Twinj a made for each other couple epi 8

Twinj are traveling in the car.. Twinkle is feeding ice cream to kunj.. They stop on the red light.. Otherside , anita and alisha are gathering Shanaya. They are torturing shanaya for a mms video in which she and her boyfriend are seen being physical to each other..Shanaya says u both are crazy. I will never do what you all are saying. I will tell bhaiya and then you see what happens with u both. Anita says what u will tell that…

Alisha says kunj trust me so much he will never believe you. And ur mother..she will kill you after knowing what u have done.. ur father has no interest in your life. Anita says so now to whom u will say…(shouts)no one Shanaya no one… Alisha starts counting seconds. Anita says now what is your option.shall I press this send button to show everyone ur intimacy.. Shanaya starts crying. She says o.k. whatever you all will say I will do the same. Please stop it. Alisha and Anita winks and share a hi-fi. They tell something to Shanaya and she says what.

Scene 2

Twinj comes for shopping. Kunj reaches the top floor of the mall and says come on twinkle . Twinkle nods in yes. She also reaches the first floor by escalator and someone pulls her in .(harshly)  Kunj notices this and runs. In the room Manohar is tied by rope . Twinkle stands in front of Manohar and points gun at him. Kunj comes and is shocked. Twinkle shoots Manohar. And blows at gun’s smoke. She winks. Kunj shouts twinkle… he comes to Manohar and tries to wake him up. He opens him and carries him to hospital. Doctors starts the treatment. Usha and Anand.comes. Usha cries. Anand consoles him. They both blame twinkle for it and says ill abt her. Twinkle comes running and says  (a attitude voice) what happened kunj to dad.he is ok na. What he is dead now I will purchase  a new white suit..

Come we will marry tmrw only. Our shopping is also left. He says leave twinkle.don’t show your face to me I loved you so much and what you gave me in return …I hate you twinkle. I hate u . Twinkle says come on baby I hate  you too. What you thought I loved you.I loved your money but when I saw ur and ur dad’s relationship I thought I will be in loss . So I decided to do this .. btw how’s my acting…?? Worldclass na.. Bye.. 

Scene 3

Twinkle comes in the same room and cries. Anita and Alisha comes and claps. Alisha removes something from twinkle’s face and says this mask helped me so much. Now kunj will hate twinkle.
Thank you Shanaya..
(It is revealed that Shanaya had put this wig and did all this)

Precap- Manohar is paralysed. Twinkle comes and says to kunj that I had not done anything like this. He jerkks her. He says to alisha she has seen just my ishq and now she will see my tashan . She smiles.

Thanks and sorry for the late update. Happy makar sankranti..

  1. Nice episode Avantika!!! but pls unite Twinj again….

  2. OMG!!!! so sad!!!

  3. Wow I loved it Avantika 🙂 wow Tashan-e-Ishq ur ff is actually more justifying than the actual show, I hope Twinkle can reveal shanaya and alisha

  4. Avantika nice episode with nice twists,keep it up and keep writing

  5. Fantastic twist avantika..n unite twinj…I liked ur three slot ff vry much…but I wished k thodi aurr epi honi chahyen..

  6. Thnx all..for liking both of my ffs

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