room while Leela narrated him everything …

Maa you know how she is she will forgive you guys soon trust me and plzz make something I wanna have your hand made food after so many years he said leela smiled and they both went in kitchen…
@ twinj room :::
Twinkle was crying badly hugging her pillow she was facing back to ceiling kunj entered inside and sees her…
Twinkle ??? He called out and sat beside her..

Kunj go away I don’t wanna talk plzz she said while he kept on teasing her…
But I wanna talk na Jaan he said and was trying to face her but she was holding bedsheets very tightly after so much of struggle he snacthed twinkle pillow and looked at her face it was fully red …

Oh my god you face is looking like cherry so reddish and you know what I love cherries he winked at twinkle …
See kunj I am not in mood so plzz twinkle said and turned her face ..

I am waiting for you to be in mood janeman he said kissing her palms while she looked at him frustrated ..
He give her kerchief to wipe her face but instead she use it for her nose …
Ewwwwiii kunj said while she looked at him ..

What ewww Haan ?? twinkle asked ..
I gave to wipe your face not nose twinkle he said making faces ..
I don’t care huh ? ab now don’t tell me it was branded too ..twinkle said
Yeah it was and that’s not the thing to be described kunj Sarna never uses cheap things ..

Now don’t fly in air come down huh she said and take it back I don’t need your branded things ..
What I’ll do you only keep it he said throwing it in her making her more frustrated while she started crying again kunj hugged her tightly consoling her …

Forgive them twinkle he said while she looked at him ..
What ????? You are saying this ..

Yes I am saying this not because I have sympathy for them but because I wanna see your free of any tension free of any guilt you always craved for their love I knows it’s too late but it’s says na better late than never atleast they realise what you meant to them …and you also know that you loves them very much so ..forgive them once… At any point of them you should not feel like arey I should have forgive them and that time they may be not there with you … don’t make it so late twinkle …don’t do the same mistake which they have committed for which they are repenting I am toh just saying this rest is your decision …
Hmm okay she said ..

What hmm okay Haan omg you know to get angry too the way you shouted at me haww I felt like I am gonna kill today murder 4 boss murder 4 he said …
I am sorry but I was angry she whispered making puppy face and pout …

No need my love he pecked her lips I wanna taste cherries twinkle he said while she hits him Kuch bhi she said blushing while he smiled ..
Usha and Manohar knocked in the door servant having food trolley ..
May we come in ?? Usha asked ..

Arey Haan maa come kunj said and they entered the servant left ..
Arey mummy Ji we would have came down for dinner twinkle said wiping her face once again ..
No need we will have dinner here today Manohar said and they settled on bed …

Now you go and freshen then we will have dinner usha said and twinkle ran inside washroom …
She is fine mom don’t worry kunj said assuring her while ushar smiled ..soon twinkle came back and they all had their dinner Manohar and usha feeds twinkle by their hands making Twinklee feel special and kunj jealous ..

Huh bete ki Toh kisi ko kadar hi nahi hai mere Bebe b chale gayi out of town no there is no one for me kunj murmured stuffing his food ..while they heard him laughed …soon they left from there ..

They changed into their night wears while kunj was walking here and there checking his phone twinkle runs and hugged him ..
What happen siyappa queen ???

Nothing just wanna say I love you kunj ..
Even I love you too and much more than you he said ..wait I’ll show you something he went towards his wardrobe and took our their memories which he had preserve since their childhood …

You had all these things kunj ???? Twinkle asked with wide eyes ..
Yep I had a belief that one day you will be with me and babajiii answered my prayers and see you are here by my side he said side hugged her while she smiled and continued cherishing their childhood ..

Arey where is Karan ??? Twinkle asked while he looked at her ..
I exactly don’t know but wait I’ll call him he said and dialed his number …
Kutta busy Hoga apni wife k saat huh kunj said and twinkle laughed ..

You remember after our wedding you received one call and said Yaha Sid Nahi sadu rehta hai ?? Remember ??? Kunj asked ..
Ya ya twinkle said ..
That was Karan only he said while both continued talking and laughing badlyy..
A week later :::
They all decided to go gurudwara while twinj Prayed for each other twinkle sees a man slipping and held him ..

