Twinj: Meant to be – Introduction

Greetings all you lovely people!! I would like to thank you all wholeheartedly for bestowing ‘My Lifeline’ with so much love, and for trusting me with the story even in its hardest times. To be very honest, the story’s ending has left a weird kind of void in my heart, one that will probably never be filled. And I know, even before I write a single word of this new story that this is not that one. It’ll not be the same. But I make an attempt nevertheless, keeping my hopes high. Fingers crossed! 

Twinj: Meant to be – Introduction 
P.S. This won’t be a regular introduction, it’ll rather be like a few sneak peeks into what we’ll be anticipating in the story. This is NOT the beginning of the story. Happy reading! 
“She runs a café!” Yuvi – Yuvraj Luthra – exclaimed excitedly, hoping that would impress his listeners, but it didn’t seem to impact them much, at least until the lady of the house had experienced for herself the magic that Twinkle Taneja was, and now agreed with Yuvi more than she had on any issue ever. And he couldn’t be happier. He had come across Twinkle’s small but cozy and welcoming café accidentally a couple of years ago, just when she had started off. She had managed to impress him with her food and the warmth the café offered – ‘It is almost home!’ as Yuvi would say – on his first visit there. Just like she had impressed several others. And needless to say, her café had soon grown, becoming very popular as the months passed by quickly. 
Yuvi had befriended Twinkle enough by this point to become the most frequent visitor to the café, and although she was initially very cold and reserved, she had grown habituated to his presence soon enough. It would be an outright lie to claim she didn’t like him hanging out there so much. He was probably the only customer who got to have access to her kitchens – ‘Leave your footwear outside, Yuvraj! And please wear the chef’s hat!’ she would say, added to ‘Keep your hands out of the food, Yuvi!’ – not that he minded though. He had always thought she was a really nice person, and that she deserved the best in the world.  
Of course, Twinkle had only dropped her guard and let him in on her biggest secret less than a year ago, when he had found her sniffling in a dark corner of the café by herself. It was also then that he had figured out that all her anger, rare but still prominent indecisiveness, her strong will to make it in that very cruel world that had tested her time again was all justified. And so, no matter what he said to himself and the world, Twinkle had quickly made a significant place for herself in his mind and being, and any day spent without checking in on her had begun to bother him. Which finally brought him to this decision, as a matter of fact. 
Twinkle however, spoke of the people in her life very rarely, on even lesser occasions than a blue moon. He knew very little about her family, her boyfriend – if she had one now, that is – or her friends. And from what he had figured out about her so far, she didn’t have any of the latter. Perhaps her unwillingness to bond with people led to that. Aditi though, was an exception. And their rapport had shocked Yuvi when he had spotted them giggling about some silly thing one day. Now Aditi was an exceptional person herself, a surprise of sorts, an unbelievably renowned doctor just two years into her career. But Yuvi knew for a fact that he had no reason to be jealous of her, Twinkle had only trusted him with her situation after all. He knew, and had seen for himself as she crumbled every single time that she was forced to put up with it all again, that she was incredible at jumping back, and he was simply in awe of her. 
Yuvi had a dear friend of his own though, one that he considered family. One that was family, who am I kidding. Yuvi practically lived at his friend’s home, the latter’s family was as fond of the him as their own son. It was this relationship that Yuvi had valued most in his life until some time ago when another came close in competition. He knew though, that one would never outweigh the other, and he had every intention to let both coexist. And for his friend, he could go any extent, especially if that meant it would bring his friend happiness. 

That pretty much sums up Yuvraj Luthra and Twinkle Taneja. Fiercely loyal to all that they held close to their hearts, be it people, or belongings. While the former warms up to people easily, the latter finds it equally hard.   

