Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 31) Bday spcl!

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Thanks for the sweetest comments. .??
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And its Fatima’s bday ..????
Tqs dear for mentioning it or else I didn’t know it…

And sorry for being late with ur bday spcl update…..I saw ur comment late n lately was caught up in work….

So happy bday dear?
….enjoy loads….have a lyf tym happiness..???
May god bless u with ol that u have asked for. .stay strong, stay happy n go crazy over n over again…???

Recap: Twinj talk @ the cabin and later he drives her home n in nick of tym saves her from getting hit by a car

Part 31:

Kunj came back home n the front door was opened by sanchu, letting him in

S: bhaiya , u got late today
K: ya , was dropping someone so got late
S: bhabi??
K: Sanchu, u keeping on praying abt dat ,dont u?
S: Abt what?
K: abt me n twinkle
S: ya, it worked??

Kunj glanced at him , pouring a glass of water to himself, he could see sanchays eyes gleaming with hope n excitement

K: No
S: what??
Bhaiya, for god sake bring her home

K: u mean I should kidnap her?
S: bhaiya, cmon….stop pretending…
U can even bring her home if u marry her…

Kunj choked momentarily…
K: Sanchu, don’t tell me ur talking abt marriage!!

S: Y Ru so startled?…ur not adventures n moreover even if I say u to kidnap her, u won’t do it

K: don’t challenge me sanchu…
S: srsly ?? I do
K: this task is easy n less risky than sneaking into girls hostel..

Sanchays mouth was hung wide open

Kunj walked towards him, closed he’s mouth n climbed d stairs n made his way towards he’s room

Sanchay immediately came back to his senses n ran into kunjs room..
S: I don’t believe dat u have ever sneaked into girls hostel, even I haven’t done dat…
Its way too risky

A: but he has! Even I was der

Sanchay turned to see AM standing near to the door leaning towards it…
Kunj – AM passed a knowing smile

S: u were der? So even u sneaked along with him?

A: Ya….one of my friend was not well n she hadnt come to school so der was a need to check on her, and kunj had a slight crush on her so he had the plan n we sneaked in

Sanchay looked at both of them,
AM hit sanchays head playfully..
A: We have done way more worest n risky things in our CLG tym…
Getting alcohol into the Hstl, playing pranks on professors, beating the hell out of each other n getting suspended

S: oh…so I’m not the only duffer here!!
A: ya.. We were always the trouble makers of our class…
K: so usually no one messed with us ..

S: how come I didn’t know abt all these
K: ur more busy in ur crush lyfs so wen vl u get tym for us…
S: crush , flings sab kuch baad mein…
And what abt that girl u had crush on ?

K: her name was ananya…but I found that she had friendly feelings towards me so , my feelings died out soon…

A: basically ,he had admired her n we friends started teasing him n ol so he thought he had developed a crush on her, but it turned out to be a mere attraction..

Kunj walking into the washroom to freshen up

S: oh I c. …so that’s why u said me to not to pester bhaiya to realizing he’s feelings in the beginning..

A: ya….wen we go to create such instances intentionally to make them develop feelings, they get influenced my our approach and some tyms when their is jz admiration n attraction they think it to be love…later wen they realize abt it , it doesn’t end well hurting both of them…

Sanchay was thinking deeply abt what aaru said…
AM put his arm on Sanchays shoulder,
A: don’t worry , whatever is the thing between twinkle n kunj its beyond attraction… So u can tease him…

Sanchays lips slowly quivered into a soft smile, feeling the happiness of getting he’s favorite candy..
S: ur the best aaru….luv u…
And he kisses AMs cheeks…

AM immediately rubs he’s cheeks making disgusted face
A: ewww….sanchu cheee …..disgusting!!!
S: what ??I has overwhelmed so…
A: u better maintain distance from me
S: one arm distance?
A: no, two arm wud be better
S: ohk…
And Armaan runs away from der …

S: aaru ko kya hua…
And he shrugs n moves out…

Sanchay saw kunj who HD already freshened n tried hard to control he’s laugh n making weird faces at sanchay

S: what??
K: eww….u slobber fellow ..
S: now ur exaggerating!
K: oh am I?
S: ya…. That was a friendly kiss..
K: ya ol slobber…eww

And kunj teased him again…
And both started tickling each other, kunj tried hard to escape but sanchay was so adamant of taking revenging for kunj embarrassing him by calling him slobber

Kunj raised his hand in surrender and immediately sanchay pecked he’s cheek n ran to the far end of the room…
Kunj realizing what jz happened..

