Twinj: My Lifeline: Episode 33

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Twinj: My Lifeline: Episode 33

A quick recap: Kunj’s thoughts revealed. He tries to get Twinkle to speak up about the truth behind her injuries, but she doesn’t give in. Yuvi spies the farmhouse to discover Alisha’s presence there. Twinkle tries to get Kunj to speak about Alisha, but in turn he ends up apologising to her, not wanting to think about Alisha at all.

Twinkle sat in the hall of the Taneja mansion, waiting for Kunj who had told her that he would be taking her home that evening. The whole house felt empty without her, he had said. A couple of days had passed by since she had encountered Alisha, and Kunj had postponed most of his work to stay by her side all along. He had opened a little more about Alisha and his relationship in the meanwhile, strengthening Twinkle’s belief that Alisha wasn’t evil at all, it was only her fear of losing her love that was making her act strange. Usha and Manohar made sure to call her frequently, making sure she was resting and not exerting herself, Usha mainly trying to figure out if Alisha was, even if minutely, related to the issue. Chinki and Yuvi had pestered her a lot to change her perception of Alisha, they called her cruel and such, but she wouldn’t budge at all. They had, however, helped her to come up with a better explanation to tell the others, for she had tactfully managed to get the duo to promise her that they wouldn’t leave her side just yet. Leela had told Twinkle that she was really happy that Kunj and she were getting along so well, making her heart hurt a little more, for she knew it would be a terrible pain to tell Leela the truth.

Kunj had been punctual as usual, arriving at 6 sharp like he had promised. He seemed glad that he was taking her home and even if he hadn’t told her that a hundred times as he drove her home, she would have found out just by his expressions. He was bound to be relieved, she knew he had spent the last few days restlessly, but not once had he expressed the trouble to her. “The only thing that I want right now is that you recover quickly. Everything else can wait!” He had assured her when she told him that he didn’t actually have to leave his work to be by her side. She smiled as he insisted to support her as he helped her step out of the car, putting one arm around her waist and holding out the other so that she could grab it for support, bringing back memories from the time he had done that when she had sprained her ankle. Things had changed so significantly since then, she mused, greeting Usha who welcomed her warmly, making her feel more at home than ever. “Kunj, I don’t need any more rest! I’m fine, fit as a fiddle!” She protested when he strictly forbade her from doing any work for a few more days at least, and that she should stay in bed only. “Right, have you seen how weak you look!” He shot back as he proceeded to tidy the couch where he had dumped his clothes and other stuff in her absence. He wanted to clean up before he brought her home since he knew she would do it herself otherwise, but hadn’t found the time, for all his free time had been dedicated to her. “That’s not true!” She exclaimed, clearly annoyed, breaking into a giggle as he fidgeted with the clothes.

“Nope! I can handle this, Twinkle! Don’t you dare come over here!” Kunj called out from the closet when Twinkle asked him if he was sure he didn’t need any help. “That’s not fair, Kunj!” She spoke, although she was partially glad that he had finally learnt to do his work on his own; when she had tried to get him to do it previously, he had argued with silly reasons to escape the task. “As though everything you do is fair, Twinkle!” He replied, now standing at the door of the closet and watching her intently. “Like?” She challenged, looking up from the magazine she had been reading. “Like, you didn’t tell me about you and Yuvraj!” He said in a small voice, then looking guilty for bringing it up while she was left spellbound. “What about us?” She asked, still hoping he hadn’t found out. “Really? Is this how you want to have this conversation?” He questioned, giving her a bored look. “Who told you?” She whispered as he sat down beside her on the bed, trying to avoid his burning gaze. “Fine. Yes, Yuvi did have some feelings for me, but that was a thing of the past, and I don’t see why we are discussing it now.” She added when he continued staring at her without a single word. “I told you about Alisha, didn’t I? All I’m asking is why you couldn’t trust me enough to tell me this.” He teased, knowing that her not telling him wasn’t the cause of his bother, it was how supremely jealous he had been feeling ever since he had found out. “You are one to be speaking about trust!” She blurted out before she could realise, making him widen his eyes. “I’m sorry, could you repeat that?” He asked, but she denied saying anything and claimed that he was imagining things.

Kunj’s mind remained preoccupied with thoughts of Twinkle and her words as he drove to a café in town. He knew he had committed a huge mistake by helping Alisha flee, that his decision had prevented her treatment from being completed, but what he had feared most was how Twinkle would react when she found out. He was worried that she would probably not trust him anymore, and it would lead to the downfall of their relationship, which was why he hadn’t found it in him to tell her the truth. Every single time he tried to confess his mistake to her, he ended up visualising her walking away from him forever, which held him back. Nevertheless, he promised himself that he would lay everything open in front of her as soon as he got back home, because it was evident that him hiding things from her was hurting her horribly too. “Kunj!” Yuvi called out with his hand raised to help him find the table in the secluded corner where Yuvi and Chinki had been waiting for him. Of course he had been surprised when Chinki had left him a message that she had something important to tell him, but she had been persistent and they had finally decided to meet there. “Leela aunty would have found out if we met at the Taneja mansion, and at your place, Twinkle would have found out.” Yuvi explained as Kunj sat down opposite to them, glad that they had chosen a corner, lest he should have been spotted by now. He nodded quietly, unaware of how he should ask them to get to the point directly, for he didn’t want to leave Twinkle for long.

