Twinj ki ek kahani episode 56

I am so sorry for have kept u all waiting but I promise once after my cousins marriage is over I will post the episodes regularly and comment on the ffs. Thank u so much for ur luv and support and luv u all loads ♥♥♥

@ school
Twinkle comes there and finds shanu standing all alone waiting for twinkle . Shanaya sees her and runs to her and hugs her tight
S : mamma where were u ? I was so scared . All left
Twinkle breaks the hug . She kneels down and cups her face
T : I am so sorry shanu baby . But promise I will never be late from next time
S : pakka promise ( showing her little finger)
Twinkle locks her little finger with shanaya’s
T : pakka promise
Both share a cute hug
They get into headmistresse’s (hm) chamber
Twinkle opens the door
T : good afternoon ma’m . may I come in ?
Hm was facing her back to twinkle . She now rotates the chair to face twinkle and is revealed to be our bebe !!!
( twinkle isn’t aware that she is her bebe )
H : weren’t u too early ?( sarcastic tone )
T : sorry ma’m. Actually I had to meet some important person and that is y this happened. I am extremely sorry for this
H : I don’t like such ppl who don’t come on time . I don’t want this to repeat again . Plz have ur seat ( with attitude)
T : yes ma’m . I will make sure of it .
Twinaya have their seats

Hm shows them the marks card
H : what is all this Mrs takur? ( twinkle is a Lil disappointed by hearing Mrs thakur as she had to change her surname but never let’s it appear on her face )
Just look at her marks . Very bad
T : actually ma’m I was really very busy with the office work that I couldn’t concentrate on shanu’s studies. That’s all my fault .
( feeling guilty)
( she Is such a drama queen! !!! Even hm got emotional,
Actually the fact was that Twinaya used to spend a lot time shopping rather than studying. Jaisi maa waisi beti 😛 )
H : ( in a caring tone ) I do understand that job is important but never forget to pay attention to ur family because if u are at this position , it’s only because of their love and support . And when it comes to shanaya , don’t worry I will teach her myself and will make her the topper of the class
T : ( acting more emotional ).Thank u so much . U don’t know how happy am I .
H : it’s okay. Hmm may I ask u something ?
T : sure
H : actually umm ( after thinking for a while ) nothing
Twinaya leave the cabin and share a high five
S : mamma can v go shopping ?
T : yes but u have to promise me that u will study well and get good marks
S : promise
T : now that’s like my good girl

Hm’s pov :
Is the rumours about Mrs takur doesn’t stay with her husband true ?
Rail of thoughts are running in her mind but comes out of those as she hears a knock at the door
Hm : are putter vahan kyu kada hai ? Andar aaja
( yes he is our kunj)
K : g bebe
He goes to her and takes her blessings by touching her feet
H / B : jeete raho putter
He stands up . Bebe continues
B : dek putter mein janti hoon ki tumare saat jo kuch b hua vo galat tha lekin iska matlab ye to nahi ki tum apni poori zindagi akele bitaoge . Doosri shaadi karna boori nahi hoti hai putter .
K : nahi bebe. Bahut mushkil se us gatna ko bhoolkar aage jaane ka faisla kiya hai, mujse ye sab nahi ho payega .
B : lekin putter
K : bebe plzzz . I know u are saying this for my good but I need some time for it
B : okay putter. As u say
K : thank u bebe
He leaves and episode ends at bebe’s tensed face

Precap : u all try to guess the role of bebe in the upcoming episodes

Guys do comment and luv u all loads ♥♥♥

  1. Great episode! Hopefully bebe will help bringing twinj together 🙂


    guys u got the News that sidhant is quitting the show

  3. Well… wat a grt episode… jaisi maa waisi beti.. lolz.. bt true.. hahaha.. actually u r tooooo goood at writing sanam.. n plzzz reveal y twinj got seperated soon.. cant wait to know…

    1. So I guess.. bebe will unknowingly want to unite twinj.. n maybe wen she knows that she is trying to unite kunj to twinkle.. maybe she’ll deny.. or dont know wat coz.. other than this I cant get over ur mind sanam.. coz u r fantastico…???

  4. Awesome episode….. Btw Ayesha srsly is Sidhant quitting.. I mean is the news true… Plzz don’t give me heartattack…

  5. It was Fantastic Sanam

  6. Amazing epi dear loved it so much do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzz


    ya saddaf he is quitting

  8. Good going sanam…loved it

  9. Sanam di( becoz i m in 9th standard) , missed u and ur ff. So how was ur cousin’s marriage. Enjoyed??
    Anyways today’s episode was superb. Jaisi maa vaisi beti – best line….
    Love u and ur ff to the moon and black?

  10. amazing episode …sanam…loved it a lot….love u loads….

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