Twinj ff – Woh Mera Dil Tha (Episode #11)


At night sarna mansion…

Kunj was half laying and half sitting in his room clutched Twinkle photos to his chest. He was remembering the days which he spend with twinkle.

Their cute tom and jerry fights.

When bebe send them to their honeymoon and they pretended they were happy but twinkle leg slipped and in mean time Kunj held her

When Kunj fighted with goons because they pass nasty comments on twinkle. And twinkle healing his wounds.

When manohar accident happened and twinkle consoled him.

When kunj started his loss in business and twinkle encouraged him. And helped him in developing his business.

Kunj started to cry. I lost you because of me twinkle.


Kunj was driving his car in full speed his eyes were full red tears were continuously flowing from his eyes.

Ku : I’m coming twinkle to take you back in my life… I’ll do anything to get you back. I’m sorry for everything… I killed our baby… chocked.. . I’m so sorry… I know you will definitely forgive me. You always said that you will be there with me. I will work hard to earn your forgiveness… I’m coming. Your kunj is coming. We will marry again and now I promise I will fill your life full of colors and happiness… unaware of the storm that would shake him completely.

Kunj reached taneja mansion. As soon as kunj get down the car kunj devastated to see whole taneja mansion burn with fire. Kunj rushed there but police was not letting him in. He behaved like mad man. Kunj cried vigorously and pleading officers.

Ku : please… please let me go… my wife is inside. Please I beg you… Twinkle… Twinkleeeee… screamed.

Officer : sir whole house is burned everything is destroyed we have only found this two bodies in which one is some old man and another one one is old lady. Both bodies are unrecognizable because whole body is badly burnt.

ku : and my twinkle.

Officer : sir we hardly found these two all I can say that your wife may not be alive. We haven’t found her.

Ku : no… no.. no twinkle you can’t leave me… slumped on floor.

Officer : sir can you please recognize the dead bodies.

Kunj removed the white sheet covering their faces with trembling hands. Kunj stepped back in shock and gasped

ku : leela leela maa.

Kunj was sitting on nearby bench kunj was in dilemma tears had dried. Kunj couldn’t believe that his twinkle is no more. Kunj stood up with great difficulty he was walking like body without soul. Two ladies supporting a girl from shoulder who had shawl draped around her. Her face was hidden. Was coming from front and bumped into kunj girl got shocked to see kunj and her eyes got wet. But kunj walk past them. Ladies scold Kunj.

Ladies : hey boy can’t you see. The girl is pregnant here.

But kunj didn’t listen and went from there. The girl turned her face and looked at kunj last time and went from there.

Kunj came out of flashback.

Twinkle I realized my mistakes please come back. I love you… crying vigorously. Naina entered and sighed heavily looking at kunj.

Naina : Kunj you again started… You will get ill if you do like this.

Ku : then what would I do naina tell me… I’m tired now. I’m tired of my life.

Naina : I’m sorry kunj… tears in her eyes… ved said so much to you. I know somewhere I’m responsible for your condition. She disgusted me. I feel ashamed to call her my sister. Because of her you and twinkle separated.

Ku : that’s not your fault naina. Its called karma. The one who was at fault was only me . I didn’t trusted twinkle I should have listened to her that day. If siya wouldn’t have in my life then may be I would have happy today with twinkle and my unborn soul. But she is paying for her deeds…. naina.

Naina : yeah say.

Ku : I know somewhere you felt bad about her because she is your sister. But naina I can’t leave her like this she is culprit of my baby and my twinkle…

Naina : no kunj you are wrong. I don’t have any sympathy for siya. She can’t be my sister… she snatched my husband from me your love and your baby from you. I don’t have any place for her in my heart either for him. I can’t forget that infidelity of his.

Ku : Destiny played such a game with us naina. Sometimes I wondered what fate we have got. Your husband betrayed you for your so called sister and I killed my happy family because of her only. We both got same fate.

Naina just looking at kunj….

Ku : what… why are you looking at me like this…

Naina : nothing… I’m just looking at you and reminiscing our college days… that days were so awesome.

Ku : yeah… how much fight we had those days… chuckles

Naina : you always got first position and me second… we were enemies more than competitors.

Ku : but I have failed in my life. I failed as a husband I failed a father…. tears rolling from his face.

Naina took twinkle photo from his hands and kept on side table.

Naina : now sleep… tomorrow have to go office also.

Ku : good night.

Naina : good night… covered him with blanket and went in her room… she closed her room door…
Why did you do this with me revant… why…. looking out of window… her phone rings..

Naina : unknown number at this hour… picked up the call…
Hello… who is this.. hel… someone sniffing from other side.

Man : nai… naina…. chocked.

Naina : revant… whisper shockingly.
How many times i told you don’t call me can’t you understand one thing.

Revant : please naina listen to me. I regret naina for…

Naina : stop it… I don’t want to listen anything… don’t call me… and cut the call…

Revant : naina… naina… listen…
Cried… I’m so sorry naina… please come back…

Next morning… in delhi…

Twinkle was preparing breakfast just then her kids entered in kitchen and back hug her wished her good morning.

Uday ameesha Neeraj : good morning maa…

Tw : good morning my babies…

Won’t you guys wish us morning… two voices said from behind.

Uday ameesha and neeraj : KD uncle… shouted.
They all run to him hugged him tightly…

Uday Neeraj ameesha : we missed you KD uncle.

What about me … boy said who was standing beside KD…

We missed you too viplav… and hugged him too…

Uday : when you both came..

KD : last night only…

Tw : now you all go and sit I’ll bring breakfast.

Ameesha : yeah… till then ill keep plates on table.

Viplav : good girl… keep it up work work…

Ameesha : huhu get out…

Viplav : huhu get out… mimicking her.

Viplav uday and neeraj hifi….

Ameesha : KD uncle see him.

KD : viplav don’t tease her… now come on let’s go boys…. giving flirty smile to twinkle…. Twinkle shaked her head…..


Viplav tripathi…. a co pilot with Neeraj… childhood buddy of Neeraj uday and ameesha loves twinkle like his mother.

(Neeraj is at home today because his duty got cancelled)


Mr KD (karan dogra) tripathi…. wanted viplav to became a business man… proposed twinkle when ameesha uday and Neeraj viplav were small… but she rejected… still love her waiting for her. Always support her through thick n then. His wife was dead when viplav was three years old. Eventually he fell I love with twinkle.

Episode ends here….

Hello everyone… how are you all.

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