TwiNj horror Ss Cries Of Death (epilogue)

“I am the angel of death, known by different names for different people of different religions, Yamraaj, Jibraeel, etc. You can see me because your eyes belong to someone else and that someone else has seen me while she was alive,” he answered and vanished. Twinkle held her head breathing heavily for sometime. He appeared again. “No need to be scared of me as I can see you’re a pure soul and you haven’t done anything wrong, you will keep seeing me but you will have to understand that this is my work assigned to me by God,” he said and vanished again. Twinkle looked on blankly.


Years later, now finally TwiNj had got twins daughters named as Avantika kept after Twinkle’s mother and another was named as Janvi named after Kunj’s mother. Fortunately they got twin sons as well named as Kaal named after Twinkle’s father and another was named as Ashwin named after Kunj’s father. Twinkle went to the children’s room and switched on the lights. “Wake up, don’t you all have to go to school? I remember you all have test today,” she said and Avantika sat up. “Mumma I don’t want to go, I have fever,” she said.

“Oh really?” Twinkle asked and came to her while others were still sleeping. She touched her forehead and it was somehow a little hot. “Yeah you have it, wait ha, I will get the thermometer, and when the others wake up, tell them I kept this milk for them, you too drink after freshening up, okay?” She asked and Avantika nodded. Twinkle went and she opened the drawer and grinned seeing the thermometer was actually there. She got it and then recalled how Twinkle and Kunj always got their temperature and then she jerked it multiple times and then placed it in one of the milk glasses.

“Mumma always keeps it for five minutes and I will do the same,” she said and giggled. “I will also have to keep all of them asleep till five minutes,” she said and turned off the alarm clock. Five minutes later, Avantika heard footsteps and got the thermometer out of the milk glass and waited for Twinkle. She looked on as she appeared at the entrance with Kunj. “Mumma, I already got my temperature,” she said and Twinkle came and took the thermometer. She giggled seeing the milk on the thermometer.

“Hmmmm, why do you children think you can fool your parents? You took the temperature of the milk and not yourself, you didn’t have any fever,” Twinkle said placing her hands on her hips. Avantika frowned. Twinkle went to others and woke all of them. “Wake up everyone, and please no excuses, I have had enough of this one excuse, freshen up and get ready,” she said and frowned. Kunj looked on as everyone woke up and went to freshen up one by one. “Twinkle, why are you angering on them?” He asked. “Why don’t you see what she did?” She asked.

“Oh c’mon, she’s just a kid,” he said and she closed her eyes in anger. “Fine, so today, you do everything I do for them,” she said and went. Kunj sighed and then made everyone ready and dropped them to scho then went to Twinkle. “Looks like someone is super angry here,” he said clearing his throat teasing her. She glared at him and then looked away. “Do you remember how that Y.M Raaj from humshakals sung in that funny song scaring everyone in the mental asylum?” He asked and she looked at him blinking her eyes several times. He looked on.

“O bandu reeeee, o bandu re! O bandu re tujhe mil ke mere ujray chaman mein khil gaya gulaab hai, hum paagal nahi Hain bhaiya, humala dimaag khalaaaaaab hai,” he sung and finally she smiled. “You know how to make me smile, right?” She asked. “Hmm, koi shak?” (Any doubts?) He asked and she shook her head. “Remember how we always used to try to become parents and we got blessed with four children? I got twins for twice, basically we got twins, and such a blessing it is to have four children, named after our parents,” she said and they smiled. “Grandma used to say that seeing the angel of death outside a door is a blessing, but I got shocked when I started seeing him outside every door,” she said. “Forget it Twinkle, no need to focus on him anymore,” he said and she joined her forehead with his forehead. “So on what should I focus?” She asked. “Us,” he said and they smiled and locked their lips falling back on the bed. “We have been avoiding all this since so long, let’s feel it for once more,” she said and he got on top of her kissing her neck.

She turned on her tummy and he kissed her back. He moved all her hair and nuzzled in her neck.

Teri baahon mein mili
Aisi raahat si mujhe
Hogayi jaan e jahan
Teri aadat si mujhe
Dekhoon main jab tujhko toh
Tab Mera din ye dhalay
Deewana Kar Raha hai
Tera Roop sunehra
Musalsal khal Raha hai
Mujhko ab ye sehra
Bata ab jaaein to jaaein Kahan

Deewana Kar Raha Hai
Tera Roop Sunehra
Musalsal Khal Raha
Mujhko Ab Ye Sehra
Bata Ab Jaayein Toh Jaayein Kahaan

Dard Ka Aalam Hai Hardum
Tere Bin O Mere Humdum
Aankhon Mein Dikhti Hai Maayusiyan
Jahaan Bhi Jaaun Tere Bin
Badi Mushqil Se Guzre Din
Chubti Hai Dil Ko Teri Khamoshiyan
Raaz Gehra Jo Hai Tera
Darr Hai Kaisa Tu Hai Mera
Deewana Kar Raha Hai
Tera Roop Sunehra
Musalsal Khal Raha
Mujhko Ab Ye Sehra
Bata Ab Jaayein Tto Jaayein Kahaan
Deewana Kar Raha Hai

Tera Roop Sunehra
Musalsal Khal Raha
Mujhko Ab Ye Sehra
Bata Ab Jaayein To Jaayein Kahaan
Dhul Gaye Dil Ke Saare Gham
Khushi Se Aankhein Hai Ye Nam
Zindagi Mein Tu Meri Jab Se Aa Gaya

Dil Ka Armaan Bana Hai Tu
Meri Pehchaan Bana Hai Tu
Saanson Mein Ruh Ban Ke Tu Samaa Gaya
Jaan Bhi Teri, Dil Bhi Tera
Tujh Se Hai Mera Savera O
Deewana Kar Raha Hai

Tera Roop Sunehra
Musalsal Khal Raha
Mujhko Ab Ye Sehra
Bata Ab Jaayein Toh Jaayein Kahaan
Deewana Kar Raha Hai
Tera Roop Sunehra
Musalsal Khal Raha
Mujhko Ab Ye Sehra
Bata Ab Jaayein Toh Jaayein Kahaan

The end

  1. Trivisha Choudhary

    Amazing episode dear waiting for next please post soon

    1. Salley145

      I have written the end.. ? it has ended

  2. Awesome episode dear
    Please post soon your other stories too?

  3. Superb mind-blowing episode dear please post next story

  4. Fantastic episode dear but why you end this story so fast ? but it’s ok please come back with another story

  5. Amazing episode dear please post another story

  6. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Amazing shot dear…
    Thank God twinkle is fine…
    Twins… twice… ???????????
    Twinkle and kunj both both get their parents back in their two twins…
    Officer kunj sarna your wife is more romantic than you ????
    That’s why first twins daughters then twins sons…. Ghazab ?????
    In this the most I enjoyed and loved…
    (1) hamari writer sahiba ki shayri
    (2) understanding and the out most love between twinj.
    (3)the glimpse of horror.
    (4) a totally different story, Kunj a police officer and twinkle a doctor.
    And (5) sweet moments between twinj no one is less in romance.
    Do come back with another story…

    1. Salley145

      Thanks.. so sweet of you ? sure dear

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