Twinj ff – Woh Mera Dil Tha (Episode #01)

hellooo every one…..  how are you all…. thank you so much for your response… those who commented and liked the prologue…. 

here is first episode of woh  mera dil tha…. let’s start…… 

Episode starts with.

A big mansion is shown all servants are busy in their works. Then a room is shown in which a boy in his mid 20s getting ready infront of mirror meanwhile talking on phone. Just then a girl in her mid 20s entered in room with a mug in her hand.

Boy:yeah…… okay
I have three meetings lined up today but I’ll try to come….

Girl:Kunj your coffee…
Plz get ready fast yOU are getting late for office.

(Here is our handsome hunk kunj sarna… you’ll get to know about him more….. but not now )

Ku:yeah……. thanks…
He takes a sip and moan in delight.
Your coffee makes my day twinkle…..(so the girl is twinkle. Twinkle kunj sarna )

Twinkle smiled at him.

Ku:and twinkle one more thing. Tonight  siya has planned a date so I’ll come late……
Umm i Hope u….

Tw:I can understand Kunj. You both go and enjoy and I’ll handle everything  here…. I know how much you both love each other.
(But only twinkle knows how twinkle said those words. Inside her heart was bleeding )

Ku:thank you twinkle….

Tw:n I love you…..

Kunj smile lightly

(Many times twinkle confessed her love for Kunj but he took in friendship )

Ku:okay I’m going…..

As soon as Kunj went out of room. Twinkle didn’t felt well. Clutched her mouth tightly and run towards washroom and continuously puking in sink. Twinkle comes out of washroom and think something.

Tw:don’t know what has happened to me now….

Twinkle puts her thoughts aside and went downstairs.

Twinkle was busy in kitchen. Making breakfast for her in laws.
Twinkle served everyone breakfast nicely.

Manohar:where is Kunj?……. strictly

Tw:Papaji actually Kunj has important meeting today. And May be Kunj will be busy today so he ‘ll come late.

Bebe looked at twinkle and both give painful smile to eachother.

Bebe in her mind : i wish which I had planned. It effect little bit on my kunj.And twinkle and Kunj have done what I have wanted.
I hope my plan will do my work..

Usha :what happened bebe where are you lost?

Bebe:hmmm……. no nowhere.

Usha:twinkle how much time have with your and Kunj marriage passed???……. in mocking tone

Tw:tw….. two years mummi ji…. And bow down her head.

Manohar : exactly and we don’t have any good news from you.
When are you both planning to give our heir…… angrily

Usha : yes. When Will we become grand parents…… she too starts her anger.

Tw: um.. umm ac…actually mummi ji papaji… i.. I m not ready right now…… holding back her tears.

Manohar gets angry.

Usha : what do you mean by not ready. Its  been two years of your marriage. You….

Manohar interrupted

I don’t know anything. I want this news in a week or two weeks. Depends on you……
Saying this manohar leave for office.

Twinkle and bebe was shocked.

Usha : now have you listened. I hope you will give us what ever we want soon. Oh sorry not soon but within a week.

Usha too went from there  after saying this.

As soon as usha went from there. Twinkle broke into tears. Bebe puts hand on her shoulder and console her.

Bebe:twinkle forgive me I m not  able to do anything for you.

(Guys in this story bebe is elder in family but she is too scared of Manohar s anger. Even though all respect her. But she willingly accept all decisions of Manohar )

Tw:no bebe why are you apologising. Saying this twinkle holds her head.

Bebe:twinkle puttar you okay?

Twinkle nods….

Bebe:twinkle puttar can I ask you something??

Tw:yes bebe…… composing herself.

Bebe:umm… did Kunj…
I mean you both….
Uhh… that day in hotel I send you and….

Twinkle looks at bebe teary eye… And closed her eyes making her tears falls rapidly….
Twinkle open her eyes and look at bebe yet painfully and has a faint smile on her lips but tears were continuously flowing.

Screen shifts to kunj office….

Kunj was sitting on his chair on his cabin….
And in deep thoughts…

Ku:what have I done…. now how I’ll face siya. How I’ll tell her the truth. What if she hate me after knowing that….

Kunj thoughts interrupted by a knock on door….

Ku:come in…

Kunjs PA entered in cabin..

