TWINJ: WHEN I MET YOU (SHOT 06) – Last shot

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Twinkle was all numb for a while when he said those words.
It’s not the first time she heard someone saying this to her, many times, many random people said those words to her which had not more than a lust in it.

His words echoed in her head and heart, for the first time she felt a different feeling listening to it but she can’t help it anyway other than sighing.

She looked at him, who was so eager to hear her response moreover he seemed quite confident.

‘What made you say so? Are you fine?’ She said quite casually which boggled him.
‘Can you answer me atleast this time rather asking back a question?’ He scoffed seriously.
‘Why can’t you do the same?’ She mocked back.
‘Huh,’ He sighs ‘Okay, I am fine and I really do love you….now can you answer?’ He added.
‘Are you serious? You had a breakup little long ago,’ she tried to divert him.

‘Twinkle,I know you love me too’

Don’t imagine things,kunj’

I am not imagining moreover everything is crystal clear between us’

Don’t be so dumb!!’

What made you say that?’

‘I am speaking the truth orelse
How can you confess like this, you barely know me,’

‘I need not to’


‘Do you like me or not?’

‘I do like you but…’

‘Then what else?

‘I don’t want to tell you about it now’

‘ Why so?’

‘Its just that’s it’

‘Why are you being like this?’

‘I am being myself’

‘Why are you so mysterious?’

‘I am not’

‘Can you end up this  one word dramas for a while? I am asking you something’

‘I told you that there is nothing like that between us’

‘No,you are lying’

I am not’

‘I can see that’

‘Can you please stop being like this, kunj?’

‘Only if you answer me’

‘Its not love…you are just being infatuated’

‘Do you think I am that much immature?’

You should know that coz it’s not your first time’

‘Its true that I am being attracted to you but I am damn sure it’s not physical’

‘Love is  just nothing more that getting physical

‘Mine is not lust, I have better plans with you or should I say I wanna marry you’

His one after one confession made her soo happy infact this was the very first time in her life that one person was promising her not just the happiness of life but also surrendering himself and his love to her till the end.

But destiny is more cruel than anything, with all her heart even though she wanted to accept him because the feelings were mutual even from the very moment they met, she can’t help it out or accept him and his love to surrender herself to turn their most beautiful feelings into mutual relationship.

She chose to break the glass before it pierce him deep inside.
It’s was her time to unveil the darkest secrets of her’s and put a fullstop for all this ever-lasting dreams which can never be true.

‘Are you sure about marrying a  pr**t*t**e?’

‘What?’ He has no further words to speak and his voice chocked and was no more audible.

‘Yes I am the one’ she said as the tears started running out of her eyes crying for her ill-fate.

Silence filled the gaps of secrets revealed and the questions unveiled were finally answered by precious tears.

‘Say….that you….. were kiddingHe begged with his chocked voice.

‘Hope I was but no…it’s the reality,kunj. When I was 6 my parents died in an plane crash and after that I was bought up by my uncle, who took away all the property and at the end sent me to his friend’s place in the name of education and as I came to Bombay I learnt that he sold me for money, my life was completly a hell moreover love,marraige and family are the word that are like a bright sky for me which I can see but can’t get even if I wish it with my whole heart so that’s why I am saying you we are poles apart to come together.’

She wasn’t able to handle the silence as it was the best come worst moment for her as she too loved him after seeing his true love for her. Even though she was not like normal other girls, she had a heart which always longed for love and it reciprocated when she met him.

‘You may leave now’ she said holding up her tears as he slowly stood up and started to move out dragging away his feet all the way back,lost somewhere.

She saw him leaving silently with tears and he disappeared closing the door behind her face.

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    Superb ❤️❤️
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    Emotional but really amazing shot

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    Rosh!!!! What on Earth!!!! This was what I feared most… I can’t believe Kunj’s love isn’t strong enough to overcome all these differences…. That’s a really unfortunate end…. I thought we would get a lovely, warm happy ending, you know, like eternal love.. but surprise!!! I totally loved it!!! Fantastic!

  9. hawww sad ending
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  10. u end it so soon!sad ending
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