Twinj FF Life is Beautiful PART-6

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Twinj shared an eyelock..Kunj broke the eyelock as his baby Mia pulled his hand..

Kunj Smiled at them and said..

Kunj:So ready to go to office with Papa..

Twinkle:Umm Kunj..


Twinkle: I will come with you to office and will take care of them..

Kunj:No need Twinkle..You take rest..

Twinkle:No Kunj I want to come..Kunj is thinking something..Umm Kunj if you don’t want to introduce me as your wife it’s okay.. I don’t feel bad.. Introduce as your maid or babysitter..Kunj looked at her angrily..

Kunj:Do you think Soo cheap of me that I Introduce my wife as my maid.. I am not a jerk..

Twinkle:You don’t love me na so I thought..

Kunj:But you are my wife Twinkle..And you will get everything that you deserve as my wife..And I can’t stoop Soo low to Introduce my wife as a maid..

Twinkle:So I can come right..

Kunj:Tum kaha manogi Meri Maa..Chalo..

And packed a baby bag which have in which there is things for babies..I.e;Diapers, Napkins, Tissues,Milk bottles..

Kunj took Mia and Twinkle took Neeyan in their arms and started going to office..

Twinkle:Kunj.. Don’t you want to have breakfast..

Kunj:No honey.. I have to go.. it’s office time..Ek ek Karo tum kake aajana..

Twinkle:Hmm..Kunj aap jayiye I will be coming..And went to kitchen with Neeyan..Took parathas and veg curry and packed it in the tiffin and kept it in her bag..

Kunj don’t have food jyada but buttlers made it as Twinkle is there.. Went outside and saw Kunj waiting for her in the car with Mia in his lap..

Mia is keeping her hand in her mouth deep in her throat and her drool is flowing from her mouth..Kunj is taking her hand out of her mouth but his daughter is as stubborn as him..She is keeping the hand Again and he is taking it out from her mouth again so that she didn’t puke.. Twinkle Smiled seeing the scene..Came towards him and sat beside him in the passenger seat with Neeyan in her lap..

Kunj started the car and his daughter kept her hands on his which were on the steering wheel..And Neeyan is playing with her Kunjgalsutra..Kunj is driving the car slow for the safety of his small family..

They reached The Sarna Enterprises..They entered the office..As usual girls started giving him flirty looks with seductive smiles but he smiled a genuine gentleman Smile at them..

They saw Twinkle and made disgusting face as She is standing with the handsome hunk..

Everyone wished him which he politely returned..

Fab4 and Yuvi already present there.. Suddenly soha came and acted like her files fall down..And bent down in front of him showing her cleavage..

Twinkle is seeing their flirty and seductive smiles which is making her burn in rage and this only added fuel to her anger..

Even his friends didn’t like it..They made disgusting face..She stood in front of him and said..

Soha:Sorry Sir.. I didn’t see you..Who is She sir and touched his shoulder.. Twinkle jerked her hand from his shoulder and shouted..

Twinkle: Don’t touch him.. I kill cut your hands next time..Kunj is surprised but also happy seeing her Possessiveness..His friends Smiled evilly..His hurted Soha’s ego..

Soha:Who do you think you are..He is not yours that you are showing your rights..

Twinkle:He Is Mine..Mine and Only Mine..Did you get that..It’s better if you stay away from him..

Soha:Who the hell out you to order me..

Kunj:She is My Wife..And I expect you to respect my wife.. Everyone is shocked..They started gossiping about their relationship.. Some are happy for him.. Some are envy of her.. Some are feeling too much jealous..

They went inside his Yuviin.. Fab4 and Siddharth are very happy..

Kunj: Twinkle..


Kunj;Sorry tum Shaadi ke baad pehli baar aayi and ye Sab hua..

Twinkle:Oh please Baby..Came close to him.. I am very happy as I got the chance to say everyone that you are mine..Only mine..

Kunj Smiled at her Possessiveness..He is enjoying her showing her rights on him as he had no one till now who showed their rights on him except his friends and his babies..

Kunj took babies to the baby’s room and made them sit..Kunj is about to go..But Twinkle held his hand and made him sit on the couch..Kunj looked at her surprisingly.. Twinkle opened her bag and took the tiffin box out..And open it..Kunj saw food and looked at her confusingly..