Kunj Sarna was the exact opposite of Twinkle Taneja. He had had a peaceful life, one that anyone would kill for. His most prized possession was his family, his business probably came up as a close runner up. He knew there was evil in the world, he was no novice. But it was only when the whirlwind that entered his life one fine day with no hints beforehand at all that he was forced to face it, deal with it himself and help out the one that was stuck in the same that he found him staring into the eyes of trouble, of misfortune. And this challenge proved to be harder than he could have ever imagined, even his business skills that had quickly made him a sought-after tycoon proved useless there after all. 
Kunj Sarna. Firm believer in the goodness of the world. As kind and humble as can be. Never once heard of getting angry or shouting at people, except for within his cabin when someone messed up really bad. Also, did I mention Mrs. Usha Sarna and Mr. Manohar Sarna have been looking for a suitable bride for their boy? 
That’s it for now, guys. I’m really not sure if the introduction let you in on much of the story, but I hope that’ll be enough to help you all decide if or not you want to read it, because only then will I post it. Looking forward to hearing from you all. Also, I’ve intentionally kept some characters under the cover, they’ll be revealed by and by. Much love! 
  1. Presha

    This seems to be a different concept.
    I haven’t read something of this sort before from all the numerous books i have read over the last few years.

    Well I’m totally into this story and looking forward to read more of it.

    Post soon
    Take care
    Lots of love ❤️

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Hey Presh!! It feels strangely homely to hear from you, as though it would mean much lesser otherwise, you know I love you. Thank you for being encouraging and supportive yet again. I really hope this story too manages to make a little place of itself in your heart some day. Until then I’m content with trying my best. The prologue is on its way, stay tuned. Take care! More love!!

  2. Hey Ananya this seems amazing + i have full faith in you 💓.
    You are such an amazing writer..i love reading your stories 💓
    And i m excited for this one too
    I read My lifeline to which was something else 🤩… sorry for not commenting regularly i felt bad seriously becz obviously that is the only way to support & tell you how much I love your work ..but trust me i admire you the most 😊

    And M so happy you are back 💥
    You are gonna rock it againnnnn 😉
    The concept is different & its a twinj story what else we need 😂…chlo now start posting it can’t wait now 😬
    Once again sorry & thanku 😘💓

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Hello Riya!! I had begun to think I would never get to hear from you again, which was really saddening, because I knew how much you loved ‘My Lifeline’. But I’m glad you got back, the delay doesn’t matter now. Thank you so much for retaining your faith in me, you know that it means so much to me. I hope this story will not disappoint you in any manner. I’m eagerly waiting to get this started too, so it’ll happen real soon. The prologue is awaiting you all. Stay tuned, lots of love!

  3. This seems quite interesting….it feels gud to see you back again…
    Go for it girl…

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much, Yashika!! I hope the story will be received with as much love and appreciation that you all have to offer! Stay tuned

  4. Seems interesting

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thanks Tiya, stay tuned!

  5. It sounds different
    I’m excited

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      Thanks Arin! Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  6. Intresting plot
    Excited much

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      Thanks Arohi!! I’m super excited too!

  7. Ohhh gosh!! Can’t explain how much happy I am right now!! And there’s total thumbs up from me for this story!! I trust you on ypur stories and I know that you’ll always right the best and different!! So I’m realllyy looking forward to this story!! So just update fastttt really fast, I can’t wait to read more!!
    Lots of love ❤️

    1. Also I think there’s been some problem in the email address that you sent me bcoz when I was trying to mail you, I couldn’t mail you because your email address couldn’t be found!

    2. Ananya_DSK

      Hello Anya!! I might have said thank you to you many times over the last couple of days, but here’s another, for having immense faith in me and my work. This story is really special for several reasons, and I really hope it does well enough to stand up to your expectations, and that it doesn’t disappoint you. The prologue is queued, will be out in a few minutes from now, will be waiting to hear your take on it. Stay tuned, much love!!

    3. Ananya_DSK

      P.S. I’m super glad I got to connect with you, it’s always a nice experience, and really special too!

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      Me too, Melody!

  9. Vibhu

    Ohh yaayyy, Is this the surprise you’re talking about?
    I’m damn happy to see you backkk!!
    I thought we’ll have wait for long.
    This is very interesting ❤️🤗
    I’m excited to read this more
    Though, I’m a little confused with a few things. But I’m sure it’ll be clear when I’ll read the first few chapters 🤗🤗
    Post soon 😘

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Hey Vibhu! The surprise hasn’t been mentioned explicitly yet, so you might have to wait a little more to find out what it exactly is, but here’s a hint – it’s a suggestion you had made some time ago and I had promised to include it even if not right then. Umm, no, I can’t stay away from you all for too long either 😛 Thank you so much! I’m really excited too! Yes, things will clear out slowly, I promise. Stay tuned!

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      Thanks Pragati!

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      Yayy! Yes Ashi, the prologue will be out real soon!

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