Twinj ff – Woh Mera Dil Tha (Episode #02)

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hey how are you all… so sorry for posting so late. I wasn’t free and not in home… that’s why couldn’t post it. 


Let’s start…..

Siya looks at kunj angrily…

Siya: how could you….
You claimed to love me….
And here you…..

Ku: siya baby I’m sorry…. But PlZ don’t get angry…

Siya: and your so called wifey she must be happy after all her dream has came true now….

Kunj angrily : siiyaaa…..
She is not so called…
She is my wife…

Siya: see by yourself what effect she has done. What magic has she done on you that you are speaking against me for that mere girl…

Kunj again get angry…

Siya last time I’m saying you don’t compare her with….

Siya : yeah yeah why not…. she is your wife after all…… sarcastically…..

Kunj himself don’t know why he is being possessive for twinkle and get angry easily when someone badmouthing twinkle.

Ku: siya baby please just understand my situation please… Don’t know why but after that night….
And look at siya who furiously looking back at him hearing the word night…. . Gulps.

Siya: continue…. And folded her hands over her chest.

Ku: aff….. after tt….. that n.. ni… night I’m not able to make and decisions what to do and what not to do.

Siya thought in her mind :
What the hell is mess is this now. What if kunj starts to fall for twinkle because of that night no no no. No i can’t let that happen. If he starts to fall for her then my all plan will be fail and i want his property at any cost. I have to separate them as soon as possible by hook or by crook.

Kunj shake siya by her shoulders:
Siya where are you lost..

Siya come back to her senses.

Sita: no nowhere…

Kunj you have to prove your love for me. Will you do it whatever I’ll say to you.

Kunj get confused

What.??  What are you saying. I’m not getting your point. Say it clearly.

Siya move closer to kunj and keep her both hands on his chest.
Siya : Kunj baby you have to move in our relationship.. you know what I mean.. what you and twinkle have…

Kunj turn his back facing siya. But siya hug him from back and hold him from waist.

Ku: siya you know I love you but I can’t do that. This is the only reason I let you come close to me and I maintain my physical relations with you but not like that relationship. Please.

Siya : obviously you will say this only. If I had a slightest idea then I would never let you go that day.
Ku: siya please.

Siya: fine then. I’m giving you only two options either you have to move in our relationship or tell your parents about us.

Kunj was shocked…….

Ku: what… siya you very well know neither I can get intimate with you nor I can tell my parents. You know they are very strict and against this type of things and on top of that they are very old minded. Already they are persuading me and twinkle to have a baby.

Siya gets angry….

Siya : okay fine… do whatever you want to do and I will do whatever i want….

Saying this siya went out of Kunj cabin and slams the door…

Kunj tries to stop her but she doesn’t listen..

Kunj bangs his hand on side table angrily…

Ku : shit.. don’t know what has happening to me nowadays… I should take advice from twinkle she would surely have a way out of it.

Kunj closed his eyes and remember something and his anger meltdown…

But I should be angry on twinkle for that… whenever I remember that a different feeling rise in me… is this love or just a mere attraction or infatuation…..

Kunj jerks his head and nodded his head vigorously….

No no no…..  I can’t I only love siya. And no one else.

Other side siya was pacing to and fro angrily…

Siya : this blo*dy twinkle I have to do something with her otherwise she would surely ruin my plan… think siya think….
Siya smirk thinking something…
And patted her shoulder…
Siya stand infront of mirror and spoke evilly
Wow siya what a brain you have got I must say… just amazing yaar what a plan you have thought.
Now just wait and watch twinkle soon there is a storm is going to coming in your life that will destroy you….. hahaha and laugh evilly.

At night Sarna mansion

Twinkle is standing in balcony  near railing supporting pillar.
Slightly sobbing tears were falling from her cheeks. She calls someone.

Tw : hello…. in heavy voice.

Leela : hello…
Who’s this…

(Leela was busy in checking files. Office work)

Tw: Maa…

Leela : yeah say twinkle any work.

Tw: is it necessary if I have work that’s when only I’ll call you..

Leela : twinkle I’m busy right now… say what happened…

Tw : no I don’t have any work with you. Just missing you. You are busy no worries you do your work… bye…

Leela : hmmm..

Twinkle burst into tears and look towards sky….

Tw: papa… please call me to you… I can’t live like this. No one is here for me. Since my childhood I crave for maa love but she always busy in her work and never look after me. Then I got a new hope to live…. Kunj. He becomes my reason to live I thought now love has entered my life but….. chocked… no he was already loving someone. My this hope too shattered. Babaji doesn’t I deserved to be loved. Whom he is loving she is already betraying him by sleeping with other mans. I can’t even tell this to kunj he is blind in her love. How much I have tried to bring her true color infront of Kunj but I failed every time.
Why you leave your princess here papa no one is here to love me like you except bebe. I missed you.

Episode ends on twinkles crying face…


thanks to all of you who commented and liked my first chapter… and hope you all like today’s episode also. 

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    Story line was good
    Post soon

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