Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 30)

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Recap: twinj missing eo

Link for previous epi( part 29):

Part 29

Let’s begin then,

Part 29 —

Twinkle slowly made her way towards kubjs cabin to get the papers signed
Her mind was running wild with ol her images with kunj n dance…
It kept rewinding in her mind, n she thought her brain wud soon explode, luckily she reached he’s cabin b4 her brain wud calculate n analyze their conversations

She knocked the door n entered in,

K: hey, I was waiting for u

For a second her heart fluttered

K: to sign those papers, have u bought them?

Twinkle was bit disappointed with he’s reply, “may b my expectations were high” she slapped her forehead visibly

Kunj looked at her antiques,
K: u ohk?
T: ya all good, here are the papers
K: ok

Kunj was continuously glancing at her, where as twinkle was pissed off at her own behavior, she cudnt believe dat she lost her presence of mind everytym she came b4 him..
She was busy scolding herself visibly n kunj was staring at her…
But our Punjabi pataka went on, unaware dat kunj was watching her..

K: latika?
T: yaa..
K: take a seat

Twinkle obeyed avoiding any kind of stupidness from her side

K: what’s the matter?
T: nothing
K: u sure?
T: yaa..y do u ask?
K: I mean ur scolding urself n I don’t know for what reasons n ur kinda frustrated.
Feel free to share, I’m ur friend too

T: ur not busy?
K: no, its lunch tym now so we have tym ,so go on

Twinkle sighed heavily leaving her breath unaware that she was holding it for so long

T: too many things crawling in my mind so jz not understanding what should be my priority..
K: I know dat feeling, its suffocating ryt?
T: Exactly, its lyk screaming silently
K: Ya, messed up minds n rusty thoughts ,internal battles to top d priority lists.

The convo between them was easing up their busy nerves, be it work pressure or love pressure ,they were putting forth their frustration b4 eo in indefinite words

T: yep. …it piss me off , my mood goes on a roller coaster ride

K: certainly yaar, its lyk u hold the keyboard in steady state but ur mind is completely blank and I end up starting at the blank screen for next two hours..

T: ya and then, I need to scarifice my sleep n work on the pending tasks…n in d morning unwillingly I get up ,forcing myself out of the apartment to office n whole day I end up bearing the torturous head ache…in that instance I feel lyk murdering every human soul that crosses my path… From traffic police to colleagues… Ufff!!!

Kunj looked up at her, realizing her comment
K: so u feel lyk killing me?
T;: What no! Y vl I?
Indeed I’m thankful u let ur tym to listen to my worthless talks n ur very kind n gentle on your employees

K: wow !! Feels good to hear u appreciating me

T: now I feel offended! Do u think I’m kadoos that I don’t appreciate??

K: No, certainly not, but its d first tym I heard u complementing my work so

T: oh…didn’t get chance to do

K: Well I hope ur feeling much better now

T: ya, I’m feeling relaxed

K: gr8 n don’t end up scolding urself next tym…u can share it wid me n ur too pricey to be scolding even if its coming from u..

T: well tq u, if dat was a complement

K: ya its certainly is…

T: U speak lyk u know me better

Even though she fought hard not to ask this question but it slipped out of her tongue n she regretted it the very next moment

Kunj smiled at her observation skills
He spoke very softly this tym leaning towards the table
K: I know many things abt u

Twinkle raised her eyebrow leaning towards him
T: good or bad?

K: what u think?
T: I don’t know

K: Both

Twinkle slightly frowned , kunj smiled at her cuteness..
K: well mostly good

A victrous smile crept over her face
T: oh…thank you
K: Anytym

Twinkle got up n moved towards the door, holding its handle to open, she was already missing him….hence she turned back to see kunj whose eyes were fixed on her

T: can I give u a friendly advice?

K: ya, I’m hearing

Twinkle paused for a moment, battling herself whether she should tell him or no

K: I’m ur friend so don’t hesitate

T: Well stop looking this good, ur literally killing girls out here

Kunj chuckled
K: does that include u too?
T: Does that matter?
K: certainly
T: Well sir lunch tym is over so no more room for friendliness

And with that she walked away
Kunj glanced at he’s watch, the lunch break was over…
“What a timing!!” he thought disappointed ,yet content with the tym spent with her

Later he pinged her on IM chat

K: hey u had ur lunch?
T: I vl finish my job , I fill my hunger with snacks @ the break tym
K: U are ahead in ur work so better step out n have ur food
T: good to have a caring boss
K: I don’t lyk u being hungry jz bcz the discussion at my cabin gulped ur lunch tym

T: don’t worry, I vl , u don’t have to feel guilty, I’m not dat hungry so I vl manage

K: Latika, trust me, ryt now work can wait so go n have ur food


K: good

Its been half an hour n kunj can see that twinkle has not moved from her chair in d cabin, he pings her again

K: what Ru dng?

T: working on new cover designs

K: and lunch?

T: oops I forgot!

