Twinj: My Lifeline: Episode 32


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Twinj: My Lifeline: Episode 32

A quick recap: Yuvi rescues Twinkle and brings her to the Taneja mansion, where she spins up a story on how she got injured. Kunj finds out about Yuvi’s unrequited love and the possibility that Twinkle was attacked. He then goes to speak to Twinkle, but neither of them reveals the truth to each other.

 Kunj sat down on the couch opposite to Twinkle’s bed with a thud. He didn’t know what to do or how to feel anymore. Yuvi’s confession of love for Twinkle echoed in his ear and he feared losing her more than ever. He wondered if Twinkle was deprived of a better chance at life because she had married him. Perhaps she would have been way happier if she had married Yuvi, he loved her so much after all. He let the tears flow freely now as he told himself that he did not deserve her, he did not deserve her care and concern for him, he did not deserve her selflessness. He cursed himself mentally for destroying her life when he was already in love with Alisha, which reminded him of how Alisha had begged of him to take her along when she had asked to speak to him in private when he had visited her with Twinkle. No amount of persuasion had seemed to be sufficient to convince her. He had assured her that he would do something about it and walked off, never bringing that up in front of Twinkle for he didn’t want to bother her more with his troubles. She had done a brilliant job of handling him, his family and so many of his problems already after all. Alisha had called him up a couple of days later, after he had dropped off Twinkle at Leela’s place, sounding extremely angry. She had told him to get her out of the rehab facility by evening else she would jump off the tallest building in the compound, asking him if he didn’t love her enough to fulfil a small wish of hers. He had tried his best to convince her, to come up with some way out of the mess but had failed miserably, which was when he had run to find Twinkle. Finding no other go, he had finally helped Alisha sneak out and arranged for her to live in the Sarnas’ old farmhouse that nobody went to anymore, managing to convince her that if she was seen in public, she would be dragged back into the rehab facility.

Twinkle isn’t like that, Kunj’s mind reminded him, just thinking of her causing warmth to spread in him. He didn’t want to lose her at any cost, but he knew that Alisha coming out meant Twinkle would have to leave. He recalled Yuvi and Chinki explaining the truth of Yuvi’s love for Twinkle and her rejection that had happened just before Usha had brought Kunj’s alliance for her. He had quickly dismissed their seemingly endless talk, citing that this wasn’t the right time to be discussing things like that, so that he could hide the pain that this truth had inflicted upon him. He hated that Yuvi had reached Twinkle when she was injured way before he had, and that Yuvi had gotten to speak to the doctor and not him. She was his wife, his best friend, wasn’t she? Twinkle’s change in behaviour towards him hadn’t gone unnoticed by him. He didn’t know why it was, but it had caused him its own share of pain. Now that he came to think of it, he realised that if at all Twinkle was attacked, it was entirely his fault too, since it was impossible that someone should have enmity on her, but it could have been someone’s attempt to extract revenge from him. He wished she would reveal the truth to him quickly, but now it seemed like she wouldn’t speak up until he did.

When Twinkle opened her eyes the next morning, they landed on the love of her life who had managed to fall asleep on the couch with his legs awkwardly folded since it was too small for him. For a moment, she forgot the whirlpool of pain and suffering that she was stuck in the middle of and admired him, her heart beating wildly as she thought of how great he looked all the time. She smiled to herself, sighing at the idea of how much he cared for her, it somehow seemed to overpower all the anger and deceit she had felt until the previous night. She heard the door open with a click and saw him sit up abruptly, which was when she decided to close her eyes and pretend to be asleep, not yet prepared to face him despite what her heart craved for. She heard Leela speaking in whispers to Kunj, and him assuring her something in return in an equally lowered voice before Leela walked away. A minute later he was back by her side, waking her up with gentle utterances of her name. She gradually opened her eyes after he had carried out a few attempts, and he helped her sit up. “Good morning. Slept well?” He asked warmly and she nodded, at which he continued, “I would have let you sleep for some more time, but Leela Ma had come in just now, and she told me to wake you up so that you could take your medicines on time.” She quietly nodded to that as well, trying her best not to show signs of pain on her face, since for some reason, her wounds hurt her worse than before even with the slightest movement. Kunj figured that she was probably in no mood to speak and left her in Chinki’s care, promising her that he would be back soon, and she should freshen up by then.