She took a morsel and took near her lips..Kunj looked at it and said..

Kunj: Twinkle I don’t eat’s okay tum Khao..

Twinkle: Because there was no one to feed you..Have it Kunj.. Please a little for me.. How will I eat without you.. please..Kunj opened his mouth and had it..Do you know you should start eating regularly..It is good for health..Kunj you have lots of responsibilities..Especially being a father ..You have to be healthy and strong to take care of them..She is explaining to him like a mother..His eyes got moist..

Kunj:not only Dad but I am a husband too Twinkle..She looked at him and saw tears in his eyes..She wiped them and kissed his forehead and again feed him..Kunj also took a morsel and feed her..

At the same time his friends came and saw them..They are very happy..

They coughed to make them aware of their presence..They saw their friends..

Yuvi: I love paratha..What about Me?.. Won’t you feed Me?….

Twinkle: Really?.. Come..Yuvi came to her just to see what she will do.. Twinkle took morsel and feed him which not only made them very happy..It also made a place in their hearts..They Smiled happily..

After their eating session..Kunj and boys are discussing about business..And the girls were playing with the babies..

Suddenly the cabin door opened and there entered Chinki Smilingly.. Everyone Smiled at her..

She came towards them and hugged Twinkle tightly..And started speaking..

Chinki:Twinkle Do you know?..

Yuvi:How will she know if you don’t tell her..

Chinki:Shut Up.. Everyone just shook their head in disbelief as they always fight whenever they meet..

Twinkle:Say Chinki..

Chinki: The Matter is..

Yuvi:What?..Asked very calmly..

Chinki:Will you keep your big mouth shut..And gritted her teeth..

Yuvi: This is my mouth.. I will do whatever I want with it..And you called my mouth big..Did you see yours..It is as big as elephant..

Chinki:What..And went towards him but Twinkle held her..

Twinkle: Please Chinki stop it na.. Acha tell me na..


Yuvi:Ye woh woh Kya laga raha Hain..

Fab4 and Yuvi:Yuviiiiiii..

Yuvi:My name is Yuvi..Not Yuviiiiiiii..

Sid took tape from the table and sticked it to his mouth and said..

Sid: Continue Chinki..

Chinki:The Matter is Twinkle.. I went to Temple today..And there I heared Panditji saying to one person that..Newly Married Couple Should do Sathyanarayana Swami Vratam..The couple who does this will live happily..And They will have beautiful Life..He will keep your family Healthy,Wealthy and Happy..So I think you guys should do this tomorrow as tomorrow is Pournami and it’s Thursday..What say..

Everyone looked at each other faces.. Twinkle is happy to have such a friend..

And Others are thinking whether to do this Pooja or not..Then only Aliya said..

Aliya:Hmm..We will start preparations from today only..

Dhruv:Ha yes let’s start..

Roshni:But how do they do this Pooja..

Sid: We will ask Panditji..

Kunj: Guys it’s okay..We will do this Pooja or Vratam when we are free..

Twinkle:Chinki said tomorrow is auspicious day right..

Roshni:Ha..And Kunj just shut up okay..

Sid:We know what is good for you..Yuvi removed his tape and said..

Yuvi: For the first time this elephant Chinki did something good..

Chinki:What do you mean..

Twinkle:Guys Stop it..And they all settled Again discussing about Pooja..

Neeyan who is sitting on floor playing with his toy went towards Twinkle and held her leg..She smiled and held his hand and made him sit on her lap..And Again continued talking with the girls..Neeyan is playing with her Mangalsutra and also keeping it in his mouth biting it..Twinkle removed her Kunjgalsutra from his mouth..He made sad pout which Twinkle pecked while he kept his head on her chest .. Everyone is Smiling at them but one is burning in jealousy..And She is none other than Kunj’s stubborn daughter Mia..

She threw her toy there and went towards Twinkle..And hugged her another leg..

Everyone is going Aww on their cuteness.. Twinkle Smiled at her and lifted her in her arms and made her sit on her left side..Mia also made pout which Twinkle pecked instantly..She also kept her head on Twinkle’s chest and looked at her brother..