K: eww….sanchu u r so dead now…
S: bhaiya , chill
K: at least save some kisses for ur gf
S: oh…..lyk ur saving for urs??
K: ur duffer…!!!!
S: come out with something new bhaiya…
Its has bcum my second name by now
Something creative n innovative…
Better ask bhabi for suggestions!!

B4 kunj wud glare @ him he ran out of the room…
Soon he’s phone beeped..
It was from twinkle….feeling ol excited..
He tucked into he’s bed with a naughty smile on he’s handsome face…
“Someone’s already missing me ” he thought n opened the chat box…


T: hey u reached home?
K: ya…its been some 15 mins …
T: oh. Dats good…
K: so had dnnr?
T: ya .jz now…u??
K: not yet….was busy getting rid of my bro..
T: oh…Armaan n sanchay ?
K: not Armaan, he’s an understanding soul but my chotu brother too naughty

T: hehe…but he’s such a cutie pie…
K: observing him from quite a distance he seems to be ol cutee shotee..once u come home u vl know…
T: pardon

Kunj jz realized the blunder he created…
“Damn!! Sanchu its all bcz of u…a moment ago u said me to get her home n now I have ended up in this mess…
I swear I’m gonna kill u” he muttered under he’s breath

K: I meant once u know him from close enough u get to know abt he’s unbearable pranks…but I agree he’s such a cute bro of mine..

T: hmm…his ample of ur eye ,nai?

K: Ya. …excluding dat his a package of naughtiness, his an awsm person …

T: Armaan , u and sanchay are such good brothers ..every one looks up to u for ur brotherhood…

K: oh ..dats good to hear..

T: so is Armaan elder to u or the other way around?

K: I’m elder to him by two years…

T: elder n older one ….

K: u are make me seem lyk an old man..

T: hahaha… Do I loose my job as punishment?

K: oh…well i do t drag profesional lyf into friendships….

T: gr8…it must be good na u three always having fun together…

K: ya its gr8…since AM has moved in its been even more superb bcz I alone can’t handle sanchay

T: oh …..u guys always won’t leave together? I mean ur brothers na

K: latika do u know who Armaan is?

T: ya…obivo…ur 2 year younger bro

K: oh god!!! Ya by all means hes one…but weren’t related by blood….he’s my besteee

T: oh…I didn’t know dat…I mean u guys are so close lyk bros always united so I thought ur biologically bros

K: no offense… We get that a lot wherever we go…

T: so u guys are living under same roof!!! That’s fantastic!!!
Hey have ur dnnr….


She waited for him to reply but even after 10 mins the screen kept showing “typing”..
She thought may be he was busy…

On the other side Armaan came silently n grabbed kunjs cell from back n tossed it over to sanchay. They kept teasing him n didn’t allow him to have the phone…

Kunj tried hard but cudnt grab his cell back..
S: oh…chupke chupke bhabi se chatting!!
Not bad bro….ur growing up?

K: sanchay for god sake give me my cell back, I was already in deep trouble b4 bcz of u so jz give it back to me…

As kunj ran to catch it, sanchay threw it to AM who was standing on bed…

Kunj lyk a monkey kept wandering between them…
He begged them to give but they were busy enjoying the state of poor kunj…

Kunj got tired n stood for a while
K: ohk…sanchu I’m in middle of a convo so better give dat crap cell to me…

A: its crap na so y u want ???

K: aaru…tu bhi???

A: haha..???
Kunj u don’t even know how much fun it is to watch u this desperate that too for a girl…I’m having the tym of my lyf….

K: ohk…guys….I vl at least till her bye n keep it. ..plz give it

S: if I give what vl I get?

K: what u want??

S: hmm….the new Audi? The latest bike?

K: don’t u know think ur asking a lot sum?

