TwiNj Horror Ff: Yearbook part 3 by salley145 (Not Much Horror)

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“Yeh toh maan’ne ko tayaar hi nahi Hain apne gunaah ko,” Avni said to Parth and the siblings followed their gaze and screamed as they saw Parth’s pitch black eyes staring angrily at them. The duo stood up and knelt on the floor. “Please forgive us,” Aalia said holding her ears. “Yes please forgive us bro,” Harshad said as Parth approached them. “Then give me my life back, give me back my breathe, give me my body, then I will forgive you,” Parth said. “No please forgive us, leave us,” Aalia said cryingly but then stood up and approached Parth.

She tried pushing him with all her force but instead she passed through him and fell on the floor. He drew his hand forward and picked her up in the air without touching her. She screamed shaking her legs and arms. “Leave her,” Harshad said angrily. “Oh, so you want me to leave her? Fine, I will, but think about it, that will hurt her,” Parth said and left her and Harshad shook her head. “No please, don’t,” Harshad protested. “Go close yourself in the cupboard,” Parth said and he went and sat inside in order to save Aalia. Parth locked the cupboard by his supernatural powers.

“No please open him, please let him go, kill me instead but not him,” Aalia said and Parth picked her again and then dropped her again. She fell with a thud. “Bhai,” she said standing up and began to run towards the cupboard but was pulled back by her hair, she looked back to witness Parth doing all this. He pulled her back and she fell near the wall. The trio too stood up. Parth signalled them and they nodded and went towards Aalia and took her arms making her stand. “Leave me! Leave me!” She began to shout.

Kunj palmed her mouth while the others began to pull her towards the cupboard and then Parth opened it by his supernatural powers and then they pushed her inside. Just then Parth jumped inside locking the doors again. Now all the trio could hear was the duo coughing badly. “Open us! We’re suffocating,” Aalia shouted from inside. “Like this only, I also suffocated, and just like you both had no pity on me, I will also do no pity on you both,” Parth’s raspy voice whispered inside the dark cupboard while the siblings struggled making the whole cupboard shake violently.

“Sorry please just leave us,” Aalia said. “No I won’t,” Parth said strangling them. They both continued to struggle and the cupboard too continued to shake. The trio just kept watching. While shaking, the cupboard came closer to the nearest tall window and fell out of it on the ground rolling on the lawn. The trio screamed and looked down the window and then at each other. Everyone including the trio gathered in the lawn. They could still hear the muffled voices of the notorious siblings. After sometime it stopped completely and then the cupboard door opened, Parth came outside floating in the air.

He looked directly at Twinkle. “Thank you Twinkle, Avni and Kunj, because of you three, my soul would get peace, and I would be free from this world,” Parth said. “But Parth, your body…,” Twinkle said but was cut off in between. “Those notorious siblings had already burnt my body today before coming to your dorm as they didn’t want to be caught,” Parth told them, Twinkle shed a lone tear and smiled sadly at him. “Parth I will miss you,” she said sadly. “Even I will miss you, but don’t you dare to do anything to meet me sooner, we will meet one day, and to meet, it’s necessary to split up,” he said.

“Parth,” she said sadly and looked down. “Whoever named you as Parth, he named it right, you are really Parth, the one who never misses his targets,” she said. “Unlike the rest of the people, you didn’t dismiss me as the ghost, you took me seriously, you three must weep for me, for now I have no tears; you three must pray for me, for I have no faith; and you must accompany me to the angel of death and beg for Death’s mercy upon me, and then, if you have always been sweet, and good, and gentle, the Angel of Death will have mercy on me. You will see fearful shapes in darkness, and wicked voices will whisper in your ear, but they will not harm you, for against the purity of a little child the powers of Hell cannot prevail,” he said hugging her.

They made no answer, and the ghost wrung his hands in wild despair as he looked down at their bowed heads. “We are not afraid,” Twinkle said firmly, “and I will ask the Angel to have mercy on you.” Parth let a faint cry of joy, and taking her hand bent over it with old-fashioned grace and kissed it. His fingers were as cold as ice, and his lips burned like fire, but Twinkle did not falter, as he led her. ‘Go back!,’ cried the already dead people there, ‘go back!’ but Parth clutched their hands more tightly, and Twinkle shut her eyes against them. ‘Beware! Oh alive ones, beware! We may never see you again,’ but Parth glided on more swiftly, and Twinkle did not listen. When they reached near the Angel of death, a bitter cold wind swept round them, and she felt something pulling at her dress. “Quick, quick,” cried Parth, “or it will be too late!”

They grew quite grave, and Twinkle’s little lips trembled like rose-leaves. She came towards him, and kneeling down at his side, looked up into his old withered face. She trembled, a cold shudder ran through her, and for a few moments there was silence. She felt as if she was in a terrible dream. “Oh Angel of death, when a good ghost like Parth can win prayers from out of the lips of sin, when the pain he beared, and we the little ones, before you, gives away our tears, have some mercy on Parth and take him with you to the world that is free of fears,” the trio said all at once waiting for the reply.

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