TwiNj Horror SS: Cries Of Death (3~Dead baby?)

Twinkle stood up from there and ran away cryingly and took her belongings ignoring everyone who called her on the way. She exited the hospital and went directly to her house, she recalled that she had forgotten keys. She slapped her forehead and then banged the door by both her hands. The worker opened the door, she ran inside directly to her room and threw herself on the bed. “I don’t know what’s this happening, and why this is happening with me, what have I done that I m seeing this murderer man killing people in front of my eyes and I can’t do anything about it,” she said cryingly.

She didn’t knew when she fell asleep.


Later at night, Kunj came and his gaze went at Twinkle who was sleeping on the floor. He went and knelt beside her as he had seen her lips moving. “I don’t know why this is happening, m fed up, please don’t kill, leave them, who are you? Who are you?” She muttered under her breath. Kunj shook her. “Twinkle,” he whispered. “No please don’t go and kill anyone, leave them alive, leave please, go from here,” she said muttering under her breath.

“Twinkle,” he whispered again. “Go from here! Leave! Don’t kill! No!” She woke up shouting madly. He calmed her engulfing her in his arms and caressed her hair. “You killed them, don’t kill anyone, I will call police, leave! Just leave!” She muttered again and he broke the hug and touched her forehead, it was burning hot in fever. She was sweating badly. “Twinkle, Twinkle please just come in your senses, he’s not here, relax please calm down, he won’t do anything, relax,” he said and she moved his arms and moved away hugging her knees shivering and whimpering.

“How would he be here Kunj? For you, how would he be here? He would be here, but just for me. When I first saw him, he was walking to the ward and then he removed his hoodie, and he looked at me as if saying ‘you can see me?’ Don’t know why, don’t know why I felt that Kunj, his eyes fully red, humanly looks but inhumane at the same time, black wings, black hood, killing people, what’s the matter? I told you Kunj, I told you to gather some information about him, look what he did, he took another innocent life,” she said and he felt bad seeing her like that.

“Twinkle, calm down, stand up,” he said and held her arms making her stand and then made her sit on the bed making her have water. “Relax Twinkle, he won’t come here, and I tried gathering information about him, but everyone said that they didn’t see him, don’t know how,” he told her. “So then how did I see him Kunj?” She asked and suddenly her anger turned into tears. He wiped her tears as she cried bitterly. “He must’ve bribed them, I know he must’ve bribed them,” she said and he sighed.

“Okay, tomorrow I will ask again, don’t worry,” he said and then hugged her and this time she did calm a little. “By the way Twinkle, I think you forgot something really important,” he said and she gasped. “Oh no, what did I forget?” She asked. “Dinner!” he exclaimed and she had a sigh of relief. “I thought I forgot something like your birthday or our anniversary,” she said laughingly and he too laughed. “I had to say something like this as you didn’t stop worrying, let’s go, shall we?” He asked and she nodded. They went from their room.


Later, Kunj and Twinkle were cuddling each other as usual. “We’re waiting since so long, when the hell will our baby come? Will it come or not?” Twinkle asked. “It will, it will, just have some patience, by the way don’t you get tired by doing this stuff daily?” He asked and she blushed. “Shut up Kunj,” she said hitting him lightly. “By the way, I remembered a song on our situation, beintehaan, beintehaan, Yoon pyaar Kar, beintehaan, dekha karoon, saari Umar, Tere nishaan, beintehaan, koi kasar na rahay, Meri khabar na rahay, chhoo lay Mujhe is qadar beintehaan,” he sung and she laughed.

“Wow, you sing so nicely, become a singer instead of a policeman,” she advised. “You too, become an actress instead of doctor,” he advised and she laughed. “Yaar why have you made the temperature of the AC so high, lower it so that there’s more cold, and so that we can sleep,” she said picking the AC remote and he snatched it immediately. “Aray o pagli, apun naaga baba ban ke baitha hai aur tumko AC ka para hai?” (Oh mad girl, I m sitting here naked and you’re worrying about the AC?) He teased and she laughed uncontrollably. “Neil, you became a tapori (gangster) instead.”

She said laughingly. “Aray tumko hasanay ke waaste re baba,” (just to make you laugh) he said in a tapori style again and she laughed more as he lowered the temperature. “How are you talking? Okay, I will also talk like this, aray o paglay, ho tum ek policeman, lekin naga baba or tapori dono ban Kar baitha hai, sharam Kar… Ummm, mujhse nahi horaha,” (oh mad man, you’re a policeman and you’re sitting being both a gangster and immodest too, have some shame… Ummm, I can’t do it) she said and pouted, he laughed. “Dekha? Jab ye Kunj Sarna kuchh karta hai na toh uske mukaablay mein koi aa hi nahi sakta, ullll,” (did you see? When Kunj Sarna does something so then no one can compete him, ulll) he said poking his tongue out at her, she smiled laughing silently and dozed off to sleep. He cuddled to her.


Next day as usual, Kunj again went for the interrogation about the mysterious man but everyone had the same answer that none had seen them. Once again he was disappointed and was frustrated. On the other side, Twinkle was called to nurse a new born baby who was premature and very weak. She was kept under observation. She kept her eyes on her the whole time. But just as she was about to do something according to her work, the same man appeared there. She gasped but this time she had to stop him. She bent and took the baby in her arms. “No, I won’t let you do anything to this baby,” she said but her whimpering voice was going in deaf ears, the man chanted something and in seconds, the baby fell lifeless in her arms but not before giving a cry of death.

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    Salley dear I have a confusion…
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      No no.. infact I love it when my readers ask me questions ?.. all stories r different dear.. Pyaar Ka Dard Hai is different.. Yearbook is also different.. Cries Of Death is also different and Dead Body is also different ?

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    Well tapori Kunj and tapori twinkle was so amazing… ?????
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