Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 54)

Hello guys . First and foremost I am so sorry that I couldn’t thank u all personally but I am very happy that u all like it . Luv u all loads ♥♥♥♥
Finally I am done with my cet

I am going to bangalore for my comed k exams so I may not be able to post my ff may be for a week
Sweetie , Roshini, akku, loveleen, aliza, Tara , Ritzi, Crazy and sorry If i left out someone , I am so sorry that I couldn’t comment on ur ffs as I am busy after my entrance exams
Rashi dear I am done with JEE, VITEEE , KCET
I am so happy that I got selected into VIT but unfortunately I cannot get into that institution because my mamma dada doesn’t want me to study outside karnataka cse they can’t come to visit me on regular intervals

I have my COMEDK exams on 8th and NEET exams in the month of June last week ( so time to spend with my books again 🙂 )
Enough of bhak bhak ( so sorry but I am really very talkative)

@ road side
Sahil passes by on his car and he sees twinkle and shanaya through the mirror
He immediately stops his car and runs to twinkle
Sa : ma’m are u fine ?
T : ya I am . Sorry for the trouble
Sa : no ma’m that was my pleasure

Sahil turns to leave but is stopped by a voice
T : Sahil
Sahil turns to her
Sa : yes how may I help u ma’m
Twinkle comes to him
T : Sahil this is not my office . So dint be so formal
U are my PA only at my office not here
Here u are my good friend
Sahil gets delighted on hearing this .
Sa : as u say ma’m
Twinkle crosses her arms and stares at him with the narrow eye look
Sa : so sorry miss
T : Sahil! !!! ( in a Lil high tone )

Sahil is shocked at her behaviour
T : I said we are friends and there is no sorry and thank u in friendship but only in office
And by the way u can address me by my name itself
Sa : (stammering) yes twinkle
Sahil smiles
T : u look good when u smile
Sa : tt. .

T : aha no thank u and sorry
Sa : ss. .
T : Sahil! !!
Sa : yes no sorry and no thank u
Well y did u stop me ?
T : oh yes I forgot
Oh actually shanaya ..(twinkle narrates him everything about the incident )
So I need one favor from u
Sa : anything for u
T : I have the vehicle’s no
So cd u plz try to figure out the person

I couldn’t thank him for saving shanaya
Sa : don’t worry I will do it
T : tysm sahil
It was already 7 and they never realised it was late
T : omg it’s late now . U must leave . Good night
Sa : hood night
He leaves in his car
Twinkle’s pov :
I hope I meet that person soon .Babaji plzz help na .

Twinu (twinkle and shanu (shanaya)) come back home
They all have dinner and go to sleep

@ morning
A beautiful room is shown with beautiful pink wallpapers
A girl is shown sleeping peacefully
There is a knock at her door
T : Shanu get up and get ready soon . U are getting late for ur school baby
Shanaya gets disturbed because of her voice
Sh (still sleepy ) : yes mamma i am getting ready
She gets back to sleep
Twinkle opens the door to check out ( shanaya never locks her door as she is just a kid )
Twinkle goes to shanaya
T : shanu baby did u get ready ?
Shanaya in her sleep : yes mamma

Twinkle smiles as she was saying this
Twinkle taps lightly on shanaya’s forehead
Shanaya wakes up
Sh : mamma just 5 mins ( making puppy face )
T : no . Good morning Shanu .what happened to this alarm clock ? Y is it lying on the floor ?
I kept the alarm at 6 and now it’s already 7

School is gonna start at 8 and u are getting late
Sh : good morning mamma .vo actually clock fell due to the wind
Twinkle smirking : thank god u didn’t fall due to that wind
Shanaya makes a puppy face and smiles
T : accha now get up and get ready soon
I’ll go make ur lunchbox ready
Shanu gets ready and they leave after having bf
Twinkle drops shanu to her school and leaves for her office
Twinkle walks to her cabin and everyone greet her
Twinkle gets into her work and there is a knock at the door
Sa :ma’m may I come in ?
T : yes sahil

Sa : ma’m I couldn’t find his address but the car which u were speaking about is parked outside a 5 ★ hotel
So that person is in that hotel for some meeting
I couldn’t get his info as the receptionist disagreed
T : no sahil it’s perfectly fine . I’ll go meet him there
Thank u so much sahil and ya it’s office so I am allowed to tell u thanks
Sahil smiles replying ur welcome

Precap : guess it 😛

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  1. Osm epi..can u tell me CET Paper ka kya final decision aya nat.level or state level…

    1. State itself
      I guess from next year bio students won’t have to write cet and comed k

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