Twinj Rab Miliya S2 EPISODE ~2

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Hello guys how are you all ???? Well back with next one guys …
It’s weekend as well as Ramya bday …
Happy birthday to you .
….. Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Ramya …
Happy birthday to you ????
Enjoy your day yaar love you ????
Episode 2 …
The episode starts with twinkle coming back to TM and went inside ….and searched for Leela and mahi …

T : neelu (maid) where is maa papa mahi ??????? …

N : twinkle baby wo sab koi function me Gaye hai ….aur bola hai ki dinner prepare Kare …

T : ohh acha ..can I help you ????……pleaseeeeeee …

N : aap ???? Kaise ??? …

T : areyy plzz plzz na let me help you ..

N : acha chaliye …but she knew that twinkle is gonna make disaster in kitchen …and she was scared of it …

Neelu started preparing dinner while all the while twinkle was eating Apple and was seeing her …

T : wow neelu Tu ye kaise Kar leti hai mujhe to chai banani tak Nahi aati she smiled sheepishly …

N : this is my work na so ..twinkle baby ..

T : tune to sab prepare karliya let me help you in desert …

N : no it’s fine I’ll make it …

T : arey nai Tu Kitna kaam karegi twinkle said and snachted the dry fruit plate from her hand …they both were preparing halwa …when neelu went from there to take out sugar ..and twinkle is twinkle she put the stove on full flame ….
(Kar gayi chull plays in BG ……) 

Twinkle gets bzy in her phn and halwa started burning …???..twinkle sees the halwa burning …and makes a O face ….omg babaji siyappa ye meine Kya kardiya …ab mein Kya karu neelu comes there and looked at twinkle …she removed the utensil from stove …and both sigh of relief …

T : thanks yaar …

Neelu neelu kidhar hai Tu Leela shouted and they got shocked ….Leela came inside the kitchen till then twinkle had threwed the halwa outside …

L : twinkle Tu yaha Kya Kar rahi hai ?????????? Meine kitni baar kaha hai kitchen me mat jaa …kuch hua Kya idhar ….

T : wo…mein Nahi maa mein to paani peene aayi thi …

L : ok twinkle go and change your clothes as sarna family is outside they came for dinner …

T: okay maa she said and left from there…..
After sometime dinner was served on dinning table RT ask usha and Manohar to come …they came and all sat ..RT leela mahi was serving them …

Man : kunj kaisa laga tujhe ram ???? …

RT : kunj is sensible guy apna hi bacha hai responsible hai…we liked him right Leela …she nods …

Twinkle came there dressed in red colour anarkali looking cute ushar sees her and smiles …

T : namastey aunty namastey uncle she greeted them …and stand them serving them food …they had their dinner …twinkle and mahi went to room ..

While lert and ushar sat in the lawn taking ….

L : I think no we should talk with kids too …as we like kunj very much ..

U : and we like twinkle …they will be a perfect match …

Man : we will inform you tomorrow about kunj decision soon …

RT : okay …bye will meet soon …ushar went from.there and RT turned towards Leela …

Rt : I want twinkle yes only …I want to see her married soon ..

L : g I’ll talk to her …she will say yes only
On the other side ::: 
Manohar was driving and usha was beside him in car …

U : u know na g kunj will never agree for this wedding …

Man : yeah we have to talk to him in different manner as he will say no only until how many days he will stay alone he needs someone in his life too …

U : yeah correct I have an idea …and she narrated him something which was muted both smirks …
Next scene ::::
Twihi was in their room mahi was taking with her lovely husband and twinkle was standing in the balcony seeing the sky with some unknown pain in her eyes …

T : babaji plzz fulfill my wish I want maa   papa love care attention I don’t need anything else in my life …Leela comes to her room …

L : twinkle beta I need to talk to you…

T : maa u here ..haan maa boliye na ..

L : twinkle a proposal came for you from sarnas …they want to get you married to their son kunj …and so we want you to agree for this too …

T : but maa I don’t want to marry so soon you know na ….mahi looks on …

Rt : but we want you to agree kunj is a nice guy he will keep u happy we will be happy if u say yes …he turned his face while talking twinkle looked at him …

T : okay maa papa if you both want this if you’re happiness lies in this then YES I am ready to get married ..she smiled fakely ….leRt left from there …

Mah : twinkle Tu Khush to hai na ????? Tune haan kyu bola I know u don’t want to get married …

T : mahi maa papa ne pehli Baar mujhse kuch manga hai tu janti ho na mein unse Kitna pyaar Karti Hu to unke liye kuch bhi …aur waise ye kunj hai Kon ???????….

Mah : arey I met him many times he is Yuvraj best friend… he is nice good looking but thoda rude types hai and the girls started talking ….
Next scene ::::
Kunj comes running to hospital he went to reception …and said usha sarna room number ????? …303 sir the receptionist replied he left from there …

He opened the door to find usha on hospital bed and Manohar standing beside her with doctors there …

K : papa what happen to maa ??? How she has fainted ???? …maa u are okay na …

Man : acha hua kunj u came …

Dr : Mr sarna u have to take care of Mrs sarna and u have to fulfill her every wish or else I can’t say what’s next is gonna happen he said and winked at ushar and left from.there ….

K : papa what happen to maa ??? 

U : let it be kunj waise b tujhe Kya farak padhta hai ….mar Jaane de mujhe …

K : maa aapko kuch hone se pehle mein apni Jaan dedu kunj said keeping usha hand on his head ….