P.A:sir here are the files. Which you have to sign.

Ku:okay. And yeah get me a cup of coffee.

PA:okay sir.

As soon as his PA went out of cabin.

Someone entered in his cabin…

.. hey kunnnj…

Ku:hey uv watsup buddy…
They hug each other…

Uv:I’m all okay. Top notch.
What about you and how is twinkle.

Ku:uv….. kunj whisper tensely.

Uv:what happened kunj you look tensed.

Ku:now what I’ll hide from you. You know me.

And then kunj tell uv something which is mute.

Again screen shifted to twinkle and bebe.

Bebe looked sad.

Tw:bebe…… crying

Bebe:twinkle puttar….. And hug her.

Bebe too is in tears. And think.
You are not doing right kunj. God knows when you will realise love for twinkle and her worth. Please babaji make my children one. I can’t see them like this.

Bebe composes her self. And broke the hug.
Bebe wiped her tears.

Bebe:twinkle puttar handleyourself. Just have faith in babaji. Everything become fine very soon.

Tw:I’m losing my hope bebe…. And again burst into tears.

Bebe nods in no….. And console her.


All youngsters are dancing. Girls are throwing themselves on mans. All are busy in drinking partying. In some one of room. A girl and boy is shown making out. Boy is lustily making out with her. And girl is enjoying and moaning in pleasure.
Almost after two hours girl is sitting on couch composing herself. And boy is sitting on bed looking at girl with lustful eyes.

Girl get up from couch and about headed towards door but interrupted by boy’s voice.

Boy:wait take your money
Don’t you want it.

Girl:no Mr I’m not pr*stitute. I only sleep with you for my pleasure….. said girl boldly and smirks.

Boy :then be my mistress. And I’ll take care of your expenditures.

Girl:think Mr I’m very expensive.
Boy :I’m ready. Bcuz I love your body.

Girl:okay…. smirk

Boy :now atleast tell me your name.

Girl walk towards door. Opened it. Turn and said : siya babes….  winked. And walk out.

Screen again shifts to Kunjs office.

Uv is shocked listening Kunj and tightening his fist in anger. Which is unnoticed by Kunj.

Ku:now you tell me uv what I’ll do how I’ll face siya how I’ll tell her. You know na how much I love her.

Uv:see kunj calm down right now just go with the flow. But of you love siya this Much then why don’t you divorce twinkle.

Kunj was shocked

Ku:what are you saying uv

Uv:by the way anyone can loose control after seeing your wifey. And top of that she is my first crush you know na…… And winked

Ku:shut up. Mind your tongue. She is my wife.

Uv:hoo possessive husband hmm.

Ku:don’t know why whenever I look at twinkle. I inclined towards her. I’m badly attracted towards her.

Uv angrily :no you can’t

Ku:what.??   Confused

Uv:no nothing.
Kunj I have to go. I have work.

Uv sits in his car and sigh deeply. Till now every thing was going smoothly. But this…… And closed his eyes frustratedly.
Uv takes out twinkle picture from his wallet and a lone tear dropped on twinkle picture.
I Love you yaar. And hug her pic.
In Kunjs cabin kunj was standing on glass window lost in his thoughts just then someone back hugging him.
Kunj turn. Smile appeared on his face. Siya baby…
Lifts her by her waist and spin around.

Kunj put her down and kiss her passionately.

Ku:siya baby you here. What a surprise. And we already are going on a date tonight right.

Siya:actually Kunj we can’t go tonight.

Ku:what… but why…

Siya:actually Kunj I’m going out of town with my parents.

Ku:okay do inform me about your whereabouts.

Siya:okay promise.

Ku:let’s spend some time before you go what say……. winked

Siya nods.

Kunj pulled by her waist and kissed her wildly then kissed her neck. Siya moan his name.suddenly Kunj pushed her remember something.

Siya:what the hell Kunj.

Ku:oh sorry baby.

Umm siya I want to say something.


Kunj tell same thing to siya which he tells to uv.

Siya is shocked and shouts…

Siya:whaatt….. what did you just said.

Ku:siya baby listen.don’t know what had happened to me…. But…. I’m sorry… please

Episode ends on siyas angry face…..


I hope you all will like this episode guys… thanks alot for your comments and likes….


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