K: oh.. NVR in my dreams had I thought that being responsible u wud be careless abt ur health

Kunj waited for her reply where as, twinkle was not understanding what to type back

“So does he dream abt me?” She asked herself

“Twinkle ask dat do I dream abt u? Trust me I vl give an honest answer that I do” he said to himself

Suddenly he saw her msg

T: well ,I’m done with my work so I vl head towards the canteen

K: ya…

He was disappointed that she didn’t ask,
But he still smilied thinking for their short moments…

Once it was evening, employees exited as soon as der work got over..
It was jz twinkle left inside, even kunj had gone …

Kunj came back humming 1980s songs n nodding he’s head n smiling feeling its lyrics..

He saw twinkle der, staring at him from her files outside her cabin..
Kunj quickly stooped humming

K: oh u still here
T: ya was abt move anyway
U haven’t gone yet?

K: I had gone but I realized that I had dropped by home keys back in my cabin so came to pick it up

T: OK…u sing pretty well
K: u heard ?
T: ya ,it was quite so its kinda echoed
K: oh…hope it didn’t disturb u
T: no not at all…
K: pick up ur stuff, let’s go home
T: ya

Both of them came back with der stuff waiting near the elevator

K: hope this lift doesn’t create problems lyk last tym..

Twinkle smiled
T: u get scared of being locked in der?
K: no, but I feel disgusted der with darkness n stillness…

T: ya,…dats pretty hard to bear
K: and moreover I don’t have any experience staying locked up in it…at least u had faced dat situation twice b4 last tym so ur pretty OK with it!

Twinkle looked at him surprised, she felt good dat he still remembered what she had shared
Kunj reading her expression,
K: don’t look surprised, I usually don’t miss on details

T: hmm..ryt ..I have much more to learn abt u as a frnd

K: ya quite ryt…

They entered the lift…
It was jagged for a sec as lights flickered, kunj caught hold of her hand…she didn’t resist, he’s touch felt good even in that darkness with disgusted smell n sickening silence..

The lift went on smoothly from den as the light appeared back…
K: u OK?
T: ya

And he let go of her hand n immediately she missed his touch…

He offered to drive her n she after much insistence agreed…

K: then latika, ur new here, been able to adjust?

T: Ya..

K: I have talked to almost everyone here
But didn’t get tym to chat with u

T: ohh. .so u have given rides to them then..?

K: quite no of tyms…to sakshi, dhruv, sanjana, priya

T: ohhh…

K: u seem shocked?

T: no I thought u don’t interact with it employees much

K: actually I do a lot…but lately been busy so didn’t get chance to

T: ohk….

Soon they arrived at her home…

T: ohk…tqs for the drive
K: no problem
T: ohk then bye ,gn

She reluctantly turned and started walking towards her home..

K: latika…
T: ya

Kunj jogged up to her
K: u didn’t answer my question
T: which one…
K: back at my cabin? Remember?

T: ya…
K: so…? Do I even kill u with my looks…

Twinkle hadn’t expected him to ask abt it n dat too openly, directly

T: ya , lyk everyone
K: so ur generalizing?
T: well I said all girls ,so dat includes me
Girls der are pretty crazy abt u…they do talk a lot abt u during breaks…

K: oh….I didn’t know that I have a fan following in my office…. Gr8 to know..
So what do they say …ur my friend ryt? so gotta tell me

T: ohk…but don’t tell out der

K: I promise, I won’t

T: dey say ur too hot to be the boss…n too handsome to be single…n so on

K:why do they think I’m single?

Twinkle was startled by he’s answer,
T: so ur committed??

K: I didn’t say dat…what do u think am I??

T: u redirect every question of mine to me ..not fair…

K: ohk…(smiles at her complaining behavior)

K: BTW u have a fabulous handwriting?

T: me??

K: yaa…especially wen u write from left hand

Twinkle was shocked
T: how do u know dat?

K: I had seen u once making a bday greeting

T: oh…ya dat was for my sister

K: neeru?

T: yaa…

K: I had seen that name on d greeting…
Lyk I said I know more abt u then u know abt me..

T: hmm….(smiles)

Since they were talking on the main road, twinkle didn’t hear the horn of a car coming towards them… Kunj seeing his drags twinkle from d road n twinkle clings to him….

Twinkle once again inhaled he’s cologne
Feeling relived, her stress slowly waring away…

Kunj cupped her face immediately,
K: u OK?

Twinkle was able to see the concern in he’s eyes…she felt good

T: ya I’m ok….thank you

K: oh god! Be careful yaar….I don’t want to be d one to take u to hospital n sit beside u looking after u in this chilly nyt…
He chuckled

T: don’t worry, I’m not dat week…

K: yes….ryt….u could be alryt even if u were hit by dat car…nai?

T: kunj, ur embarrassing me

Kunj smiled @ her….
K: well dat was not my intention anyway…
But be careful….I wont be der by ur side always to take care….

Twinkle felt elated at he’s response….
T: I think u shd go ,its getting dark

With a heavy heart she said him….he nodded n left from der…..


Precap: twinj phone chat

Tqs for ur support guys….I’m glad dat u lykd the poem in last part….,????
Keeping supporting guys…..
Love u all ?????

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    Ya one more thing can we be friends…

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    It was just so sweet and lovely episode…
    I loved it to d core…
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