TwiNj Horror Ff Dard Bhari Maut (2~Another Innocent Life)

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Twinkle told the doctors to do autopsy because she was sure it was a murder case and someone killed that man. But the reports were normal. She took a half day and went to her house thinking of what she saw today. Who can that man be? Why did he took an innocent life? Why did she let him do that? Why didn’t she save him? Why she froze seeing him? Why he saw her but still did nothing to her? She knew she had to talk to Kunj about this because according to her, it was a murder case.

That day, when Kunj came back, she told him everything about what happened. “Kunj, let’s go tomorrow and I will tell his features and can make the sketch artist sketch his picture before he kills any more people,” she said as she was very guilty of whatever she had let to happen and hadn’t taken action. “Okay we will go tomorrow, then I will see the case, but can you tell me how did he look like?” He asked and she nodded. “He had strange looks that frightened me. He was wearing a big black hood, on his back there were huge black wings that were fluttering continuously, he took off his hood and that’s when I saw his face, the white part of his eyes was red, he had humanly looks but at the same time he didn’t look like a human.”

Twinkle sighed as she said that. “Twinkle, how can a normal human being has wings?” He asked. “I don’t know,” she said. “Okay relax, we will go tomorrow and then will make the sketch ready,” he said patting her hair. “What if he tries to kill me as well because I saw him?” She asked getting frightened.

“He won’t kill you, you’re an ACP’s wife, I m your husband, trust me, I won’t let anything wrong happen to you,” he said hugging her. “How can the reports come normal when it was a murder and not a natural death?” She asked. “That would be known later, but forget about all this for now, let’s go and have dinner, shall we?” He asked and she nodded and they went outside the room.


Twinkle was laying in the bathtub still wearing clothes with her head out thinking of the strange happening that took place today. Slowly, she slid down immersing her head as well.

She formed bubbles in the water staring at the ceiling as the whole world seemed to be swimming in front of her eyes. Her eyes were drooling and just when she closed them, she heard a loud splash and felt an arm slinding under her back and her legs which lifted her out of the bathtub. She opened her eyes to see Kunj. “You? Why did you got me out?” She asked. “Last time also you laid like that and almost drowned, I can’t take any risk,” he said walking outside, she sighed softly.

“But Kunj, it won’t happen again, please?” She insisted. “That’s dangerous okay, I can’t let you do this, if you want to relax yourself so simply stand under the shower or swim with me in the pool but no drowning,” he said sternly keeping her on bed and sat on the other side of the bed. “Okay, but then, will you take a shower with me?” She asked childishly. “Okay but not now, tomorrow,” he said and she smiled like a child. “Now look your clothes got wet by your stupid act,” he said and she nodded pretending to be sad.

“Remove them,” he said and she shook her head. “I won’t, you do it,” she said and he slapped his forehead and nodded. He was about to remove but then she stopped him. “Dry my hair as well,” she said. Once again he slapped his forehead and agreed, Twinkle enjoyed his irritation. He tried to wipe her hair but in vain, she giggled silently and turned to him. “Guddan, tumse na ho paaye ga,” she joked and he gave her the towel and she wiped it on her own. “It would’ve been more fun if you would’ve got drenched with me instead of pulling me out,” she said and gave a naughty smile.

“Yeah yeah, will do it some other day, for now just focus on drying yourself,” he said irritatingly. “Okay,” she said and kissed his cheek. “Twinklllle,” he said getting more irritated. “What happen? Didn’t you like it? Should I do it on lips?” She asked and pecked his lips. Now he couldn’t control anymore and gave in, soon their kiss turned into a passionate love with a pinch of pleasure and joy. Once again he had claimed her as his and once again a night was made heavenly by them and for them. They slept cuddling to each other.


Next day, Twinkle went with Kunj to sketch artist to prepare a sketch of the mysterious man. After it was prepared, Twinkle went to hospital while Kunj began to investigate. He asked everyone in the hospital, even the watchman about this man but none had seen him. Strange that only Twinkle had seen him. On the other side, she was treating an old lady who was highly sick. She gave the old lady ber drip and when she was about to go back, she held Twinkle’s hand.

Twinkle turned back. “Ma’am,” she said but was cut in between. “Please save me, I don’t want to die,” she begged cryingly. “Ma’am, relax, I will try my best,” Twinkle said. “He’s here, he’s here,” she kept saying. “Who’s here?” Twinkle asked and the lady pointed at the door. As Twinkle looked at the door, the same man entered. She froze seeing him. “Who are you? Why are you here?” She asked him but he didn’t reply. Instead he stood by the side of the old lady and aimed both his hands forward, the old lady panted and after sometime, she fell lifeless. The man disappeared. Twinkle kept her hands on her heart and tried to make it beat once again but nothing worked. She sat down cryingly.

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  1. Fantastic episode…
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