Twinj- Being My Husband’s Mistress (chapter 5)

Chapter 5

“Get on your knees, Ms. Taneja.” Said Kunj

“No kunj. Please. Kill me if you want.. but dont do this. Please.” She said pleading him and moving backwards.

“No. No. Are you kidding me? Why should I kill you and how could I kill you… I love you right?” He said with a deep pain and a anger in his voice.

She looked at him with same pain.

“I am sorry Kunj. I am very sorry for whatever I did. I know I was wrong but please dont do this.” She said falling down on her knees crying.

“Stop your drama, Twinkle. This wont affect me.” He said.

He stopped when he found her fallen on the ground and saw no movement in her body…

“Is she fine?” This was the only thought running in his mind.

“No nothing can happen to her.” He said moving forward and sat near her.

He patted her cheek but she remian unaffected.

He touched her forhead but she was cold…

He shaked her but she remained unaffected…
His eyes started to well up.

He picked her up and placed her on bed…
He immediately called doctor and asked them to come soon.

He sprinkled some water on her face but she remained unaffected and was still unconciouss.

With each passing second… the tension on Kunj’s face was increasing…

He was just staring her blanky.. and waiting for doctor.. it had only been 5 minutes but it looked more than 5 hours for him..

He started her face and looked at her emotionally and thought about his life when he met her.

Before 3 years…

A office was shown, pin drop silence everywhere around. Everyone engrossed in their own work…

Suddenly the sound of anklets was heard in whole the office. Everyone was shocked listening it as the office always remained silent and no one allowed to wear some sound making things?

Everyone looked at her as if she was some alien.

The girl moves forward and saw everyone looking at her and become shocked.

She was chewing a bubble gum?.

A man comes out of the room and becomes annoyed listening anklet sounds.

“Who the hell is this?” He shouted.

Everyone’s attention turned toward him.

“Now she is gone. God bless her.” Said someone from the employess..

She looked at the man with raised eyebrow and went near him..

Her chewn stick to her face and she removed it with her hand.(??)..

She forwarded her hand…

“Sir. I am Twinkle. Twinkle Taneja.” She said with a bright smile on her face.

“So?” He asked and looked at her hand with disgust. She then took her hand back..

“I am here for the job interview.” She said and keeps on talking without a break telling about her qualifications.

Everyone looked at her with wide open mouth.

“Get out..” said the man angrily to the girl.?
“Dont show your face to me ever again.” He added.

Another man came running towards them.

“Sir let it be. She is new. She dont know anything here.” He said looking down not meeting his eyes.

“What? Kunj. Are you out of your mind? And dont forget this is my office. I am alive to take decisions.” The man said angrily.

“But Sir. I was just saying it will only give us profit as I heard she had good qualifications so. Lets give her a chance and I will tell to her about rules.” He said still looking down..

The man thought something and nodded.

“Thank you Sir.” He said.

“Shekar Sir. You have a important meeting now.” Someone called him and he went..

(NOTE: Shekhar is same Mr. Sarna in first chapter).

“Hayela. Thank you.” Said twinkle looking towards him.

He just smiled at her.

(Kunj is a shy guy. Doesnt talk much and is always scared of hid dad).

“You saved me otherwise that buddha khadoos would have eaten me alive. Dont know how people can be this much angry.” She said unknwn to the fact who he is to him ?.

“Buddha khadoos.” Kunj murmered under his breathe.

“Hehe. By the way I am Twinkle. Now as you said you have to help me. Ok?” She said.

“Huhh. Why am I asking ofcourse you have to help me.. chalo chalo now tell me what I have to do before he starts again.” She said and moved forward..

He just shaked his head and moved behind her.

“She is so sweet and nice. I never argued with Dad for anything and anyone but dont know why I felt like protecting her. And now she is really a kiddo??.” He thought and left behind her.

# Present

Doctor came in the house and examined Twinkle.

“Where are her previous reports, Mr. Sarna?” He asked…

“Previous reports? Which reports doctor?” Asked Kunj being confused.

“Dont you know. She must be going some medical treatment from long time. See a lot of marks of injections on her body.” He said showing her the marks on her hands.

While Kunj stood there shocked unknown of anything what happened to her?

To be continued.

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