Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (Epilogue)

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Hey gys.. EPILOGUE is here… ENJOY.. ??

After 2 Months:

Everybody was happy with the new found happiness in the family..

Ali-ran were shifted to landon to handle the business there which uv started there.. As uv need to see the business in india and kunj has his own company to look after.. Manohar was given permanent retirement by his 3 sons.. (including karan) as he need to take a lott of rest to be fit n fine again.. Twinkle being doc is taking care of manohar at home only along with her hospital which kunj bought on her name..

Due to all these responsibilities , they couldnt move for their honeymoon in last 2 months.. (Ali-Ran were already celebrating their honeymoon everyday being away from family from last month)

But usha along with mahii were on mission to make them look red tomatoes.. (ofcourse by their teasing session)

Dinning table:

All were eating and chitchatting but the kids didn’t like elders attention on something else.. so they were doing their antics to grab their attention .. everybody laughed seeing their jealousy..

Twinkle was helping kids with the food.. which they were not eating and making her run behind them by their antics ..

Seeing trio like this usha said:

Usha- See she is already doing practice to handle kids so it wont be problem for her later.. (laughing)

Twinkle listened and started blushing their comments about children..

Kunj fake coughed to make her realise what elders are expecting from them.. Twinkle blushed more sensing his teasings..

Mahui- ohho.. deverji… what happened.. u r soo eager for the child haa..?? (teasing)

Now its kunj turn to get embarrased..

Usha- (sensing both of them getting red being shy.. diverted the talks but for her own benefit) Are twinkle.. make them eat fast n come back to have ur breakfast.. (twinkle nooded)  Are bhai.. look at urself, u are soo weak.. Dont u both wanna give me grandchildren.. (Twinj again blushed sensing her teasings)

twinkle- (chided) maa..

Usha- are! what maa?? come fast here n have ur breakfst so that u came fit n fine and i want my grandchildren to be red red , tomato like.. chubby baby.. thats possible only when u will be chubby..

Twinkle turned red n felt embarrased..

Sensing their teasings, kunj ran making execuses of office leaving twinkle alone to handle them.. Everybody laughed..


After few months:

Twinj room:

Kunj- Twinkle??

Twinkle- hmm..(busy in front of mirror applying lotion and removing jewellery)

kunj- i love u.

Twinkle smiled seeing him n replied..

Twinkle- i know…

Kunj- yr.. swara.. what is this?? cant u reply back..

Twinkle comming towards bed where he is laying down..

Twinkle- do u need my words to understand that..(winks)

twinkle came to him n lay down in his arms peacefully n started chitchaating..

After few minutes..

Kunj- how about going on honeymoon??

Twinkle- kunj u know na.. there is so much work here… n we cant go leaving maa n papa alone.. as mahi n jiju are also not here from last month due to some emergency in landon..

Kunj- they are comming back tommorow.. n i think.. i need a quality time to spend with u.. n un know papa is completely fine n mom too is already presurising us for our trip .. u know.. for baby (winks)

Twinkle shies and agreed for the plan of honeymoon..

So much excited kunj.. dint wait for a second n brought lappy n booked their tickets after 2 days..

Twinkle was shocked seeing him too quick.. Kunj seeing her shocked .. quickly pecked her lips n winked.. Twinkle blushes.. (so much change in just few months.. on the wedding night everything was opposite.. nervous kunj n bold twinkle.. but now.. u can see)


One and half year later:

2 more kids joined the family..

one samaira..(sammy)- Twinj daughter and the other one is ansh- aliya n karan’s son..

(Aliran with there son are still in landon..he was born before 6 months in landon only..and usha went to then for 3 months and cameback after 2 months of her delivery as twinkle’s delivery date is near)

Its one month to samaira’s birth n house was already set for the celebration.. as its twinj’s anniversary too..

The initial months after delivery had been tiring for twinkle.. but kunj and entire family by her side.. it went by smooothly

As for kunj, when he stared at sleeping twinkle with their baby too sleeping peacefully.. he felt relief too see the most important preson of his life in front of him safe n fine..

And the elder kids (aadit and piya) were now 5 and 3 years old.. but both would fight to hold their little sister sammy and play with her..

Sammy would be content in her dadu’s lap and through tantrums when usha or mahi tired to reach out to her.. but for kunj she can leave her daddu too.. afterall she adored her papa too much.. n like to play in his lap always.. for which twinkle always tease him about being papa’s daughter.. n kunj proudly announce her to be his daughter..

When ever he would call her angle.,. she wuld squeal with delight and would turn calm as soon as she came in his arms even after wailing too much ..

Now she is 5 months old.. n her first word was ‘pa’.. Kunj broke down with tears of happiness when his angel first time called him ‘pa’… watching them both, twinkle recalled her days with her dada and felt nostalgic.. sensing twinkle’s thoughts.. Manohar came to twinkle n took her in his arms patting her head lovingly.. strengthening their father- daughter bond..

Finally everything fall in place .. after so many struggles n hurdles…

In all these years of their friendship, love n marriage.. (ofcourse along with their fights n separating), they had their own struggles, but they fought them all, lived through it and made it to this point where they are happy and soo much in love with each other

‘I Love u Kunj’ she whisperd softly , lying in his arms, in his loving n warm embarace and he repiled ‘Love u too Princess’ along with a peck omn her forehead.. feeling content to be with each other n watching their bundle of joy peacefully sleeping in the craddle..




I end it here.. i know the epilogue is not upto the mark n is not what i thought it to be but couldnt think of anything else.. so plz bare with this..

Thank u for ur support till the journey of “Marriage ,betrayal and love”..

Thank u soo much to those who voted n commented.. n those too who silently read the story.. it means a lot .. thank u so much..

Hope to see u gys soon with some other story soon..

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  1. Superb but I’m sad ? it ends please come soon with another story

    1. Monaa

      Thanks dear.. Working on another story.. Hope to see u soon with a new story .. May be a ts

  2. I will miss this ff so much. Afterall it was one of my favorite ff. Please come back with a new story. Love you.

    1. Monaa

      Thank u so much dear.. Will soon see u with a new ts

  3. Nice epilogue

    1. Monaa

      Thanks dear

  4. Shalu Choudhary

    Superb dear and plz comeback with another ff of ?twinj and plz couple ?Sidhant and Jasmin (sidmin) he hone chaiye ?

    1. Monaa

      Thank h dear?
      Soon coming with twinj ts

  5. awesome

    1. Monaa

      Thank u?

  6. awesome epilogue !
    plz came soon with new ff…

    1. Monaa

      Thanks dear

  7. It was the cutest and teasiest episode of urs all were testing twinkle so much I loved it sooo much and so here this journey ends for this ff can’t believe it but it is happing bit u have to come up wid another ff abd that too very soon plsssssssssss don’t say u hope say u will come back soon bye take care and come back SOON

    1. Monaa

      Ha ha. Thank u so much dear .. N yes i wont say hope.. I will surely come with a new ts. ?
      Hope to get the same support for that too

  8. Vibhu

    It was simply perfect ..!!

    1. Monaa

      Thanks dear

  9. Osm dii
    Loved it
    Cute one
    Thank u for this journey
    Love u

    1. Monaa

      Thank u so much darling..?

  10. SSK

    Amazing ending, will definitely miss this FF. 🙂

    1. Monaa

      Thanks dr.. I too will miss this as it was my first ever story

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    It’s journey was beautiful
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  12. Superb mindblowing epilogue dear
    Awesome & beautiful journey dear
    Miss u
    Plzzzzz come back soon
    Luvvvv u

    1. Monaa

      Thank u so much dear.. Will soon come with a new story

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