S: oh…its OK, seems lyk this cell n this convo is not that impt…
Don’t forget bro, I have the cell I can text back anything….jz literally anything…

K: don’t u dare sanchay sarna!!

A: woah….someones really in a bad mood!!

K: aaru I swear ,jz for god sake get dat thing back from sanchu ..

A: and y do u think I vl do that ?

Kunj stood their gazing at the other two. hi-fi ….b4 he cud pounce on them to get he’s cell, sensing he’s Intentions Sanchay n Armaan ran out and locked kunj in he’s own bedroom…

Kunj kept banging the door n swearing but AM n sanchay were rolling outside on the floor laughing lyk maniacs??

Kunj kept bribing them, but the others didn’t open the door…

Twinkle made her bed, and slept….it had been lyk half an hour n SLP was no longer near to her. …she kept glancing at her cell, disappointed that he didn’t reply back…
She was worried abt the abrupt stop in the middle of their chat. …..

Her mind went on scoofing all sorts of possibilities, no longer able to contain her desperation she gave in n pressed on he’s number….
It showed calling kunj….

Kunj was drained out of energy trying everything to get back he’s mobile but all went in vain…
K: ohk…I give up …sanchu I vl get u Audi n the latest bike if u open the door n give my cell back…

Sanchay thought of giving he’s cell back though AM wanted to have more fun…

Wen Sanchay finally thought to end kunjs torture but by that tym the screen flashed Twinkle calling..

AM n Sanchay stood still passing a knowing smile to eo..

K: sanchu , u der? Open the goddamn door..

S: sorry bro, u made the offer too late, its bhabi calling n no way on earth I’m missing this chance even if ur gng to gift me ten more latest automobiles I wudnt fall for it….

Even b4 the truth had sinked into kunj, sanchay picked up d call
S: hi bha……… Hi di !!!!
T: hey is it sanchay?
S: yep….how’s u?
T: I’m all good u?
S: I’m top of the world…..having one such gr8 tym….

AM chuckled

T: oh….. seems lyk ur very happy…..anything spcl ?

S: haha???….u don’t even know di how good n splended tym im having….

T: oh….tell me…..

S: woah , its too complicated to explain….leave it…..u had dnnr?

T: yaa…u?

S: not yet…..

T: its pretty late….everything good ryt der?

S: ya di…..y ?

T: nothing I jz called to check if kunj is alryt bcz he didn’t answer d text n thought to thank him after he dropped me home so jz called….

Twinkle was feeling awkward telling sanchay n slapped her forehead for dragging herself in this situation….
Sanchu sensing it,

S: di, y u feeling awkward? I talk to almost all young ladies wen they call up bhaiya
So feel free to talk…
And bhaiya is bit busy….he’s in shower so asked us to pick up the call (lied conveniently)

AM took the cell from sanchay n spoke…

A: hey twinkle this is Armaan….how’s u?, all good?

T: hey , I’m fyn u?

A: I’m superb….n don’t hesitate in chatting with us ….n its so thoughtful of u to call n thank him….thanks for that

T: hey that’s my pleasure…

Kunj kept on banging the door, yelling at them….Sanchay n AM almost closed their ears tightly ,

Twinkle listening to d disturbance

T: is everything good? What’s the disturbance?

A: yep allz good……its some gruesome vendor who has got into some argument in the neighborhood…
Jz wait I vl move from der….

And both of them tried hard to control their laugh n moved down into the hall…

Kunj listened to their lies….n also the trailing away footsteps outside the door

Kunjs POV :

Im a Gruesome vendor!!!!!
Damn! Cudnt they come up with any better lie??
Damn ppl…….I so hate them……
I jz hope they don’t spit out anything stupid
Oh god! I thought AM is matured but I didn’t expect him to turn all childish along with sanchay….
Gr8…….I’m so dead now!!!! Hope they haven’t uttered anything nonsense

On col:
A: hey we all usually know eo @ office expect some including u who have jz joined us

T: oh….that’s good to know…..u ol maintain the office n treat everyone very nicely back @ office

A: thank you for that …..glad to receive positive feedback

T: u deserve more than this……all my pleasure

Sanchay pointed towards kunjs door which was still showing movement, meaning kunj was still banging it…

A: we usually have this know- eo- program
every now n then…..hopefully it vl soon arranged so dat all of us can get to know eo properly

T: oh…..I have heard abt it……and everyone says dat its one of such good tym during that program…. Looking forward to it…

A: ohk……it was glad knowing u Latika……
I need to go, vl catch up soon

T: ya….its pretty late …have food …

A: i completly forgot abt dnnr!!!! U had ur food?

