Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love(53)

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Twinkle’s POV–
Everything seems to be so good these days.. after my accident i have noticed the behaviour of everyone has changed .. now sid is no more sadu.. he is sometimes sweet, sometimes cute..
n yes caring too.. he cares for me too much, no no not only me but everyone.. but that doesnt mean we have stopped fighting.. no not at all, even our knok jhok have increased manifold..
u know my one secret.(wink) i na.. like to irritatehim so much.. when he makes frustating face na.. i like him that way but sometimes(sad) he become soo rude.. but i like his rude side too.. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

n the best part is my family sid mahi n uv jiju have mingled with my family as his own.. few times to even i got doubt that they are much close with maa than me.. but mahi cleared my confusion.. u know she is soo sweet..
if i would have any sister na.. she would be like her only..
(fleeing sad) n u know one secret i didnt tell anyone.. about my FAMILY.. i came across a very big secret on my wedding day when i went to my parents to tell them that i m not ready for marriage.. but i after listening about their talks ..
i couldnt give them any stress when they are already in soo much stress.. n that day i came to know that i have AN ELDER SISTER..(sobbing) yes.. i was also shocked but i was helpless i couldnt ask them anything.. they are also worried abutmy future..
n the next day of my marriage only.. i lost my family.. i dont know where are they?? are they ok or not?? but see my helplessness.. i cant even contact them or i dont know abt ther whereabouts.. all i can do is to miss them n cry remembering my happy life with them..
i swear when i will come to know about the destroyer of my family na.. i will not leave themm.. i will surely gonna teach them a good lesson..(crying badly)

i was in my thoughts when my room’s got got open suddenly n sid popped up.. i was in tears.. seeing him i quickly wiped my tears so that he couldnt notice but … he noticed n he even panicked seeing me crying ..
he hurriedly came towards me n cupped my face n started apologising for the morning incident of shouting..
but little did he know? that i m not crying fr that..
sid- hey!! twinkle… hey hey why r u crying?? see tw.. i m really very sorry for the morning.. plz plz dont cry.. i cant see my sherni like this bhigi billi.. (i passed him dearth glare for calling me that)
see here.. pointing to the table where he placed the gifts for me.. for apologising..
I to never mind that aftsr he came back of me n saved me from getting into any problem.. but i showed him my tashn n asked him to do something special for me…
n yeh.. see he is here with my favourate flowers orchids n a box full of chocolates.. n yeah mikki mouse teady bear.. have i ever told u i m in loveee with mikki mouse.. i smiled in between tears seeing mikki n without replying to what he is saying i grabbed mikki n hugged it..
i even forgot that i was crying .. but u know.. his face was worth watching.. aww.. he was looking cute with that experssion..
i love his these expression….
k- hey!! (rolling his eyes..) unbelievable.. u r such a kiddo.. sometime before u were crying n now ?? u r hugging this mikki mouse.. seriously unbelieveble.. (in mind) haye!! kaash m iss mikki ki jageh hota..
I showed him ‘whatever’ wala look n got busy in eating chocolates..
i was seriously busy in my own world when i came in senses listening to ‘click’ sound..
then i saw he toook my pic n was laughing like hell..
me- haye sadu.. its wrong taking girl’s pic without her permission..

