Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 29)

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Hi lovelies!!! So sorry for the gap, was out of station…

Thanks for the lovely comments…sorry cudnt reply back….love u all ????

Recap: Sanchus stunt where the other two thinks dat he’s gng to confront twinkle abt what he knows of her, luckily he jz compliments her…
Twinj growing fondness at the venue nyt

Part 29–

After three days of the party

Twinkle was pacing momentarily b4 she calm downed her senses…
She didn’t know what to do or how to deal with, for she had realized she was falling hard for him…or as she already fallen for him??
Kunj Sarna was the one for her , the mere thought sent shivers down her spine…

Kunj finally landed in the Mumbai Airport, he stretched he’s body feeling relived..

AM waved at him and both passed wide smiles …
A: How was the deal?
K: fantastic.. We cracked it
A: Tym for parry then,

Kunj paused for a second ,he’s gaze studying Armaan closely and then raised he’s left eyebrow
A: what??
Kunj resumed walking, AM jogged for a while to catch up wid him

A: why u passed me dat look?
K: well its jz been three days dat I have gone out n u seem to have been turned into a partyholic!!
Sanchays effect I presume
A: how funny!!srsly?

Kunj smiled

A: and talking abt sanchu, he’s been busy lately
K: kyu?
A: he’s turning world upside down to impress Ruhaani
K: Ruhaani?
A: he’s colleges new diva

Kunj nodedd he’s head in disapproval,
K: My brother is one of an antique!
A: Ya, and he’s pretty much bonding with Twinkle

Kunj smiled, jz a mention of her name eased he’s nerves..
K: so sanchay had come to office?
A: ya, impressingly all the three days
K: ohh ….What’s cooking in he’s head?, I’m sure he’s up to some adventure

A: Ya, and Ruhaani is cousin of Ayesha
K: oops!! What’s y he’s attending office

A: Well what abt u?
K: What abt me?

AM sighed, getting kunj to talk abt this matter had always failed…It was a tenuous job since kunj wouldn’t confront he’s feelings

K: aaru
A: ya, what’s that haunting at the back of ur mind?

He’s reply startled kunj for a moment, soon kunj regained he’s composure
They walked over to the black beast waiting at the park lot, once they were on the highway,

K: dont u think we should confront twinkle abt the fact that we know so much abt her

Armaan glanced at kunj for a second and diverted he’s gaze back to the road, he could see a ting of guilt in he’s eye..

A: hmm, dats ryt!

Both of them sat in silence for some more tym, soon Armaan drove the black beast into the shutters of their home

Sanchay was standing their in all good mood along with Bebe

S: welcum home bro
Kunj hugged him and then side hugged Bebe

Once the three brothers reached kunjs room,
K: how’s it gng on wid Ruhaani?
S: not bad bhaiya, u always keep ursepf updated…
Well it has not yet started
I’m some what following u this tym…
“Slow n steady wins d race” he air quoted

Armaan laughs @this whereas kunj glares at sanchu

S: bhaiya, what to u feel abt twinkle?
Kunj raised he’s eyebrow, practically he was buying some tym to answer the question put forth by sanchay

K: why?
S: tell na
K: she’s a good girl
S: bhaiya for god sake stop pretending, ur acting as if ur her teacher talking abt her grade sheet in front of her parents
‘She is a good girl’ he mimicked lyk kunj

AM was watching all this silently, ‘how matured is sanchay!’ he thought

S: I was asking bcz I know what she thinks abt u!

Kunj eyes immediately glitered, he tried hard to control he’s excitement but the other two had already noticed he’s change of expression

K: What she thinks of me? (usual tone)
S: Its OK leave, u have no interest in her so y bother u with unrequited information

Kunj was yearning to know what twinkle w thought of him

Sanchay answered voluntarily
S: I think she likes u, she was probably missing u
K: what????
He was on cloud 9

S: everytym she walked into the corridors, she wud glance at ur cabin, probably checking if u have arrived from d trip

K: oh…
Kunj slipped back into he’s cosy bed trying to avoid their loads of excited questions abt twinkle n he’s feelings…

As he was tired of the journey he soon drifted to deep SLP…
AM and Sanchu walked out allowing him to rest…

She glanced at her watch, it was 11:30 and glanced back @ kunj cabin..

Twinkles POV :

Where is he?? He should have been here by now…how long it takes to drive from he’s home to office??
I know dat he lands today , but can’t he show up ??
I snapped my head to looked over my shoulder in the direction of he’s cabin..
Disappointment washed over me, he’s not yet their..
Gr8!! Seems lyk I’m longing to see him n whereas he has no such plans ..

My gaze met my wrist watch..
What !!! its still 11:35
Only 5 min have passed n I’m feeling lyk eternal…
“What if he doesn’t turn up today” her practical mind poked in, depressing her even more

“Then I’m gng to break into he’s house to get a glance of him” she muttered under her breath

Kunj Sarna ,u don’t even what all ur making me do? Here I’m struck with the cover designs n all my mind is thinking is abt u
Gr8! I so hate myself…
‘U better show up today’ she warned him in her minds….

Kunjs home:

He was asleep but a simile was playing on his lips, sweet n content one
As Bebe walked in, she noticed him..
B: kunj ,get up

Kunj lazily dragged the duvet over his face

B: kunj beta ,wake up…Have some food n den u can go back to ur dreamworld romancing with ur girl!