“But why did you let Yuvi go there?” Twinkle asked angrily when Chinki told her that Yuvi had gone back to the place where they had found Twinkle unconscious to find out whatever she had been hiding from them. “Do you not realise what a foolish decision that is?” She added, pushing Chinki’s hand off her when she tried to say something convincing. “And why is that, Twinkle? Do you think someone might attack him as well?” Chinki shot back, making Twinkle look up in shock. “Alisha is there, isn’t she?” Chinki asked again, throwing her off guard. She then told Twinkle how Yuvi had thought he had seen a woman hide behind a carton when he had burst into that place, but had dismissed the idea since he thought it was more important to get Twinkle out of there right then. It hadn’t taken Chinki too long to guess who it might have been, and Yuvi’s sting operation in the farmhouse that morning had proved her right. Twinkle had just finished explaining the ordeal to Chinki and requested, or rather begged to make sure nobody else found out, since she was worried that one mistake on their part would ruin any possibility of Kunj reuniting with his love, when Kunj walked in, announcing “Breakfast!” with as bright a smile as he could put on, his sleep deprived eyes a clear hindrance. Chinki blinked at Twinkle assuringly and headed out after giving Kunj a strange look, wondering how he had got so lucky that someone loved him selflessly enough to make any number of sacrifices for his happiness.

“Wait! Let me help you with that!” Kunj offered when he saw Twinkle wincing in pain as she lifted the spoon. “No, that’s absolutely alright!” She replied, but he wouldn’t listen and she had to give in. She tried to keep her eyes off his though, not wanting to get lost in them, lest she should get diverted. “Kunj, have you spoken to Alisha recently?” She asked hesitantly midway through him feeding her as he turned to get her a glass of water. He turned back swiftly and looked at her with widened eyes, wondering if she was actually asking him the question or if she already knew. “Not really. I told you we had that argument the other day, didn’t I?” He answered, stammering as he thought of the right words. She nodded; how was she supposed to concentrate when he was so close to her that her mind subconsciously desired for a warm hug instead? “Ever since I met her at the rehab facility the other day, I’ve been thinking that a few more days there and she’ll have fully recovered.” She began again, mustering every ounce of courage in her. He furrowed his eyebrows as he tried to understand her concerns, observing that she had said ‘a few more days there’, implying she assumed Alisha was still in the rehab centre. “Don’t you think you should tell her about us, I mean, this marriage now? I know, I know it’s going to be really hard for both of you, but she’ll be more hurt is she finds out from elsewhere, Kunj!” She spoke, trying to sound convincing as he jumped up at the suggestion.

Twinkle watched Kunj carefully as he thought over it. Alisha would definitely not understand was all he could conclude from any number of musings he had tried. “Kunj, the two of you love each other, and it’s extremely important to be honest to the person you love so that you could always trust each other.” Twinkle spoke, wanting to try again but was cut short when he put away the now forgotten plate and placed his hands on her cheeks gently. “Twinkle, I did not want to do anything wrong, but I was under so much pressure, I had no idea how I could resolve the problem. I’m so sorry I hid such a big issue from you, I know I shouldn’t be keeping things from you!” He opened up finally, pouring out his sentiments, for his heart had directly gone to her when she had talked about the person he loved, not once thinking of Alisha, and he hadn’t even realised it. “Would you forgive me, please?” He asked, adding to her surprise, but she recovered quickly. As much as she loved him, she knew that if he didn’t speak up to Alisha right away their relationship would be permanently severed and she would have nobody but herself to blame for it. “If I was in Alisha’s place? I wouldn’t.” She answered, a tear rolling down her cheek. He wiped it away immediately and leaned in to rest his forehead on hers as both of them shut their eyes, making the task at hand even more difficult for her. “I want you to forgive me for not being honest, Twinkle! Just let her be for a minute!” He protested, his voice low as she felt his breath fanning on her face. “How could we let her be, Kunj? It is she who matters. The most!” Twinkle was sobbing as she finished her statement, and was surprised to see tears roll down Kunj’s cheek as well. “You are important, Twinkle! Besides, it was you who understood my hopeless situation back then, when she definitely wouldn’t!” He said weakly, holding back his desire to say ‘most important’, hating that he had to pick a side; somehow he couldn’t bring himself to think of Alisha right then, no matter how much Twinkle tried to lead his thoughts that way.

“Twinkle, Usha aunty’s call for you..” Yuvi’s words trailed in the air as he entered Twinkle’s room and saw Twinkle and Kunj so close to each other; his breath hitched at the sight. They separated immediately and he pretended that he hadn’t noticed anything as he came forward to hand her the phone. She noticed the awkward exchange of greeting between Yuvi and Kunj as she spoke to Usha, assuring her that she was alright. What was up between these two? All she could think of was how something or the other always became a hindrance to her conversations with Kunj recently, now that she had fought her emotions, circumstances seemed to have taken up that responsibility.

That’s it for now, guys. Hope you liked it! I assure you all that the next episode will bring new hope and light to the story, please bear with me till then. Lots of love!!  

  1. Amazing
    Loved it
    Is twinkle still thinking alisha is so
    Good and love kunj , hope usha knows and tells twinkle everything about her.
    Will be waiting next

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much Melody! Twinkle is, as a matter of fact, still worrying about Kunj and Alisha, which isn’t good for her, I know. Hoping for the best! Next episode out soon!!

