Trng Trng….. Trng Trng…. (Lock screen message :1 missed call)

Twinkle came out of the bathroom and was drying hair.

Twinkle: Dekhu toh zara Sidmin ka koi naya pic aya ki nhi insta pe…..

She held the phone.

Twinkle:Missed call? Kiska hoga….

She swiped the screen and saw that it was from an unknown number. She got curious to know who it was.

The number: 9641114246
(it’s just a random number guys.??)

Twinkle: Let me call back. (excitedly)

Twinkle’s Pov

I dialled the number with curiosity to know who it is. After 5 rings the person picked up the call.

The person :Hello. (male voice)

My heart skipped a beat hearing his perfect manly voice. But it was for a moment as I cut the call immediately without uttering even a single word.

After that I was just thinking about his voice. It was so nice??I didn’t know him. Actually it was a call from an unknown number and the caller was unknown to me in real.

I had thought that it must be someone known. But he isn’t.

I was thinking about his voice with a smile in my face and the reason of his calling me was also in my thoughts.

It can be a prank. People call unknown numbers for prank. He can be like that. It can be a mistake too.

Meri jagah aur koi ladki hoti toh call back nhi karti ya galiya de rhi hoti. Aur mai pagal ki trha uske bareme soche jaa rhi hu.

But manna padega, I’m in love with his voice. I’m in love with his first word to me “Hello”

I thought that he might call back. But he didn’t. I saved his number as “Who”

That’s funny I know!! ??
But kya krti…..

Aaplog uske voice ke lite mere pyaar ko andekha nhi kr skte… Han?

PoV ends

Somedays Passed

Twinkle got busy in her daily life. She almost forgot about the unknown person. After a busy week, she got a weekend. She decided to visit her Best friend Chinki.

(they live in the same city)

So, she went there.

Twinkle’s pov

I knocked her door. She opened it and hugged me tightly out of happiness.

Chinki:tu kitne Dino baad ayi hai. Meri toh yaad hi nhi aati kisiko.

Twinkle:Tu bhi kaha aati hai mujhse milne

Chinki : Acha chal chor. Let’s have fun today.

Then we had a great time chatting with each other.

P0v ends

After lunch

Chinki : Hey Best friend…. Chal na prank call krte hai.

Twinkle:Nhi yaar. Yeh sab thik nhi hai.
Chinki :are kuch nhi hota. Chal na. Best friend request!!

Twinkle.: (smiling) OK.

Chinki took her phone and kept it on the middle.

She tapped an unknown number and counted digits. Then she called and put the phone on speaker. As the person received the call,

Chinki (in a seducating voice) Hey…. What’s up??

Person : kaun hai???!! (shouting) Wrong number pe phone krke kya kya krti rhti hai ajkal ki ladkiya!! (an old aunty shouted)

Chinki:Uppsss… Sorry auntyji

And cut the call.

Both of them burst out laughing.

Chinki called on a pizza shop for ordering pizza and then continued doing prank calls.

After a few calls,

Chinki:Acha ab tu dial kar. Mera luck khrb hai. Buddhe phone uthate hai (with a pout)

Twinkle (laughing) ok

Twinkle dialled an unknown number and suddenly the door bell rang. Chinki rushed to open the door.


The person picked up the call.

Twinkle: Hello….. (in a sweet and simple voice)

Person : Hi.. aap kaun?

Twinkle’s heart skipped a beat again. It was the same person who had called her some days ago.

This time she couldn’t cut the call as she wanted to talk to him badly.

Person: Hello….r u there?

Twinkle :(nervously) hi I’m Twinkle.

Person: Sorry but I can’t remember you.

Twinkle :Actually u don’t know me.

Person: then why did you call?

Twinkle : U called an unknown number Somedays ago. U remember?

Person: Somedays ago?


Person: Ummm….Oh yeah I remember. Sorry actually I was dialling another number which has similar digits as urs except 1 digit. So I mistyped. Sorry for that.

Twinkle:Oh that’s fine.’s my friend’s phone. Not mine.


Twinkle:What’s ur name


Suddenly Chinki snatched the phone and cut the call

Chinki: Baadme karenge yeh. Pizza agya. Chal pizza khate hai

Twinkle :in mind) haye…. Kitna pyaara naam hai uska…. Kunj.. ??Aur thodi der baat krleti usse…. Yeh Chinki bhi na!!