Everyone now started laughing at her antics..They are very happy for the babies..

Kunj got up from his seat and pecked his babies head including Twinkle’s..

Twinkle is out of world with his gesture..She just can’t control herself..She held babies tightly with her hand and pecked his lips..

Everyone is shocked except Twinkle..

Chinki: Twinkle You have become Shameless in Love..

Kunj after realizing blushed but tried to cover it hardly..

Yuvi:Twinkle there is children like Me here..Have some Shame..

Twinkle:You and Child..Aur sharam kis baat ki..He is my husband.. I will do whatever I want with him.. My Husband My Will..

Yuvi:Girls These Days..Ram Ram and kept his hands on his ears dramatically.. Twinkle just rolled her eyes..

Yuvi:And You Mr.Sarna..Stop blushing..Your Cheeks will Hurt..

Kunj: I am not blushing..And tried to cover his blush..

Roshni:Kunj why are you giving competition to Tomatoes..You have come out opposite of “My Possessive Darling Husband” Kunj.. I think Writer has gone Mad .. Like Seriously yaar You made Kunj blushing king..(Me:Yo.. I love blushing Kunj..)..

Everyone started teasing him..After sometime they left.. Now the family is here..Babies are sleeping peacefully..

Twinkle looked at Kunj..He is working on his laptop..She went towards him..



Twinkle: I am Sorry woh excitement mein ..Sorry I embarrassed you na..

Kunj stood and came towards her and cupped her Cheeks..

Kunj:No need to say Sorry honey.. I was not embarrassed.. Don’t forget I am your husband and you have every right on me.. Okay..

Twinkle: Okay..And pecked his cheek..

Kunj:God.. Twinkle.. How much will you kiss..

Twinkle:Till I feel tired and I know I never feel tired.. I waited this moment for long Kunj..The kisses I saved these many years I am Giving to You..You know I really didn’t want my first kiss like that but it happened..That too you without responding me..

Kunj:Hmm.. Don’t worry in future it will be Special.. Twinkle looked at him and said..

Twinkle:It will happen in future?..

Kunj:Yes..With me responding you..We have many years to Live together Twinkle then that will happen right..

Twinkle: Really..She is very happy as he is indirectly saying her that he will fall for her one day..

Kunj:Hmm..But madam please till then try not to rape me..


Kunj:Woh Kya haina Aaj Kal mere jaise Sharif Maasoom si Bechari si Ladke ki izzat katre main Hain..

Twinkle:Hawww..Her mouth is wide open.. I will not leave you Kunj..And ran behind him..

Kunj:Help me..Mere jaise masoom so Bache ke peeche padi hain ye Jungli billi..Help..Help..And started laughing while running.. Twinkle is happy seeing his pure laugh.. When they were near sofa..Their feet got entangled and fell on sofa with Twinkle on top of him..

Hope you guys like it..It is not Edited..

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Babies are also cute haina?..

Lastly their fight..Uff I love that?..

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  1. Vibhu

    Everything about your story is very cute.
    Loved it

  2. Aww so cute babies are amazing they r jealous of each other
    Loved the possessive twinkle
    Yvui n chinki r too funny
    Awesome episode
    Post soon

  3. Muhammad Murtajiz

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    Eagerly waiting for next one and MPDH too plzzzzzzzZzz

  4. I really loved the episode and twinkle is the most boldest and cutest character of the century loved it and aise hi jaldi jaldi Post Karna love u take cate

  5. Hi….priyanka…..this is Sur…..
    I loved ur ff….. ur ff story is unique…before I was just kiya ‘s fan n now urs tooo…….
    I was not commenting….but u forced me to comment…..keep up the work…n post regularly….

    1. PriyankaSurya

      Thanks Sur..It means alot..

  6. Amazing shot….
    I like the boldness…..& jealousy between baby …
    Post soon …

  7. AryanBhattacharya

    Awesome episode😍 Yuvi and chinki ka fight was too cute… And babies are❀❀

  8. Wow please dear post regular please and sorry for late comment

  9. Fabulous episode dear post soon

  10. Nice episode dear post soon

  11. Ramya

    Amazing awesome

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