Twinj: In love with an unknown (Shot 02)

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It started when she was in her freshmen year of school. She saw him for the first time on the day of prom organised for the freshmen. He was her senior, who was co-ordinating the whole event. His first glance caught her and she felt some unknown feeling within her, which was very hard to explain.

Like everyone else, she thought she was getting infatuated but before she could sort out her feelings, things changed.

The school had a seperate blocks for freshers and Seniors to overcome the problems of ragging which also built a huge barriers within them. There was no junior-senior fun, they could barely meet eachother in break time or during their travelling hours to college. Even those timing were not at all convenient as the college hours for both of them varied by hours and being a lad of that school, discipline was highly maintained and no one was allowed to skip classes. After all it’s a school!!!

Twinkle, who was too desperate to see him, wasn’t able to meet him up again in the college but for sure she stalked him to death. Even after so many times, she couldn’t make up to him as meeting him became her distant dream and gradually her focus shifted towards her studies, as it always stood as her first priority. Days passed and her feelings started to fade away, without her conscious she was completly out of his thoughts.

But things do change, as nothing goes as we plan coz it’s a destiny game play.

It was the year ending prom day for Seniors. The whole party was on swing and everyone were busy enjoying their last day at school.
Twinkle  who was not determined to go there was forced by her friends to attend the last senior party.
She remembered the day she saw him for the first time, somewhere unknowingly a hope built up within her and she decided to give it a try. Without any delay, she dressed elegantly and reached the venue and was on cloud nine to see him outside the venue waiting.

She felt how nice it would be if he was waiting for her and she desperately wanted to talk to him but something held her back. As a girlie’s thing she pretended to be ignorant and moved inside. Once she entered,she cursed herself for missing up such a good chance of talking to him that to when no one was around. The whole time went on stealing glances from eachother, by his act somewhere she got convinced that he too liked her but little did she dare to ask him or atleast talk to him.

The most expectant party all went in vain for her, once the party was over he was no where to be found.
She cursed herself for such a hard luck!!!

After that he never showed up!!

Days passed, Months passed, a year passed but she didn’t get to see him again. She concentrated on her further studies once she was out of her school. All these 2 years there was not even a single hint about him and she acted as if she never cared but somewhere deep inside her heart, the spark of his love was still burning. Unknowingly, the sparks of love started to develop some feelings within herself. Those feelings got stronger day by day even though she ignored it, the sparks never ignored her. Without her consent, her heart built a sand castle within herself for him which is too fragile, a single blow of harsh realities of life can turn it into pieces of sand.

The worst feeling of life is when the most unwanted lovely thing happens to you, at that time you can’t let it go coz it’s the loveliest one you dreamt of and even you can’t hold onto it coz it’s an unwanted one!!!

Same was with her, deep inside she enjoyed her feelings for him but she was also quite aware of the damage it is going to cause if things won’t go as expected.
Every now and then her heart knocked to evoke her feelings but a little sad thought of getting hurt by expectations stopped her and made her not to heed those feelings. She is not only being a coward but also practical in all sense!!

But….why his memories are haunting her back now?? Is this a kinda Omen??Is there any comeback?? Can she expect him??

By trying to push away all these thoughts and by trying to drain her memory of that day‘s filmy encounter of herself she headed back home.

Sometimes, life plays a most tricky card on you that it makes you feel as if you are struck in a complete void. It knows when to give you love and also how to snatch it away!! Sometimes, You are just a mere puppet in its hands but it’s worthy though coz everything is planned before your actions, by God.


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