Chinki:kha kho gyi??

Twinkle:chal pizza khate hai.

They spent the rest of the day together.

Twinkle went back to her home at night.

At 10pm

Phone ringing

Trng… Trng…… Trng.. Trng….

Twinkle took the phone.

She smiled looking at the caller id “Who”

She took the call.

Twinkle :Hello

Kunj:Hi, Twinkle

Twinkle: You had my number?

Kunj: Oh… Yeah…. Actually i went through the dialler while matching that phone number (similar digits wala) with urs.

(Twinkle’s Number:9657652134)
(it’s also random)


Kunj: Actually i was getting bored….umm….Can we talk???

Twinkle:(smiling) Yeah…. OF course!!

They talked about their lives. About their likes and dislikes.
Twinkle was in love with his voice.
And Kunj loved to talk to Twinkle.

They became friends through talking on the phone daily

It’s been months. They started likings each other. Twinkle didn’t know about Kunj’s feelings. She was just engrossed in his love. She didn’t even see his face. But his voice made her fall in love.

She shared her feelings with Chinki.

Chinki: agar woh dikhne me bura hua toh??

Twinkle:(in lovey-dovey voice) Sacha pyaar chehra dekhke nahi, dil dekhkar hota hai……❤️

Chinki:Awww….. My best friend is in love(pulling her cheeks)

Somedays passed

On call,

Kunj:Twinkle, can we meet??

Twinkle:(feeling nervous) Of course…

Kunj: Kaha milna chahti ho??

Twinkle: Tum jaha kaho….

Kunj: Um….. Youme Cafe??

Twinkle: (smile) ok…

Both were dying to meet each other…. ?

Both starterd searching their cupboards for nice cloths and were messing their rooms.??


On call

Twinkle: Kunj, tumhara favourite colour kya hai??

Kunj: Blue…. ?….. Aur tumhara??

Flashback ends

Twinkle (smiling while looking towards the blue dress in her hand):– kal toh mai yehi pehnungi??

On the other side,


Kunj: Blue, aur tumhara??

Twinkle: I love Black?

Flashback ends

Kunj(smiling while taking out his black tee-shirt):- I hope you will like me in it. ❤️

Next Day

Kunj was waiting for Twinkle in the cafe. He had told her the table Number which he had reserved for them.

Kunj:(talking to himself) Pata nhi tum kaisi dikhti hogi. Jaisi bhi dikhogi, you are the prettiest girl to me in this whole world ?(blushing)

Suddenly a terrible car crash happened just beside the cafe.
As it was an open space, Kunj could see everything.

He being a gentleman went to see if he could help somehow.
He saw that a girl was injured badly. He quickly called the ambulance and stood beside the crowd.

His heart skipped a beat seeing her condition. He didn’t know why he felt so sad for an unknown person.

When the ambulance arrived,
He took the girl to the hospital.

Kunj: (in mind) I hope Twinkle gussa na kare. I will telk her later why i left. Pehle inhe safe karna hoga.

The doctors:Pata nhi yeh baach paayegi ya nhi. But we will try our best.

A tear drop escaped from his eyes hearing what the doctors said.

Kunj went to the reception to pay.

Kunj got a phone of the girl and a box with her. He thought that he should call her family members to let them know about her condition.

But when he opened her phone, he saw that the Calling app was locked with password. He saw that almost all of the apps were locked.

He couldn’t get her identity because of that. He was about to tap on the settings app to unlock everything but his finger got touched with the recording app beside it. The app was unlocked.

A voice record started playing…..

Record- Actually I was getting bored…. Can we talk??

He got shocked hearing it. It was his voice. He immediately played the other records.

Record 35- Tumhe pata hai… Maine aajtak kisi ladki se itni freely baat nhi ki…..

Record 59- Agar tum mujhe sadu bulaogi toh mai tumhe….. Ummm…. Tumhe….. Tumhe…. Haan… Mai tumhe siyappa queen bulaunga!!
Twinkle’s voice:No Sadu!!!
His voice – Yes Siyappa queen!!!!

Record 72- Best friends forever??

Record 28- Mujhe aloo parantha bohot pasand hai…. It’s my favourite!!
Twinkle’s voice: Hum jab milenge tab mai tumhe aapne hato ki banayi hui aloo parantha khilaungi…..

He got emotional hearing the recordings…..

He looked at the box he got from her.

He opened the box and saw aloo paranthas inside it.

