TwiNj horror Ss~Alive+Dead (Short Story…1~Spirits)

Hi… I am back with another short story which will be released shortly after I m ready with all the chapters so that I can give regular updates. About the story, it’s based on my nightmare…

Hi I am Kunj… My body has been separated by me but my spirit is free to roam around. I can see my gf sitting by my side with tears dripping from her eyes. I can’t understand what’s happening. My spirit is not alone. I have two other spirits also by my side. One spirit tells me I m dead and that is why my gf keeps crying looking at me and she’s not ready to burn my body to ashes… but the other spirit keeps telling me that I m alive and that one day, I will eventually be able to feel myself again. I just don’t know what to accept. It’s so lonely to become a lost soul.

Will Neil be alive or dead… read to know.


Chapter starts here…

Hello reader, I am Kunj Sarna. And this is the story of my life after I got attacked by an intruder in order to save my wife. I was admitted in Leelavatti hospital as I got stabbed by him. I was conscious as I was taken to the ward and then it was a blackout as I was given anesthesia. After a lot of time I sat up with a jerk and felt absolutely nothing. I just felt like air. I didn’t feel my skin, I didn’t feel my clothes. I looked at my right to see my girlfriend Twinkle sitting by my side. She wasn’t looking at me, she was looking behind me. Tears were dripping from her eyes. “Twinkle…. Twinkle… Twinkle look at me, I m awake,” I said and extended my hands to cup her face to make her look at me but to my shock, my hands passed through her. She jerked and sighed. “I felt cold on my face, don’t know why, never mind, important is that Kunj comes back to senses,” she said and extended her hand behind me, I tried touching her hand but it went right through her and she jerked again.

“Haww, what’s happening?” She said and held her head. She stood up and went behind me. I looked behind and to my shock, I saw myself only laying there. “Haww?” I said and got off the bed and maintained distance from the bed. I saw her kissing my forehead. “Get well soon, I will come drinking water,” she said and went from there. “Why didn’t Twinkle acknowledge me? And how come I m there on the bed as well as here?” I said to myself. “You are temporarily a spirit,” said a girl’s voice behind me and I turned back immediately. My eyes met with the beautiful girl behind me. She had arm length long hair and was wearing a saree. “Hey, do I know you?” I asked. “No, you don’t know me but you will get to know me as time passes, I m Niyati,” (Sargun Kaur Luthra) she said introducing herself extending her hand for a handshake. “Hi, I m Kunj Sarna, so why did you say I m a spirit?” I asked with confusion having a handshake with her, we both dropped our hands. “Because you are in a coma, your body is captivated but your soul is free to roam around,” she told me and I was shocked and turned to glance at my body. “But why?” I asked.

“God knows, but you are a lost soul for the time being,” she told me and I looked back at my body. “Oh please Niyati, don’t say like that, my girlfriend is talking to me, she’s waiting for me to wake up, why? Because I m alive and I know it,” I argued. “Yes you are alive,” she said and I turned and went near my body. I placed my hand below my body’s nose but felt nothing. Being a ghost sucks. “Did you feel anything?” She asked standing beside me. I shook my head.

“You’re alive, don’t worry, you will return in your body shortly after you heal properly,” she told me and shrugged. “Wait up, I will go find more people’s spirits for us to accompany, so that we all can have a talk,” she said and started leaving but I went and stood in front of her. “Tumhe doosro’n ki aatmao’n ki pari hai? Main yahan zindagi aur maut k beech mein phass chuka hoon aur tum ho ke Meri madat karnay k bajaye auro’n ki aatmaein dhoondne jarahi ho? Tum pagal ho Kya?” (You’re thinking about other people’s spirits? I m stuck between life and death and instead of helping me, you’re going to find other people’s spirits? Are you mad?) I asked getting furious. “Pagal nahi hoon, unko isliye dhoond rahi hoon taakay vo tumhara ye akela pann door ho sakay,” (I m not mad, I m going to go find them so that they can take away your loneliness) she said and pushed me sideways walking through the wall.

“Niyati!” I shouted but it was of no use. I sat on my knees getting lost in my own thoughts when suddenly the door opened and Twinkle came inside. She sat by my side and rested her head on my chest and shortly after, she slept and suddenly I recalled my and Twinkle’s scene from the past.


I was sleeping till late in the morning and Twinkle came out from the washroom after bathing. Everything was absolutely silent when I felt water drops near my eyes. I opened my eyes and saw her sitting with her wet hair on her face and a mischievous smile on her lips. “You… I won’t leave you,” I said and pushed the duvet and she stood up maintaining distance. I stood up and ran behind her to catch her and finally I got hold of her arm and pulled her, her head banged in my rock hard chest. “Hmmmm, looks like someone is in a very mischievous mood, mind if I also do some mischief?” I asked and she blushed and lowered her eyelids. Slowly I claimed her lips and she gasped and pushed me away.

“Chhee, you haven’t even brushed, I can’t share your bacteria,” she said. “What yaar? We both are sharing our lives, you’re talking about bacteria,” I said and took her hand twirling her and then left her, she held the railing behind her. I approached her and held both her hands pulling her near. Her hair fell on her face and I moved them. “Mere ghar aayi ek nanhee pari,” (in my house came a little fairy) I sung and she got confused and looked here and there. “Where is she?” She asked. “In front of me,” I answered, she giggled and ran away.

Fb end.

I was smiling when I felt someone near me. I looked up and saw that Niyati had managed to bring one spirit along with her. “Ek or bhootni? (One more ghost?) Oh my God!” I said while laughing. “Shut up and stand up, idiot!” Said the other spirit and I stood up straightening my face. “Hey, your good name?” I asked. “Tara,” (Aalisha Panwar) she answered and I smiled. “Kunj Sarna, so what do you want to say about this?” I asked pointing at my body behind. She looked behind me and then at me. “I don’t know what to say, actually, even I m in this situation,” she said and then walked through a wall gesturing us to come along. We both walked behind her till we stopped at a room where she was laying in the same condition like me.

~Adaalat Husn Ki Hogi,
Mukadma Tere Ishq Ka Hoga,
Gawaahi Mere Dil Ki Hogi,
Mujrim Tera Pyaar Hoga,
Aur Faisla Zindagi Or Maut Ka Hoga

~Bichharna Bhi Tumhara Jeetay Jee Ki Maut Hai Goya,
Usay Kya Khaak Lutf Zindagi Jiss Se Juda Tum Ho

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