Be careful she said while the man turned and it was RT he looked at her thank you he whispered Rohan kunj usha Manohar Leela too comes there and sees them ..
What happen Rohan asked ??

Wo nothing I was going to slip but my daughter saved me he said smiling …
Twinkle turned to go while Rohan held her hand plzz Twinkle forgive them na for my sake plzz he said while she looked at them ..and then at kunj who nodded in yes too …

Okay I’ll forgive them but it will take time for me to forget all those things she said looking down playing with her fingers ..
Okay don’t worry take your time RT said and smiled happily ..

Usha aunty can I take Twinkle to TM for some days ??? Rohan asked while kunj face dropped down …

Haan Rohan puttar okay you take here usha said while twinkle looked at kunj ..
Come soon we are waiting in car usha Manohar Leela rt left leaving kunj twinkle and Rohan …

Haha kunj what happen ??? Rohan asked
You are the worst saala ever huh he said and Rohan laughed ..

Thank you so much wait I am going to call mahi too you bid bye to your lovely wifey till then Rohan said and left ..
If you tell me not to go I’ll not go twinkle said while kunj nodded in…

No no go and have fun with your siblings cherish your childhood again and if I miss you then I will come to meet your secretly he winked at Twinkle while she smiled he pecked her forehead and dropped till car ..
Screen freezes ..
Precap : judai judai ? some secret moment and may be sanaya reentry …

So how was the episode ??thanks to everyone for likes comments and dislikes too …
Ignore errors no proof read bye love you all ????????

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    red cherry ….kunj want to eat cherry haan..lovely
    Twinkle going to TM ….let c how kunj will meet her secretly….
    luved it ..

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  3. Shalu Choudhary

    Nice dear

  4. Superb episode
    Emotional and kunj teasing part haha
    Nice next episode secret moment so exciting post soon

  5. superb episode
    felt bad for twinkle…but loved the way sadu changed his siyapa quen’s mood hehehe
    poat the next part soon..waiting for twinj’s secret meeting

  6. Anusha

    Superb episode dear
    feeling bad for twinkle
    You described her emotions really well glad that twinkle didnt forgive them soon she is right in her place and loved kunj care today sadu changed siyappa queen mood and teasing part too good waiting for next post soon

  7. Himanigaur

    Awesome pls post soon!!

  8. Amazing.

  9. Vibhu

    Great update
    Twinj scenes were superb .. Excited for this Judaai track!!

  10. Awesome update!
    Loved how kunj consoled twinkle
    Finally twinkle forgave her parents and hopefully every thing gets better soon
    Loved twinj???
    Jealous kunj…???
    Poor kunj has to live without twinkle ??
    Excited for next
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads ❤❤❤

  11. Baby

    loved it loved it sooo much ?
    osm and amazingly cute plus hella emotional osm ?
    love u lods post soon ?
    all d best ?

  12. SSK

    Loved today’s episode. It was so amazing. The way twinkle reacted on seeing her parents was right. They have hurt her a lot. And Twinj moments were truly awesome dear. ??

  13. Kiya1234

    Well sorry raj I’m late.. episode was out of the world amazing twinkle emotions ?????. Beautifully written and she was right on her place. Twinkle anger on kunj uff allah. That cherry part omg ???????… I wanted to have kunj cherry cheeks???????????????.. Kunj is good. Twinkle nosey ????.. branded handkerchief ????????????????.. so beautiful. Usha and Manohar best in laws.
    Whole episode entertaining finally twinkle forgive hopefully full and her pain is not less. Uff twinkle going Taneja Mansion ????. Kunj said Rohan right worse saala huhu???. How nicely twinkle tell him that if he stop her she will not go❤️❤️??♥️♥️.. Kunj too
    Let’s see and excited for their secret moments and romance as well????. Post baby..

  14. I am so sorry sam i am late actually very late as I didn’t got phone from my sis plsss forgive me an thr episode was m8nd boggling I couldn’t stop reading it again and again I love it soo much yaar u miss ur kuch toh hua hai plss be back with other season plss sam love u plss posts soon

  15. Fabulous fantastic episode dear
    Twinkle ka angry avtaar superb
    Post soon dear
    Luvvvv u

  16. Awesome super

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