T: ya long back…..

A: oh gr8…… tc

And kept the call……
AM and sanchu shared a victrous smile…

They went upstairs n opened kunjs room door
And kunj stood their glaring at them swearing under his breath…..

Precap: kunj being tortured yet again..?

Hi ppl….do comment ur views below….luv u ol❤❤❤

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  1. SidMin23

    This is damn funny ? ????? poor kunj being tortured ? by his brothers ?? twinkle call kunj but his bro pick it up ?? it was nice conversation between twinkle and arman and sanchu will waiting to know how they will torture kunj again.??

    1. Maggi

      Im glad u lyk it dear☺☺☺
      Vl post soon
      Luv u ??

  2. Hey.. I am a silent reader but I couldn’t resist myself anymore from commenting.. love it yaar.. it’s tooo awesome and marvellous.. please update soon.. can’t wait anymore.. it’s soo great that it’s killing my patience to wait for next update and catalysing my greed to read more and more.. update soon…

    1. Maggi

      I’m so glad that u commented dear….
      Means a lot???
      Vl post soon
      Luv u ???

  3. Maggieeeeeee,????????
    Shoooooo much funny episode yarr,,????????? Oh god AM and Sanchay????????? And bechara kunj feeling pity 4 him,??????? I cudnt control my emotions and laughs,???????????? YARR I LOVE THIS EPI TO THE INFINITY U??❤??❤??❤??❤??❤??❤??
    U knw its late night 3:36 I read ur ff now,, I need to sleep now but what to do seeing ur ff cudnt control from reading ur ff,???? and prcp is more interesting,????? plzzzzzzzz post soon,
    Just Love you,❤❤❤??

    1. Maggi

      Awww priyu …..
      Luv u loads????
      I’m so happy dat u lykd it☺☺
      And of ur health, SLP on tym…epi vl not disappear…?
      Tysm for d luv ❤❤❤
      Vl post soon

  4. hey maggie,,, i jst had a broad smile all the way i read the entire update….. it was so funny….. especially saanch nd AM….. trios convo was too good nd natural…..
    promptly to tell u maggie,,, i hav become u r fan of presenting convo…. sooooo lovely dear…
    loads of love…..
    keep posting nd have a great time dear

    1. Maggi

      Tysm nivu darling???
      Means a lot…
      Vl post soon
      …..luv u ???

  5. Chiku

    Maggie!!! ????it was damn funny. I was laughing like a maniac ?????
    Amazing. I seriously loved their convo and sanchu and am torching kunj????woaaaah. Lovely
    Post soon?
    Loove u?

    1. Maggi

      Tysm chikuuuu….
      I’m glad u lykd it??
      Vl post very soon…❤❤❤

  6. SidMin

    Dude just Loved it 🙂
    The episode was so funny Bechara Kunj it was like he is the youngest and is being tortured by his elder brothers ????????? ?????????
    Loved it waiting for the next episode 🙂 Love you 🙂 Post soon 🙂

    1. Maggi

      Tysm sidmin….☺☺☺☺
      I’m happy dat u loved it. .
      Vl post soon darlo…
      Luv u ????

  7. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey maggi
    I’m gone mad after reading this episode… I’m laughing like manic ???????????????? God this AM and Sanchay tho ??????????? I so love them… Bechara Kunj… Loved the text part of TwiNj and phone conversation of Twinkle and Sanchay and armaan…

    Fathima happy belated birthday girl… May God bless you… Have a blissful year ahead…

    Maggi my birthday is on 2 Feb hope you post a epi for me too… I’m a regular commenter of yours so hak banta hai yaar… I want my birthday gift in advance… So post it soonest…

    With love ❣

    1. Maggi

      Awww…darling my all means u vl get ur bday gift ….I’m preparing for dat ☺
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      Luv u ???