“Do you have any abandoned building or such, Kunj?” Chinki asked Kunj hesitantly after they had ordered beverages for themselves. “Do you mean something in particular?” He asked back, not sure what she actually meant. “An old farmhouse or something of the sort?” She explained, making Yuvi roll his eyes impatiently at her. Yuvi wasn’t keen about meeting Kunj and letting him know all that they had found out, since he believed that the sole cause of all of Twinkle’s troubles was Kunj himself. Kunj shifted uncomfortably in his seat as he spotted Yuvi’s expression and gulped. This made it clearer to him that Yuvi’s love for Twinkle way deeper than his own for Alisha, making his jealousy hit the roof. “Yes.” He answered simply when Chinki cleared her throat to grab his attention. “Is it really abandoned, or..” She gave him the precise location that he approved and began her next question but was cut short by Yuvi who had now lost his temper. “Do you have to beat around the bush like that?” He groaned, making Chinki respond, “Why don’t you tell him then?” Yuvi nodded and narrated to Kunj how he had found Twinkle unconscious in his farmhouse and not in the store room of the Taneja mansion like she had claimed. Kunj’s eyes widened and his face began to show clear signs of shock as he processed the information. “What was she doing there?” He asked, more of to himself than them, as he realised that it probably meant Twinkle knew about Alisha being there too; his mind never even considering the angle that Alisha might have attacked her. For all he knew, Alisha would never do something so savage. He had now begun to hate himself for hiding the truth from Twinkle. In his attempt to save their friendship and her blind faith in him, he had ended up risking her safety, and he couldn’t even face himself anymore.

Kunj found Twinkle sitting on the bed, scrolling down her social media feed when he entered their room. He walked over to her weakly, knowing that she probably hated him now and didn’t want to even see him anymore. He kneeled down on the ground beside the bed and bowed his head, surprising her. “Kunj?” She spoke, putting her legs down and kneeling down in front of him, her eyes widening when she saw the stream of tears flowing down his cheeks. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry you had to marry me, I’m sorry I was such a horrible friend, I’m sorry I hid the truth from you, I’m sorry I am this way..” He spoke in between his sobs, refusing to look up at her despite her attempts. “There isn’t anything I’ve ever valued in life as much as you, as much as this magical relationship we have, and the minute Alisha spoke of coming back, of her and me resuming whatever had broken off between us, I knew that things would no longer be the same. I knew that meant I would lose you and I didn’t want to! Not for the world! If I had told you that she was out of the rehab facility, you would have definitely stepped back and made way for her. You’ve always cared for me more than yourself after all. I thought I would find some other way around this problem soon, but I failed! I don’t know how you might have doubted of her presence there, I’m sure you must have gone to investigate for yourself when you must have injured yourself. All this boils down to just one fact, that your troubles begin and end with me. I’m so sorry I was so selfish! I just didn’t want to part ways with you..” He spoke, not even trying to hold back his tears anymore. It was clear from his words, his only concern was that he didn’t want to lose her, even if that meant he was lying to Alisha or keeping Alisha away. She felt moved by his sentiment. So what if he didn’t love her, she still meant the world to him, what else could she ask for? She realised that he hadn’t known that it was Alisha herself who had attacked her but she thought that wasn’t as important right now.

Kunj thought he had lost Twinkle when she simply blinked at him for a few minutes, so her tight hug that followed came as a surprise. “I understand Kunj, I’m your best friend after all. If I don’t understand, who else will?” She spoke, her voice heavy with emotions. He tightened the hug, if that was possible that is, repeatedly murmuring apologies. “It’s alright. I’m right here, see? There is no way you could lose me! Nothing could ever change what’s between us, I promise. This is forever!” She whispered and he nuzzled his nose in the crook of her neck as he let out a sigh of relief, sending a chill down her spine, causing goosebumps to erupt on her skin. He ran his fingers through her hair gently, causing a sensation that she was afraid would drive her crazy. She was sure that he had no idea of the havoc he wreaking in her senses but what worried was that she might get carried away. He pulled back and looked at her, trying to find the right words to express his gratitude, but he failed and thus let his eyes do the talking. “I know!” She assured him, pulling him back to herself, both of them finding the solace that they had no idea was missing from them.

That’s it for now, guys. I hope Kunj’s reasons for hiding his deeds from Twinkle are now clear. Also, if there are any of you out there, who are new and want to read my older stories, I’ve written two seasons of ‘When I Fell For You’, and a short stint called  ‘It’s Always Been You’, do check them out. Lots of love!

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