Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (87)

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As soon as the man left, kunj went towards twinkle who was crying bitterly..
She saw kunj and again started crying …
Tw- K.. kunj.. he .. he k .. killed my parents.. kunj.. he killed them .. (tears were flowing from her eyes)
Kunj ran to her n cupped her face n nooded in no n hugged her in same position to soothe her pain.. Kunj eyes were also watery..
he departed from hug n removed the roped that were tied on her hands n legs..
There were red marks on her wrists due to tight grip.. he united her n kissed her wounds..
She was so weak that she was not able to stand properly.. Kunj picked her in his arms but still she was just crying..
Kunj was tensed as she is here from last evenning n she has not eaten anything n now she is just crying n scared.. he was worried for her health..

kunj sat in the dirty room in some corner wit twinkle in her lap.. hugging her.. but she was still crying..
Kunj clearly knwe her condition so he didnt asked anything from her.. and was just hugging her n consoling her n giving soothing kisses on her head..
After a while , she calmed down a little n kunj took initiative to ask something..
Kunj- twinkle.. (cupped her face) see here.. tell me.. who is he?? do u know him..
Twinkle nooded in no was just crying.. (tears continuously flowing from her eyes)
kunj- plz.. twinkle.. try to remember.. whi can he be?? the way he was talking with u, it seems that he knows u.. plz twinkle try to remember something..

twinkle was just thinking about his words, she looked towards kunj as if she wanted to tell him something…
Twinkle- (seeing towards him) vo.. ku.. kunj.. he he..
k- yeh! twinkle, yes tell me what u wanna tell??
tw- vo, he he can be .. ra.. raghav luthra.. he . . rem.. remember.. i .i told u about him the day .. u .. u proposed me..
Kunj nooded n hugged her to soothe her pain.. n was thinking something in his mind..
He carefully took out his phone from his pocket n messages something to uv.. n was seeing the room from everycorner so as to find some way to escape but nothing could be found except the door from where he came n that was locked from outside..

Twinkle was clutching his shirt hugging him like a scared kitten and was continuously mummering..
Kunj was trying to listen what she was saying..
Kunj- twinkle.. twinkle.. babay.. are u listening??
Twinkle noodded still hugging him…
kunj- see.. we need to escape from here first of all..
twinkle -(crying) kunj.. killed mom dad.. how can he kunj?? he wanted me na.. so why did he killed themm.. what wrong they have done?? how could he kill themm… is it that easy for him to kill somebody..
kunj- shh shh twinkle calm down.. he will get his punishment.. i m here na.. do u trust me??
Twinkle nooded..

Suddenly their takks were interrupted by raghav..
Raghav- tsk tsk tsk.. but there is no use of thsi trust.. now i will kill him in front of ur eyes n will make to mine..
Twinkle became scared and clutched his shirt tightly hiding herself in his embarace.. kunj to securdely hugged her..

Raghav was just blabbering something wrong about twin kle n kunj roared at him in response..
kunj- shut up! just shut ur bolldy mouth.. (his eyes red in anger listening wrong about twinkle)
raghav- tsk tsk.. u will not be able to do anything.. n i will make her mine in front of ur eyes only….
He took out his gun from pocket n pointed towards twinj.. Twinkle was hell scared n tears were flowing from her eyes..

Kunj freed himself from twinkle’s grip n left her in the corner assured her through his eyes n headed towards raghav..
Gun was pointed towards kunj… but still he was walking in his direction only.. Now they were just inches apart..
Raghav warned him not to come close but he was not stopping.. he was just heading towards him n bery cleverly punched his hands n gun fell from his hands..
Both started fighting.. (dishoom dishoom)
Kunj in between asked twinkle to left from there but twinkle denied to go without him..
KUnj became angry n shouted on her to leave.. He took advantage of the situation n punched kunj on his face n he fell down n blood started flowing from his nose..
Twinkle cried seeing him in this situation still standing in the corner.. Kunj somehow sand himself but before that he again took the gun n was pointing it towards kunj.. Twinkle was horrified seeing this..

Kunj was trying to control the situation but raghav became voilent n shot the gun…
Everything became numb for a second…
Twinkle- KUNNJJJJJ… (and she fainted after screaming)

Screen freesed…

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  1. SidMin23

    Scary part hope twinj will be fine and this raghav ?

  2. Baby

    ohhh my god..monaa dii amazing…….♥
    speechless marvelleous…….♥
    loved it soo mch osm speechless………♥
    loved it sooo mch……..♥
    sooo emotional ♥
    cant wait………post nxt asap plsss………♥
    love u lods……..♥

  3. I am a silent reader and comments rarely but todays episode of your ff made me comment on it..
    It was Emotional.. Felt bad for twinkle..
    And this Raghav.. just want to kill him..
    Last part was scary.. post soon..

  4. SidMin

    Just loved it too … good …
    Itna suspense khyu why why ???
    Feeling sad for Twinkle becahre…
    Kunj ? I hope he is safe ….
    Love you and post soon…. ❤

  5. Presha

    Hey monaa…
    Its awesome…
    Just loved it..
    Felt bad for twinkle..
    Scared fpr kunj…
    Post soon …
    Love u..

  6. Twinjsidminfan

    Hey mona…thank u sooòo much for posting….
    Hope twinj are fyn nd smthing happens to that raghav??
    PPlzzz post the next part eagerly waiting to know wat happen…nd hw twinj got seperated??
    Love u

  7. Awesome episode
    Plzzz post soon

  8. Amaya_bhardwaj

    Amazing epi yrr….

  9. Naam raghav aur kaam Ravan we bhi bure??????…..Sach mein….Butttttt …. You know what..It’s AMAZING​?????……Post soon ……Kyunkii suspense nahi seh sakti mein ☺☺?

  10. Monaa awesome amazing
    Just superb
    Feeling bad for twinkle how can dat stupid do dis
    I just hope kunj is ssafe
    Fuulk on suspense mai chodhi ha

  11. Amazingggg…. Emotional….lovely….. Emotions r described really well…..luvd it….post nxt asap….

  12. Sohi

    Itna Sara suspense
    I can’t digest this much
    Episode was so thrilling
    Plz plz post soon
    I’m waiting eagerly for it
    Do continue

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