Twinj- Being My Husband’s Mistress (Chapter 22)

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Chapter 22

Next morning

Twinj were seen sleeping in each other’s embrace…
Kunj’s sleep broke as Twinkle was cuddling him more and more..

He opened his eyes only to see his love, his Twinkle by her side and cuddling more in him..

He smiled and then removed the hairs falling on her face and took a clear view of her…

Her face was glowing and a smile was plastered to her lips..

He lightly kissed her forhead… he was moving back when her hot breath fell on his face.. he couldnt stop to urge to kiss her so without thinking further he placed his rough ones on her soft ones..

He was kissing her with all the desire and love for her…
Her sleep got disturb when she felt him kissing her..

She smiled and started to kiss him back by placing her hands in his hair…

On seeing her responding, he entered his tongue in her mouth deepning the kiss and his hands started to move over her body once again..

He broke the kiss and joined his forhead with hers..

“I love you.” He confessed again.

“I love you too.”

Only three words.. they say each other numerous timess but everytime it gives a soothing warmth to their heart..

With this he again started kissing her.

“I think I should stop otherwise we wont get out of this bed today.” Said Kunj once they broke the kiss and started to move away but he was being pulled by her over again.

“I wont mind that too, as long as I am with you.” She said with a wink making his jaw drop seeing her boldness.

“Then why will I?” He said gaining back his senses and with this he smashed his lips on hers and started kissing her harshly..

While kissing he removed the comforter above them revealing their naked bodies..

His hands travelled down holding her arms and placing them above her head in between his hands.

He left her lips and winked at her..

She was confused first seeing his wink but then squirmed once he felt his mouth on her armpits… he always knew this is her sensitive spot and he always teases her…

She started to move unconditionally below him but he held her tight and was licking and sucking their…

She was enjoying the pleasure but more it was ticking her..

Kunj smirked naughtily and started to move his other hand down her body, he slid the finger from her forhead to cheeks to lips to throat, while still kissing her armpits…

She was giggling and moving under him trying to free herself…

But Kunj being Kunj tightened his grip more.

His finger reached down to her cleavage, he pinched it there.. making her gasp by surprise..

“Ku…n..j . . Leav..e me plea..see…” she pleaded him while blushing..

“Too late.” He said and again started the sweet torcher.

His hand travelled down to her br*ast pinching and fondling them…

She started breathing heavily..

She was enjoying his touch and was blushing..

His hand reached to her inner thighs..
Slowly caressing them…

She started to moan…

He left her armpits and placed his mouth over one of her br*ast… sucking and licking it…

His hand slid upwards to her core..

He touched it slightly.. she whimper.

“Umm… Kun..njj” she hardly moaned..

She tried to remove her hands from his grip but he only tightened it..

His hand started moving over her womenly folds.. he was able to feel how wet she is..

His mouth left her br*asts..

He moved upwards and saw her face..
Her closed eyes.. blushing cheeks.. a beautiful smile.. he lost himself in her and placed his lips on hers.. slowly..

They kissed pouring the all the love they had for each other.

While kissing he was still moving his hand on her core..

Slowly he entered inside his finger in her love hole..
She moaned in his mouth..

He immedialtely pushed his tongue inside her mouth, tasting every corner of her mouth with his tongue.

He left her lips and started to move his finger deeply and fastly…

While she was moaning his name badly..

Hearing her moans, his desires grew and he started to move it more fastly..

“Aa…. kunj…..” she said and directly came on his fingers.

She blushed and looked at him…
Both were breathing heavily..

He immedialtely lowerd his face between her legs and started to taste her juices..

She moaned more feeling his tongue against her.

She felt her stomach curling up again..

“Umm.. Ku…njj… plss.. I ne..ed.d. you..” she managed to say in between the pleasure he was giving her..

He without teasing her move positioned himself in between her legs and entered inside in a moment.

She moaned loudly feeling pain..
Her eyes started to water.

He immediately placed his lips on hers to distract her from the pain..
She started to respond her after some time..

He picked up the pace once he felt her being comfortable…

After some time.. she came with a loud moan and he reached the climax soon after her.. filling her womb with his seed.

After an hour, both slept in each other’s embrace being tired..


On the other side.

Alisha was sitting on the other side of bed and was crying and caressing one picture in her hand….


“Atul call Kunj and ask her to come home soon.” Said shekar to atul sitting in the hall.

“But Sir. Kunj Sir is on an important meeting and his orders are not to disturb him.” Said Atul with a fear in his eyes.

“What ever it is.. he cant order his dad. Call him and ask him to come today only.” Ordered Shekar to him and left the place.

“Huhh.. Bhabhi says correct.. he is really Mogambo.. but I cant call Bhai. If he is in an important meeting then.” Said Atul to himself and blushed at his own words.

“Bhai is making me also Mad.. on the other hand. It will be fun to tease him.” He thought and immediately dialled Kunj’s Number.

Twinj were sleeping in each other’s embrace..
When Kunj’s phone started to ring..

He unwillingly got up and recieved the call.

“Hello. Who is this? Who so ever is call afterwards. Bye.” He said without opening his eyes and nuzzling his nose in her neck.

He was about to cut the call.

“Bhai. Bhai. Bhai.” Said Atul..

Listening atul’s voice Kunj opened his eyes.

“Anything serious Atul. Do you find anything?” He said being tensed and looked at Twinkle who was sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face..

He pecked her forhead and wore his boxers and get up from bed.

“Nothing Bhai. Actually Shekar Sir asked to call you. He is having an important work.. and he wants you today evening.” He said and then continued.
“Vaise I said him you are having an important meeting but still he was forcing me, tell me if your important meeting is over I will say Sir.” Said Atul teasing him.

“Atull.. stop it.. and my important meeting is not over. It will take some more days.. ask Dad to wait. We will be back after 2 days.” Said Kunj.

“Huhh. Bhai you are of no use. If I would have been in your place and got a beautiful wife like Bhabhi.. then toh you cant imagine..” he said dreaminly..

“Mr. Atul. Do you want your job or not?” Said Kunj gritting his teeth.

“O. Sorry sorry I didnt mean it. Jealous baby. I will say shekar sir to wait. You carry on.” He said teasingly and cut the call.

While Kunj made faces.

“I swear I will strangle him if once meet me.” Said Kunj being jealoused.

“Whom are you planning to kill?” Asked Twinkle hugging him from behind who was standing near the window.

He turned towards her and found her in his shirt and was mesmerised..

“I dont know that. But you will be my death for sure.” He said pulling her closer by waist and nuzzled his nose in her neck and started to place wet kisses.

“KUNNJ….” she said and pushed him back irritatingly.

“What?” He gave him a confused look.

“I am hungry.” She said with a pout.

He immedialtely pecked her pout in response Twinkle hit him on his shoulder.

“Wait. I wil order something.” He said and moved away.

While Twinkle continued to look outside.

He came back and pecked her cheeks and left the place.

While Twinkle laughed at his antics.

Twinkle: Kunj now free me from this contract of being your mistress (she said in a demanding voice.)

KUNJ: Noo. (He said with a plane face.)

Twinkle looked hurt at his answer while he turned away his face.

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