Kunj sudden sat upon the bed, squeezing he’s eyes, Bebe’s words had hit him lyk an arrow suggesting that he’s was dreaming,
He brushed he’s eyes lazily n crumbled back into he’s soft duvet

B: Kunj
K: Bebe, lemme SLP…
B: kunj even if u SLP back, ur dream won’t continue ,so get up n have sum food

Kunj smiled at her words, he had dreamed the most beautiful scene, he had seen twinkle in he’s dreams…
He flapped he’s legs lazily n got up, rubbing he’s eyes yet again

Bebe smiled at he’s tantrums ,she placed he’s coffee at the side table and sat on the bed
K: Good Morning bebe
B: gm kunj…well tell me whom u saw in ur dream that ur face had a content smile ?

K: nothing bebe…jz lyk normal dreams..
He lied

Bebe patted he’s shoulders lovingly,
B: I haven’t grown so old dat Im having illusions..Now get up n fresh up… I have placed bfst on the table at the bed lamp…
Have it when it’s still warm

K: ty bebe

Bebe smiles @ him and moves out
He gets up n freshens
While sipping he’s morning he thinks abt he’s dream…

As far as he could remember he was styled in suit n twinkle in a Saree …
Their were somewhere amid ice, throwing ice balls at each other..
And suddenly the scene shifts where he’s dressed in casuals n she’s in a loose dress
but their surrounding remained same…

Kunj caught he’s image on the dressing mirror, he noticed that he was smiling sheepishly

He soon jumped off the bed, caught a notepad and grabbed a pen n hopped back into the bed…

After some 20 minutes, he stared at he’s work n patted he’s back self appreciating

On a fresh paper he had tried to capture he’s dream in words…he had written a beautiful poem…

It read;


Closed my eyes thinking I was dreaming
But glad I was not
Be it here or there, even blindfolded it was she who held me captive
Doe eyes, glossy lips, silky hair was my sight!
A beautiful one indeed
The snow flakes adored her, there she kept playing lyk a kid
The child in me held me glued to her
Reliving the happiness of having my favorite toy back
Is she my sunshine?

Nevertheless she was d meadow of my barren land
Her gaze subverted my senses
And being more than happy I surrendered to her smile
Even in the smock, she looked the prettiest
A snowball landed on my shoulder breaking into pieces
She looked at me with a sorry look
I realized, all I wanted to be was her sunshine!

*guys I have penned this poem, plz do tell me of how u felt abt d poem*

Kunjs POV :

Not bad for the first timers ,I thought…
She made me crazy throughout the day, n made sure she was ryt der even in my dreams. .
God!!! This girl is a criminal killing me…even her absense kills me…
I bent backward, the clock showed its 1:30

Damn!!! Its been 3 days I haven’t seen her, that too after the memorable dance at the party…
Like its been more than 72 hours, I said to myself getting excited ,hopped off the bed. For a moment I stood still at the mirror, staring my image…

I have seen ppl acting crazy to meet their beloved, n NVR in my wildest dreams had I thought dat one day a girl wud jeopardize my life in this manner…

He spoke to he’s mirror image,
-hey kunj, believe me u have gone completely insane, she’s the one running in ur blood n pumping ur heart, and even then she is d only one on seeing whom ur heart flutters , skipping a beat..
Ignore this feeling as long as u can, but u know ,the truth is dat u can’t stand her absense, u need to see her n ryt now n dat is y ur acting all crazy as the hero in those Bollywood movies…
She’s ur heroine
End of POV

And soon he stared in disbelieve at he’s image in d mirror…he cudnt believe dat he himself said all that to he’s mirror image…
Then a small smile breaks up on he’s thin lips …
“Grab ur keys n let’s go to meet her, I need to see her to compensate those 3 days of her absense” he says to himself ruffling he’s hair

Twinkle was trying to concentrate on the file she was holding but, unknown to herself her eyes wud gaze at kunjs cabin every now n then..
She was standing at the far end of the corridor ,near to her cabin, from where she had complete view of kunjs cabin…

“Missing me?” A voice startled her…
She looked back to she the person she was waiting for all this morning,

Kunjs hair was still wet, like he had walked straight to office after the shower, he was in he’s casuals, he’s broad shoulders relaxed and he’s eyes twinkling

She stared back at him , in no hurry to break the eyelock…she was slowing drinking the beautiful b4 her..
Soon she composed herself

T: yes, I need ur sign on these papers

Kunj looked at the files in her hand, for a moment he’s face lost the charm

Kunjs POV:

I thought she was waiting for me to arrive as she was stealing glances at my empty cabin..was she srsly waiting for me to get the papers signed?

Well girls are hard to understand and she is way smarter than the girls I have come across….so wen I’m not sure ,y believe the negatives to let my heart ache…
Let’s believe she was here for ME!
End of POV

His face slowly lits up after hes self talk
K: Ya that’s what I meant, come to my cabin with the papers n he left

Twinkle inhaled he’s cologne as he walked past her…

Twinkles POV :
On god!!! That was close, he caught me off guard…
Did he watch me glancing at he’s cabin?
And by telling me ‘missing me’ he meant abt the paper which have to be signed…
He’s difficult to understand…
But its good that I finally saw him…
Hes presence had an effect of that of a medicine on my desperation
And not to forget, he’s looking no less than a Greek god!!!!!


Precap: Donno, sorry!!

Well guys lemme me know abt what u felt abt the episode
It was difficult to gain the grip aftr the gap of a week, hope I haven’t spoiled the story line up…
And abt the poem, tell me how it was
I had written few days b4 n since it matched the scene in this part I added it..

Do comment guys…
Next episode : Tomorrow

Happy weekend ..☺☺☺

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