Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (92)

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Twinj reached their home where aman was already present n was eating usha’s hand made parathe.. licking his fingers..

Kunj- aman .. u r here for work or to eat food..

Aman coughed hearing his boss’s words.. n hurriedly gulped whole paratha so that is boss cum friend wont take it from him.. afterall is was so yummy..twinkle smiled seeing his antics.. n kunj also feel nice seeing her smile after a long time.. he signed aman that he is saved only because his twinkle smiled a little because of him.. n aman signed in relief sensing that he is safe..

Meanwhile.. Usha come from kitchen taking one more paratha to be served to aman n asked..

Usha- aman puttar.. how’s my kunj..? he is taking care of himself na..??

Kunj- why dont u yourself ask him when he is standing just in front of u..

Usha turned towards the voice n is shocked to see kunj standing there keeping both his hands open to hug her mom..

Usha’s eyes turned glassy after seeing her son after a year n same is the case with sanskar.. both run towards each other to hug..

Kunj hugged her mom dearly n shed some tears.. Usha patted his head lovingly giving him all the motherly love to him aftr a whole long year..

They pated the hug after a few minutes..

Twinkle interrupted to lighten up the atmosphere..

Twinkle- hww.. ma now u have seen ur son to u forgot me na.. (teasingly)

kunj- (little serious) she was with u for a whole year cant u let me meet my maa peacefully now..

Twinkle silenced n guilt formed in heart to keep a son away from her daughter..

Seeing her guilt striken face.. Kunj came in senses n diverted the talk along with usha and tro hugged .. aman too barged in  the hug seeing trio not sensing his presence.. Usha laughed at his impatience..

They broke their hug and usha dragged kunj with him to make him eat her hand made food with her hands only with so much love.. Kunj’s eyes turned glassy getting her love after a long time.. n twinkle was still feeling little guilty to keep usha ma away from kunj..


After the food.. everybody settled in lobby.. Usha was sitting on sofa n twinkle beside her keeping her head on her shoulder.. n kunj on the floor keeping his head on usha’s lap n aman on the front sofa..

Usha asked about his arrival in mumbai.. n he along with aman explained him everything from starting about luthra business takeover n also that the hospital in which twinkle was working was under luthra only..

Usha became afraid on listening this n her hold ontwinkle’s hand become tight listening this.. Twinkle also stiffened hearing this..

Usha- but how come this is possible.. i mean twinkle was working there from a long time.. n after hating us so much .. he never tried to harm her.. i mean.. are u sure??

Aman- thats because.. he didnt know that twinkle bhabhi is working there.. the hospital was just under his name.. but he never visited hospital.. n also that he had never seen twinkle before so he couldnt recognise her n only raghav knew her personally n he is dead.. his father has no idea about twinkle..

Usha relaxed listening this.. but had so many things going on in her mind to with aman and kunj replied to all her query patiently..

Usha- so now what?? what are u gonna do by taking over his property.. he is still powerful as he is a politician na??

Kunj- no mom.. now he is not that powerful.. he was powerful only when he had money but now he is pennyless and cant even complaint as all his money was due to his illegal busineess.. n he is also loosing his position in politics due to his carelessness.. and i have gathered enough prooves against him.. so that i can put him behind bars.

Usha- so what are u thinking.. do it na beta? why to risk more to make him live peacefully.. he need to be given the punishment for his sins na??

Kunj- that way ma?? thats the only reason i m not handing these prooves to police because.. he will not het the exact punishment of his deeds.. he will just be behind bars for few years.. but i want him to beg for mercy.. to cry on his fate to kill my bhai bhabhi.. n for dad’s condition .. n mom.. he has also killed twinkle’s mom dad too.. soo he need the severe punishment for that.. which wont be possible just with imprisonment..

His eyes were red saying this with rage n with pain of loosing his family also.. Twinkle n usha were also shedding tears silently..

Seeing them crying.. he held both their hands in his hand.. he promised them to make everything ok soon..

Kunj- (twinkle’s n usha’s hand in his hands) i promise mom.. he will soon get deserved punishment for his deeds..  soon very soon.. (with a determination in his voice)

twinkle- but what are u going to do for it..

Kunj- u need not worry about it.. just promise me that you (seeing twinkle n usha) wont be away from me now.. we all will soon leave from here to dad n will live as a happy family.. and before that we need to find aliya also which only luthra has clue about.. i need my baby siso back at any cost..

Usha and twinkle nooded their heads agreeing to him..

Screen freesed on the determined face of kunj..


Hope i m back on tym.. N u gys liked how the story is proceeding.. Plz do share ur views.. Thank u.  Bbyee

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  1. Trivisha Choudhary

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    Nice episode and plz post daily

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    Luved it

  11. Hi monaa thank u for posting soon the episode was truly amazing kunj and twinkle part were awsm and how kunj unwantedly made twinkle guilty wala part was awsm plss posts oon can’t wait love u

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