He was still laughing seeing that.. i got irritated n peeped in his mobile.. n i was like what the!!
my face is fully covered with chocolate on n my nose is shrugged like a small kid.. n he was laughing at ,my this pic..
me- hey sadu! (warning) just delete the pic otherwise..
k- otherwise what?? ha ha.. kya karogi tum..
me- m.. m .. m bhot maarungi tumhe.. give me the damn phone..(i was hell angry uptill now)
k- ha ha.. look syappa queen!! u r looking so cute in this pic… wait i will show it to maa n mahi..
me- how dare u??
i know u r joking na.. u wont show it to anybody na..( innocently fear)
k- why not??
haww!! how can he say soo..
k- this is my key.. now u see.. i will upload ur this pic on fb n will tag u..
me- haww!! NOO u cant do this..
saying this i started chasing him …
vo aage aage n m peeche piche..
i thew everthing on him whatever comes in my way.. pillow, flowers..(haw.. i wasted my favourate flowers on him) n at last i caught him at the end of bed..
suddenly we lost balance n he fall down on bed .. me on top of him…
we remained like that for sometime.. i dont know what happened to me that time.. i was lost in his eyes.. n was just watching him.. i also dont know what i felt at that time..
but all i can say is.. that the feeling was so different.. i felt like heaven in his arms..
oh god !! what i m saying? no this cant be done..
suddenly he broke the silence n got up n went towards door .. i can feel he was also feeling akward.. but before leaving the room he again shiw me the photo n started running laughin..
me- no.. sid!! i m telling u this wont be good..
the awkward vanished from my heart.. nut still i think i feel something for him.. may be i like him..
(sad) but no.. this is not true.. how can i have any feelings for him..
i m married n i cant think like this for him..(realising this a tear escaped from her eyes)
but i m thinking.. what is wrong in this.. he is a nice guy n why i m thinking about my so cold HUSBAND when he himself left me our wedding day itself..
(determined) i will never forgive him.. never ever.. shuch a cheap person.. if he was not interested in marriage, he should not have agreed but no.. he he ruined my life.. i will never forgiv him..(crying)
why m i even crying for such a person who dont even care??
yes.. i also dont care.. I DONT CARE..

hello frnds..
hows the episode..
tell me about ur views..
waiting for ur comments..

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  1. Kritika14

    It was amazing! Do post the next one soon! x

  2. Aanya_pandey

    That was so good..the emotions u wrote were jst too good in d epi

  3. SidMin

    Loved the episode but a bit sad Twinkle feels so bad about her so called husband but its good that she has started feeling something for Kunj πŸ™‚
    Post soon πŸ™‚
    Love you πŸ™‚

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing emotional epi…

  5. Hey Mona I was so happy seeing ur ff…as usual the episode is so good…last episode Kunj’s POV and this episode twinkle’s POV…I so loved both the POVs…Ur ff is getting more and more interesting by each and every episode…the way Kunj apologized twinkle was so sweet TwiNj nokh jhok was so cute…felt bad for twinkle…twinkle is so determined that she won’t forgive her so called husband…when she will get to know Sid is her husband don’t know how she will react…I’m damn excited for the upcoming dramas…dear plzzzzzzzz try posting next episode as soon as possible…

    #love ❀❀

  6. Hey monaaa awesome amazing fabulous episode just loved it twinj moments r tooooo cuteeeee just super bt I feel really bad fr twinkle yr n I hope mahi is her sis loved it plsss asap

  7. Sohi

    Wow the scenes were cute and I am damn sure that mahi is her sister but one question what has happened to twinkles family and I remember twinkle has one brother what is his name do continue and post soon

  8. dreamer...arundhati

    Mona… Superb epi

  9. Wow amazingggg ??.. twinkle’s pov was superb.. loved it.. don’t know how she will react when when she comes to know that sid is her husband.. eagerly waiting for the next ❀❀

  10. Chiku

    Wowwww its amazing ???lovely
    Post next soon

  11. Rashiverma2199

    Awesome episode monaaa,…..lovely…..

  12. Awesome episode .. keep going!!

  13. Awesome episode .. keep going!! Can’t wait for the next episode!!

  14. Baby

    Hey monnaa di the episode was awesome and I guess this she was the one because of whom uv had to take sooo much upon him I don’t know please tell am I right well the episode di it was beautiful hahahaaa twinjs fight and twinkle’s face after having a chocolate loved d epsidoe soooo much it was beautifully scripted ☻☻β™₯β™₯β™₯☻☻ by u ofcorse hehe srsly di u nailed it loved it to eternity it was sooooo cute n di i think twinkle is aadit’s chahi not maasi n di srsly in 2 episoe i felt soo connected to aadit that since two episodes u didnt mentioned him naa soo m feeling restless it was beautiful episodes di pls mere guesses ke baare mien batana zarroorr…..☻☻β™₯β™₯β™₯☻☻loved d episode to core awesome di
    post nxt asap☻☻β™₯β™₯☻☻
    love u lods di☻β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯☻☻

  15. Awesome

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