Kunj :Twinkle…. (crying)

He started crying like a baby

Kunj: Twinkle tumhe kuch nhi hone dunga mai….. Twinkle…. Kyu… Kyu tumhare sath hi aisa hua….. Twinkle, agar tumhe kuch hogaya…. Toh mai mar jaunga……??Twinkle, i can’t live without you.

Kunj was crying and praying for Twinkle while sitting outside the OT.

Doctor came out.

Kunj : Doctor, doctor, meri Twinkle kaisi hai??

Doctor: I’m sorry to say but her condition is really critical.

Kunj : Doctor, aap jo bolenge mai woh karunga. But please save her Doctor…. ??

Doctor : We’ll try our best.

Kunj’s eyes got red due to crying a lot.

After some hours,

Kunj: Doctor, how’s she?

Doctor: She’s better now…. But unhe rest ki sakt zarurat hai.

Kunj:Can i meet her!??

Doctor: Ok but for a while.

Kunj rushed inside the room to see her in a bad state. He sat beside her and held her hand in his.

Kunj: Twinkle…. Twinkle….. please uth jao…. Aisa mat karo mere sath. Mai nhi jee payunga agar tumhe kuch hojayga toh…. Tum life bangyi ho meri…. I can’t see my life lying on the bed like this…. Please uth jao….

Her fingers started moving. She slowly opened her eyes.

Kunj:(tears of happiness) Twinkle tum uth gyi….. ??

He immediately called the doctor.
The doctor checked her.

Doctor – Inki halat ab bohot behtar hai. Unhe ek hafte me discharge kr skte hai. Filhal yeh kuch medicines ki list hai. Aap yeh le aayie.

Kunj: Ok doctor. Mai abhi lata hu.

After bringing the medicines he went to see Twinkle.

Twinkle’s PoV

I had a terrible accident. When i woke up i was in a hospital. Don’t know who brought me here. I want to thank him. Suddenly a person entered with some food. He’s tall and has a perfect body….. I got mesmerised seeing him?

He sat beside me.

My thoughts: Mai toh Kunj se pyaar krti hu…. How can i think about someone like this???!
I got really upset and started feeling guilty.

Then the boy said: Twinkle, ab tum Kaisa feel kr rhi ho?

My heart skipped a beat again. It’s Kunj. My guilts vanished in a moment as i heard his voice.

I was so happy to know that jiske sath mujhe love at first word hua uske sath hi love at first sight bhi hogya….. Wowwwww??❤️

Suddenly he held my hand. I felt like my body was in heaven. His touch felt so magical?

Kunj: Twinkle, Mai…..

She cut off his sentence.

Twinkle: Kunj…..

Kunj got shocked.

Kunj: How do you know??

Twinkle: Kaise nhi pehchanti?? Tumhare issi voice se toh pyaar hai mujhe…..

Kunj blushed hearing that.

Kunj: Tumhe mere voice se pyaar hai??

Twinkle : Haan…. (blushing) I love your voice

Kunj :Aur mujhe tumse pyaar hai Twinkle❤️ (he said with a big smile)

Twinkle felt like all her pains went away in a moment.

Twinkle took Kunj’s hand near her lips and kissed Saying : I love you Kunj♥️

Kunj: I love you too, Twinkle❤️

He kissed her hand.

After a week

Twinkle got discharged

In this week, Kunj took care of his Twinkle.

He asked her to move in with him as he couldn’t stay withkut her anymore.

She said that they’ll stay together in both of their houses one by one each week. He couldn’t deny.

They were in a string and unbreakable relationship.

Kunj gave her all the love she was lacking of before meeting him.
And she gave him all the love he was waiting for before her entrance in his life.

On their 1 year relationship Anniversary

Kunj made a surprise arrangement for Twinkle. He proposed her??

Kunj :Twinkle, will you marry me??

Twinkle: (happily) Yes Kunj, I will marry you❤️

He made her wear a beautiful ring written Twinj on it.

Then he brought the cake.

Twinkle : Yeh??

Kunj :In numbers ki wajese hi toh aaj hum ek sath hai…Twinj hai…. ❤️

Twinkle: Thank you so much Kunj is surprise ke liye….it’s the best. You are the best!! I love you ?

She said kissing him on his lip.
He got surprised.

Kunj: I love you too?

He kissed her back and this time it was a long and sweet one….. Just like their love story❤️



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