  2. Hey, i really love your story and i just want you to post this story everyday because i actually can’t wait for so long because i really love this story and the way you express everything. Although i am also hoping for a few jealously scenes, some anger scenes between the two of them which will ultimately bring the two of them closer after the fight( for eg- if twinkle showered her disappointment kunj should just hug her or maybe kiss her) and a bit more intimate scenes.
    Really Love this and your way of writing. Great work mate !!!

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Hello! It’s always fantastic to hear from newer people. Thank you so much! I do post as frequently as I can, and I will try to make it a daily basis one, although it’s a little difficult, considering the amount of time that goes into writing each episode. I think that’s a brilliant idea, we will be seeing Twinj grow closer, but in accordance with the plot, since otherwise it’ll just not be the same. Thanks again, stay tuned!

  3. Awesome epi….. will be waiting for nxt

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much! Next episode out soon!

  4. Awesome..shot ..
    Luved it

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you Yashika!!

  5. Presha

    I really dont know what i should say !!!
    Twinkle , kunj and yuvi all the three of them are fighting there own battle !!!
    Its hurts to see them like that especially Twinj!!!!

    How kunj thought he didn’t deserve twinkle !!!

    And twinkle trying to cope up with her own emotions !!!!

    Yuvi’s reaction on seeing twinj close whatever it is but he loved her truly !!!

    Chinki is also right on her own place , she has already warned twinkle of the future when she agreed to marry kunj despite knowing abt alisha !!!!

    And when finally tried to tell twinkle abt the Fiasco again they were disturbed !!!

    Well loved it !!
    Post soon!!
    Lots of love ❤️

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Hey Preshu!! Thank you so much! I’m glad you all could finally see through the confusion that Kunj’s behaviour had brought about. Kunj seems to be realising Twinkle’s value lately, and Yuvi has already had too much to suffer, this is only adding to it. There was a reason why things weren’t discussed in this episode, you’ll know real soon and hope you’ll like it. Next episode out soon. More love!!

  6. Williams gift

    Awesome I really like this ff pls post soon

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you! The next episode will be out soon!

  7. I love the episode ? , it was really emotional for me . Their conversation nd all. I m happy that atleast kunj realised that twinkle is important for him ?.

    Both are sad struggling with their own problems ?
    Nd i find this very nice how u show that kunj thinks that twinkle deserves a better life if she was not with him , nd appreciate yuvraj ‘s effort to know about the person behind twinkle state , he genuinely loves her .
    Twinkle is so selfless yrr not even for a single second she think about herself , she constantly think nd worried about kunj bd ready to sacrifice everything for him ? .
    Kunj is really lucky in that case ?.

    Till now u have got the idea of how much i love this story ?
    Will be waiting for the next part … post super soon nd tc ?

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Hey Riya! I absolutely love it when you leave a long comment, expressing your views on the episode, which I really missed in the last episode. Thank you so much!! I’m so glad that you liked the way the rise and fall of emotions were depicted, it’s been a challenge honestly. I also agree that Kunj is extremely lucky, because you’ll see even in the upcoming episodes that Twinkle’s love for him knows absolutely no bounds. Yes, I did, and I am so grateful! Next episode out soon. Take care!!

  8. Oh god.. I am actually speechless RN. It was so heart whelming. It felt so relaxing knowing kunj’s side of story. He is also undergoing his own share of misery. Coming to think of it he is so messed up between his feelings. Always others know what they are up to or what their course of action should be bit he is just stuck he would never want to leave twinkle and is unsure of things with Alisha. I loved how you portrayed it all. Loads of love!

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Hi Vags!! Thank you so much! This episode was a challenging one to write as well, so it feels great when I get to see you pointing out the little details and appreciating it. Kunj is stuck right now, I agree, but I’m hoping he’ll catch up soon 😛 More love!!

  9. Really nice shot
    Loving it a lot

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you!! I’m so glad.

  10. Vibhu

    Ohhh.. kunj was just about to confess everything. ?
    This awkwardness between kunj and Yuvi is going to be tough for Twinkle.
    And … Chinki knows the truth. ? I hope she and Yuvi teach Alisha a good lesson.
    And this stupid ? kunj … What rubbish is he thinking now, that twinkle isn’t happy wuth him. I hope he doesn’t turn into Daanveer Karn and think of sacrificing his love for twinkle for her happiness ???, quite similar to what twinkle is doing. ??
    Post next part soon.

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Hey Vibhu!! I know righttt..! But Kunj revealing everything to Twinkle is coming up soon, and it’s one of my favourite scenes, hope you’ll like it too! I won’t tell you what Chinki and Yuvi will do though, you’ll discover that on the longer run. 😛 Uh-oh, you’ve called my hero stupid again? :'( That’s alright, you’ll take it back soon, I’m sure 😉 Now that raises an interesting question : What kind of a romantic is Kunj, the sacrificing type, or the I’ll do anything but let you go type? We’ll see! Next episode out soon!

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