TwiNj Horror Ff: Yearbook part 4 by Salley245 (Not Much Horror,)

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“Oh Angel of death, when a good ghost like Parth can win prayers from out of the lips of sin, when the pain he beared, and we the little ones, before you, gives away our tears, have some mercy on Parth and take him with you to the world that is free of fears,” the trio said all at once waiting for the reply. The angel of death looked at her with a thoughtful expression. “Parth isn’t a suicide ghost, so then why keep him in the world of humans? He was killed, and it’s must for him to go where he belongs,” Avni said.

“I know my child, but now it’s not his time, he died before his time, his death was much farther,” replied the angel of death. “Even his sinners are punished now, so for who will he stay back?” I asked. “There is something he is hiding,” said the angel of death and then the trio looked at each other and then at Parth and then back at him. “What is that?” Twinkle asked. “He loves you my child,” said the angel of death giving her a shock. “He… Loves… Me?” She asked in a shock.

“Yes, he loves you, and so till you’re alive, he will keep coming back to meet you, to protect you,” he told her. Twinkle stood on her feet along with me and Avni and went to Parth who was looking down. She cupped his face and made him look at her. “Parth tell me, is this true?” She asked and he nodded. “So then why didn’t you tell me?” She asked. “Because it would’ve been awkward,” he replied. “Even I felt like that, but now it’s not awkward as I know you also feel the same about me, I love you too Parth,” she said. At this point, I felt immense jealousy. When I loved her, she said she doesn’t believes in love and won’t ever love anyone and now she’s after him, an ordinary ghost? But why him and not me? A spirit and a human can’t ever unite, only two humans or two souls can unite.

I looked on as they both shedded tears of happiness and had a hug. “I should go now,” he said breaking the hug and then went to the angel of death and looked back at her, thank God he was going. “I will come back if you ever need me, else I can’t come back,” he told her, she waved at him and he disappeared, I wish Twinkle never needs him, I will fill up that space and will never let her feel empty. She turned to go back from where we came but we hugged her as her eyes carried pearls of love for him, her lips were trembling as she was trying hard to stop her tears from falling down.

“He left me,” she said bursting into tears. “But we are always with you,” Avni said. “And he said that he may come back if you need him so have some trust on the Almighty God,” I said and she smiled. Yes, Twinkle I will be there for you for twenty four hours and won’t ever leave you like Parth. We broke the hug and left from there.

Writer’s POV:
At evening, Twinkle sat with the yearbook in her hands looking at Parth’s photo caressing it while tears rolled down from her eyes. She remembered one scene from the past when they met for the first time.

Twinkle had come to the dorm for the first time and she kept her suitcase on her single bed. Avni too did the same. “We got a very good dorm, no?” She asked Avni. “Yes, it’s awesome, well I will unpack later, I m tired so taking a nap,” she replied and then laid down to sleep. “Good night Avni, it’s not night but still,” Twinkle said and shrugged. She dragged her suitcase to her cupboard and unlocked it. She gasped as there were already some clothes of men. “What the hell?” She said and kept moving the clothes here and there and that’s when her eyes met pitch black eyes of Parth.

She blinked for several times and when she realized that how devilish his eyes are, she screamed. He held her wrist twisting it painlessly behind her back twirling her around and palmed her mouth. After she calmed, he looked at Avni to make sure that she’s asleep, and when he was sure, he pulled Twinkle inside the cupboard and she landed in his lap. He bent down and took her legs pulling her fully inside. “Ssshhh,” he whispered and closed the cupboard careful to keep it open partially. He made her sit beside him and sat bending his knees up to his chest.

“Who are you Mr.Black Cobra?” She asked and he giggled. “I m Parth Khanna, not Black Cobra, I am also known as PK,” he said and she smiled clearing her throat. “Well it’s awkward that you live in this cupboard,” she said. “I m a ghost,” he said and she nodded. “Okay,” she said without realizing but then as she realized, she widened her eyes at him. “Ghost?” She said and was about to go outside but he stopped her holding her wrist. “Relax, I won’t harm you, what’s your name by the way?” He asked.

“Twinkle,” she said and smiled hesitantly as they shook hands. “You would be tired, so you may go now, oh and you can keep your clothes here and keep mine in your suitcase if you want,” he said and she smiled. “Sure, thanks,” she said and went outside. She took Parth’s clothes out of the cupboard and then settled hers inside. Once she was done, she kept his clothes in her suitcase and zipped it. Then she looked at the open cupboard and smiled and came to Parth. “Bye Parth,” she said picking her little rubber toy and pressed it at his cheek, he giggled along with her and she closed the door.

Fb end.

She smiled recalling that day. “That day was so good, we met for the first time, and today you left me alone Parth,” she said and kept the yearbook upside down and got off the bed sitting on her knees. She pulled out her suitcase and unzipped it. She smiled seeing Parth’s clothes and picked one shirt and hugged it. Kunj saw this standing at the entrance and boiled in anger. “I will always keep these with me,” she said and kept the shirt back and zipped it again pushing it under the bed and picked the yearbook again to read what Parth had written while Kunj looked on.

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  1. What nonsense. Now no reader will speak why twinkle is shown in love with that parth and when other writers write something with kunj and some other actress they bash and dislike and what not. Double standards ki bhi had hai,why do people hate kunj ki koi aur actress padh ke jal jaate hai aur twinkle aka jasmine ke saaath koi bhi aira gaira daal do toh koi farkk nahi padta.
    Please show someone else with kunj,he cannot just be a witness to that stupid love of twinkle and parth.

    1. Salley145

      Yaar sirf ek story hi toh hai, itna hyper q horahay ho?

    2. Salley145

      If u want, I can restart this story..

    3. Salley145

      Look everyone is liking it, only u have problem

      1. Off course. No one says anything except ‘post soon, amazing’ on every single story and also not many are reading this i suppose because you have brought a dead man out of no where
        I think its written twinj story on your cover and you are showing some parth may i know why? Bring another lead for kunj and let twinkle continue love that dead man and cry bucket of tears for their non existent love
        Look another comment down there. Pleaseeeeeee make it a twinj story or show some kunj scenes and bring another lead , all i can see is importance being given to twinkle and that dead parth or whatever
        People are biased here , they wont tolerate any other lead opposite kunj (sidhant) but will accept any other loser opposite twinkle (jasmine) her in the stories. kunj ne kausna aisa paap kiya hai
        its a story but understand the emotions behind it

    4. Same here!! Am not liking the love between twinkle n parth! Seems like it’s one sided love of kunj which i am not liking! Also for me it’s only twinj. Neither i can’t see kunj with other lead nor twinkle. That’s why i have stopped reading the story! I thought it’s a twinj ff didn’t expect that she will love parth n not kunj. Hence giving up on this story :'((

  2. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Amazing dear…
    Post soon..

  3. Me_rp_27

    Nice epi dear…..???
    Waiting for nxt part…..???

  4. Is it not a twinj ff? Sorry but am definitely not liking twinkle loving parth n not kunj! I will not continue this story further because for me it’s only twinj :’)

  5. nice epi
    post next soooooooooooon

  6. Superb mind-blowing episode dear please post soon and please don’t make Kunj -ve

  7. Siddha tomar

    Fabulous episode dear post soon

  8. Trivisha Choudhary

    Superb mind-blowing episode dear please make it’s twinj story and post soon

  9. Fantastic episode dear post soon

    1. Do do bar comment ka kya matlab ek baar mein samjh aata hai. Multiple names comments wah.

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