U : then you will fulfill my wish ??? ..

K : haan maa ap Jo kahe …

Usha looks at Manohar who smirked and nods in yesss ..marry the girl we have chosen for you she said and kunj got shocked …..

K (thinks) : babaji ye mein kaha phas Gaya mein kaise shadi Kar Sakta Hu …par meine maa se vaada Kiya hai …he was lost in his thoughts …

U : i knew it dekha Manohar g I said u na he will never agree let me die peacefully ….she said ..

K : ok maa YES I am ready for this wedding …you happiness matters me the most in the world he said ..while ushar smiles as their plan succeeded ..

Man : thank u sooo much kunj u are the best son in the world …

Kunj smiles fakely on the other side same was twinkle condition they only agreed for their parents …

Screen freezes ….

Precap : twinj wedding finally …

So how was the Episode ??? …
Hope u all liked it ????
Well well do comments …
Babyeee will meet you soon ….
Happy bday Ramya once again ???
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned…

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  1. Yashasvi

    AWwwww they r sooo sooo sweet yrrr.
    just love twinj…..
    and their parents…. dont know wt to say them….
    bt sam epi was amazing yrrrrr…..
    do post asap….
    m waiting dear…..

    and well wishing u a happy b’day again dear…..
    love u …..

    Keep smiling and stay blessed????
    LOVE u !!!!!!!!!!!!! ?????
    Your Yashu !!!!!!!!!!????????????????????

  2. Amazing
    Cant wait post soon plz …..

  3. Lama

    Amazing episode….eager to read further

  4. Cheena2001Cp

    Bade hi chaalak nikle ManUsha ????
    AWSOME episode ! ??

  5. awsm epi

  6. Twinj2000

    Nice episode
    When will twinj meet ?
    Naughty Usha and Manohar ?
    Hehe post soon

  7. Parulkashyap

    awesome epi

  8. SidMin23

    Love it and wow twinj weeding and happy birthday ramya ?

  9. Aamu

    Amazing shammmuuu..!??
    Proposal aaya..
    N yaha to blackmailing hai dono jagah?

    Chalo chodo jo b ho…
    Hame to twinj hi chahiye…

    Well post sooonn..
    Love u..?

  10. Presha


    Loved it…
    Too good…
    Love u…
    Post soon

  11. Nice episode ☺️

  12. Ayesha51

    awsm amzng fab epi sameera dii
    just loved it

    loved twinj scenes

    plz plz plz post asap

    love u a lot dii ♡♡♡

  13. Awesome Sam amazing
    And thank you so so souch
    For this lovely gift
    Thank you alot
    Never expected I mean this much for you guys
    Love you keep smiling

      sooooooooooooooo sorry di For wishing u late
      I was actually busy
      You’re a real sweetheart. You’re a spoonful of sugar, a drop of syrup and a dot of honey. Have the sweetest birthday ever.
      You’ve always been great at sharing and caring. On this birthday, may you be blessed tenfold with the love that you have given unselfishly to others.
      Again,a very happy birthday
      And a big sorry

      1. Awwww zoya thank you so much for this lovely wishes.
        Dear please don’t be sorry
        You have wished me
        And it means alot to me
        I can’t say how I feel when I read these wishes.
        Love you keep smiling

  14. Anusha

    post soon

  15. Sammu yrrrr tu amazing mindblowing marvellous best h tu yrrr kitna jhakass likhti ho tum awesome ????????

    Awesome fabulous & fantastic episode dear
    PlzzZzzzzzzz post soon
    Luv u

  16. Kiya1234

    Superb episode sami
    Excited for twinj marriage……
    Post soon plz

  17. awesome fabulous sam
    parents hmesha apne bcho ko blackmail kyn krte h mere parents ko agr mjhse kj krana hota h toh they start their emotional blackmailing
    post next soon
    as we r waiting for twinj meeting

  18. Sana785

    Loving the concept of urs regarding this ff ……
    Do post soon…..

  19. Nishuu

    Nice one
    Loved it

  20. Rochika

    Woowwwww sameera di it was soooo lovely yrrrr..???????????
    Oh god twinkle is really mad…halwa oh god.!!!?????????.
    The epi was awesome as always di..?????
    U nailed it..???????
    Oh woowwww twinj’s marriage..yehh!!!!?????????….
    Waiting for it…
    Post soon
    Love u!?

  21. Shalini15

    Sammuuuuuuuu yaar maine toh is surprise ko miss kar diya ???????? but yaar dhamakedar surprise hai. I’m so happy.

    Anyways amazing fabulous superb episode. Loved the plot. Usha nd Manohar are different ????????? finally proposal aa gaya. So excited for marriage. Waiting for that. Post soon.
    Surprises ki dukan ????????
    Love you ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  22. Lovely episode
    Post soon
    Love u
    Keep smiling
    Take care

  23. Vibhu

    Twinj ki shaadi ??????
    loved the episode

  24. Simiyy

    Loved it
    I can’t wait for TWINJ marriage
    I really want to know why Leela and RT hate Twinkle
    Post soon
    Loads of Love

  25. Baby

    hehhee ushar ka kya mast plan tha re maza aagaya ♥
    loved it so mch ♥
    osm ♥
    cute ♥
    emotional ♥
    speechless as always ♥
    sweetness ki dukaan aapnne fut fut kar sweet bhara tha episode mein humare twinj mein how sincere hildren ♥
    love u ♥

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