Twinj: One message (os by roshini as a treat)

Hi everyone,
Roshini again here, it’s my birthday treat for all of you, this is my 2nd bday with TU, really happy with you all thanks a lot fr all of ur love n support.

Let’s get into os now- a love story again

Twinj- One message

A young boy in his mid 20s is seen sitting on his bed holding his phone in the middle of the night.
He was getting many calls he used to answer them but his heart was waiting for some one special.
Tring.. Tring….
His phone rang again, he picked it up within no time.
‘Hey, kunj happy birthday buddy,’ the voice said.
‘Yeah, thanks bro.’ Kunj replied.
‘So, wts special? Wn is the party?’ His frnd asked.
‘Yeah, mrng will hang out,’ kunj replied, he talked with the person for a while and hung up the call.

Kunj’s pov:
I am getting so many wishes frm all my lovely frndss but still why my heart is waiting for some one!! Whose that? Why is she attracting me? Why am I thinking a lot abt her?? I know her, we met twice a time but never exchanged a single word. Am I in love?? Oh is it?

He thought for a while…..
No no I can’t be in love, I know wt I am if i love her thn she would be the first person to call me on my birthday but no.. love is not that easy!! I never spoke to her but I am still expecting her to call me… wierdo!!! I can’t be one side lover and suffer like this… no love nothing..just me n my family. Today is my birthday I need to have fun!!!
*end of kunj s pov*

Thinking about his plans fr his bday he dozed off in the middle of night.

Other side same time,
A girl is seen studying like a mad spreading her books all over, her hair was curled and adjusting her specs she is working on a paper on her study. Every minute she used to glance over her phone. Each time her hand went to the phone and came back.

Girl’s pov:
I know it’s 2 am, kunj’s bday. He might be enjoying. I just wanna wish him but I don’t knw why I am stopping myself. Wht he will think of me if I text him first. I know it’s not that gud to be desperate of someone tat to me being a girl.
Any how’s my hands reached the phone and I opened up my fb page. It showed
‘hi,twinkle taneja. Share wts on your mind,’
I smiled at myself all the time he is the only one on my mind. I searched for kunn sarna. I opened his timeline and checked I couldn’t find any of his party photos except few of his frnds wishing him on his timeline. He didn’t even reply to them. May be he is busy and nt using fb now a days coz u couldn’t see any of his updates frm past many months.
We met twice that to in a family parties but still a king of bandage held me with him. Even we are not frnds on fb but I keep on stalking him on fb frm the day I saw him.

I am not a girl who believe in love but still this feeling fr him is gud but at the same time thy are growing very stronger which is gonna ruin my state of mind. I know love is a pain if u can handle the pain then ur love is true but nw at this moment of my life I am nt ready for love as I am a very emotional person who conceals feelings can hurt me a lot.
Each time wn i think of taking a step ahead abut him one thing holds en back.
What if he is not of my type? No prblm I will adjust.
Wht if he backs off??
This question has no answer in me i knw it will hurt like anything. I can’t handle that so I stop myself wn ever I think of taking up this relationship.

I just don’t want to build up my own dream love world and let it collapse just coz of him, so it’s better not to build it. One sided love is really painfull, I don’t wanna be a one sided mad lover.
*end of twinkles pov*

Thinking about it she winded up her studies and slept.

The whole day kunj enjoyed his bday with his frndss, family, party n all.Here twinkle also tried to forget abt him and started her day normally.

That night, 11.55pm
Kunj phone popped a message in messenger.
He opened and saw the name and was spell bound.
(Message conversation)
K: hi..
T: many many more happy returns on this day
K: Oh thankq
K: but the day is over
T: Oh ya sry I am late
K: no prblm.

T: hw was ur bday?
K: asusual fun with frnds and family

The conversation stopped fr few seconds while both of them wanted to talk but no words..!!

K: I think the last time we met was in chinki’s wedding right? ?
T: yeah, 5 long years ago!!
K: 5 years??
T: yeah almost…
K: u remember that day??
T: yes
(The best day of my life she thought to her self)
K: I wanna say smething actually. .
Her heart popped
T: even me…
His heart skipped
Both were desperate to know abt each other.
Both the sides were showing
It later fr few minutes but no words came out.

Within no time twinkles phone fell down and she woke up with a thud.

Twinkles pov:
Oh!! God phone… she searched all over and found her phone or the table fine. What was tht? Dream!!! Oh fishh!!! I immediately took my phone and searched my messenger nt even a single message frm any side. Thy didn’t even share a single word.
Her tears rolled over her cheeks!!!
* end of twinkles pov*

Other side,
Kunj’s pov:
I woke up and looked fr my phone. I searched my messenger and found no texts frm her. So, it was all my dream i looked at the clock it was around 4am mrng.
It was all his dream.
*end of kunj s pov*

Thinking so twinkle moved towards washroom and splashed water on her face even kunj this side thy both looked into the mirror and felt bad for themselves.
Thy took a deep sigh…

‘Not any more… just forget her/ him’ thy thought together.

It doesn’t mean that thy never ever tried talking to each other, everytime thy wanted to but smething held each othr back. But one thing was true, their feeling for each other grew very stronger but thy both were matured enough to to controll thr feelings and ha due thr emotions.
They didn’t thought that it was an end fr their one sided love story but gave everything into the hands of God and waited for results… their LOVE RESULTS.

Lets wait with them and look forward for the end of the story.

■■■■■■■THE END■■■■■■■

Never be desperate fr love, everything is given to you on time. If double sided love hv no guarantee how can we expect one sided love to be successful.
Thats why it is said that love is COMPLICATED.

Happy day…
Urs lovingly

Here I end my Os this is my treat fr my bday hope u all enjoyed it. Thankq a fr ur love n support.

My ff will be continued frm may 23rd no time dears…wt to do!! Exams!!
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    Many Many happy returns of the rosh! I just loved it! loved it to the core! Beautifully written! Amazingly awesome! ek baath kahun don’t be mad at me! just a wild guess, isme Twinkle shayad tum ho… I know I may be wrong but maine jab aise stories padhe hain tho wo aksar real life story hothi hai… and u know mera bhi may ko 2nd birthday hai tu par… but okay enough of my Bak bak! keep writing
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    First of all happy birthday dii..many many happy returns of the day..n thiw story was awesome..but for the competition i guess u would have read peiyu dii’s keeping them in mind ur marks r as follows..
    Title: 9/10
    Story: 37/40
    Understandable: 10/10
    Reader’s attention: 15/20
    Creative dialouges: 14/20
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    I thought u could have wrote more creative dialouges..but the story is amazing..hope u dont get ya!

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