  8. Modeste

    poor kunj being tortured it was soo so awesome as usual.impatiently waiting for the next part.please post soon

    1. Maggi

      M glad u lykd it yaaar …..☺☺☺☺vl soon post ….luv u ????

  9. Maggu, luv ur epi… It was very fun reading it .. Luv u loads.. ??

    1. Maggi

      Awww.cute girl tqs a loads lashia. .vl post soon…..luv u ???

  10. Kruti

    I so loved this epi?????? armaan nd sanchay are just epic…. loving it
    Comtinue asap

    1. Maggi

      Tysm kruti????
      M glad u lykd it…
      Vl post soon..luv u???

  11. Sohi

    Wow yaar hahaha it was too funny and good
    Sanchay and Arman teasing kunj it was awesome
    And phone conversation of twinkle, Sanchay and am was fabulous
    Bechara kunj
    Plz plz write such good episodes oftenly
    Do continue and post soon bye

    1. Maggi

      Tysm sohi …☺☺☺
      Vl post dear . luv u ???

  12. It was way too awesome
    And hilarious too
    Bechara kunj
    Phone conversation of three of them was fabulous
    Do continue

    1. Maggi

      Ty aafi darlo …..
      Luv u ????

  13. dreamer...arundhati

    Maggi ….dear….fabulous….lovely one

    1. Maggi

      Tysm aaru❤
      Luv u ☺☺☺

  14. Heyy maggi this was awesome dear…
    Firstly i wud like to thank u for wishing me thank u so much…and yah coming to d episode it was just amazing…
    Fun to see kunj getting irritated… looking for nxt one post soon dear…
    Luv uh n yah thnx once again fr ur wish…

    1. Maggi

      Anything for my readers☺
      im glad that u lykd it❤❤❤
      Luv u ???

  15. Awesome episode Maggi I loved it

    1. Maggi

      Ty sushi…luv u ????

  16. Maggi
    I njoyed a lot dear
    TWINJ chat was awesome
    N kunj n armaan experiences r beyond my thought n I can’t even thought dat d character of dis ff kunj will also have some crush in his past
    N d way botj brothers teased kunj
    Loved it
    Love u keep smiling

    1. Maggi

      I’m glad dat u lykd it ramyu???
      Luv u more ❤❤❤

  17. Hey Maggie
    Yr the epi is damn good n funny too
    Twinj convo ws great
    Bichara kunj …….
    Bt am called twinkle as twinkle n nt latika is it a mistake or the dialogue? ???

    1. Maggi

      Hey tqs for d sweet comment dear…and dat is mistake, tqs for letting me know I’m..might have typed in hurry…
      Luv u ????

  18. hi I am a silent reader. it was awesome

    1. Maggi

      Tysm yaar❤
      I’m glad dat u commented…luv u ❤

  19. Baby

    maggi di fabulous episode hhehe☺
    srsly too good loved it sooooo mch hahahaha☺
    kunj ko kya torchor kiya AM or sanchu ne luvd it too good…..☺
    maza aagya ☺
    love u lods☺☺
    post nxt asap di♥♥

    1. Maggi

      I’m glad u loved it dear??
      Vl post soon. Luv u ,???

  20. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Hey Maggie ,
    Really very osm episode ND very funny too….I enjoyed reading it very much………. Don’t get disheartened. Due to less comments …Ur FF is really very mind blowing & fabulous ….
    U everyday break ur own records of writing ND leave me speechless. ….. Can’t wait more for next part…..Plz post asap….???????

    1. Maggi

      Amaya tysm for ur encouragement n support…. Glad u love it….luv u ????
      Vl post soon❤❤

  21. RUTU.....

    Hey Maggi
    Awesome episode dear just loved it haha…..kunj condition l love that part the most do continue soon

    1. Maggi

      Tysm rutu. ???
      Vl CNT soon…luv u ❤

  22. Aanya_pandey

    Hehehe??? just loved that sanchay n armaan’s naughtiness.. just can’t stop laughing.. n our poor kunj’s condition that was toh ??? really funny

    1. Maggi

      I’m so glad dat u ltkd it dear???
      Luv u ❤

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