Twinj FF Life is Beautiful PART-5

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Hey guys here is the update..Sorry guys if I Am Late..This Twinkle is much more different from Others..She is Funny,Lovely, Emotional,Bold and Naughty at the Same Time..

Happy Reading Lovelies..

Twinkle is sitting on bed covering herself with the veil..At the same time a guy wearing sherwani entered the room looking looking like a Greek God..Of Course he is our Kunj..

He came towards her and lifted her veil..He is mesmerized by her beauty..Her Beautiful big doe eyes showing innocence,He took her hand in his,Made her stand on ground and said..

Kunj: I don’t know why you Married me..when you know I have two kids.. I think you Married for my money.. Listen I already have soo much to deal in my live your life like the way you want.. I will never stop you..But please never increase my problems..If you have problem with babies na I myself deal with them.. I will take care of them..But please never hurt them.. I have no one to say mine except them..And about Husband rights.. I will give every right to you..On My Money..On My Property..On Me and My Body..But I can’t give you My Heart..And about to go from there But Twinkle held his hand..

Twinkle: I didn’t married you for your money.. I Married you to free you from your loneliness and pain..I Twinkle Kunj Sarna Promise you to make your life Beautiful..Kunj looked at her surprised..

Twinkle: Don’t be surprised Kunj.. I can see loneliness and pain in your eyes.. I too have no one in my life to say Mine except YOU AND OUR BABIES..And looked at the babies who is sleeping in cradle peacefully..Kunj is looking at her shockingly.. Twinkle hugged him tightly..Kunj is taken a back by her this gesture..But responded her hug lightly..Then Twinkle said..

Twinkle: I know Kunj you must be thinking that I Married you for money.. I swear Kunj I didn’t married you for money..Trust me.. I don’t want money.. I just want a happy family.. I Married you for me..For myself.. Because I know there is no one whom I can love like I love you..The day I saw you I felt connected to you.. Please give me one chance Kunj.. I love them like my own children.. I love you like no one.. I will make your lives Beautiful.. I love you Kunj.. Please give me one chance..Will you?..And looked at him with hopeful eyes..Kunj looked her eyes which showed only truth and innocence..And nodded..But again said..

Kunj: Twinkle You may love me truly like you said..But what about the babies..They are not yours na.. I mean what if you get angry or feel disgusted whenever you look at Them.. I mean I am not a virgin.. I already had a wife..They are from my first wife..And may be in future..If You become Mother of Our Babies in Future..Will you be able to love my first babies.. I am scared Twinkle what if..You hate them in future..His word Our Babies made her heart jump in joy..But then his fear and his words brought her back.. Twinkle Smiled and said..

Twinkle: Kunj I Love You from My Heart.. I already know you were married and you have babies trust me.. I not for once felt bad..Kunj I Love You..then why will I hate them..They are your Blood.. Whatever belongs to you that is very precious for me..Kunj I know they are from Priya but They are your Blood na..And I Love You more than my Life..And I promise you Kunj I will love them equally..And If You think in future if I have babies I will hate them.. I promise I will never have one because I already have two babies and you Kunj.. Saying last line tears came in her eyes..He saw them and cursed himself as this is the first time someone cried because of him..

Kunj: Twinkle I am Soo sorry.. Please try to understand.. I didn’t mean that.. I was Scared.. I never experienced or saw Happiness in My Life except when I was with Priya.. And I have no one dear except them.. I didn’t mean to hurt you.. Please don’t cry.. I promise I will try my best not to hurt you in future.. Twinkle nodded in no and said..

Twinkle:No no please don’t.. I want you to say whatever you feel without any fear Kunj.. I don’t want you to feel scared to say your heart out..Trust me I will never judge you.. I cried seeing your fear Kunj..And the thought of having baby with the love of my life brought tears..Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.. Promise Me..You will say whatever you feel to me without any fear..And forwarded her hand..Kunj smiled and kept his hand on hers promising her..Twinkle once again hugged him.. Encircled her hands around his neck bend him a little and kissed his forehead with all the love and respect she have for him..Kunj closed his eyes feeling her love and peace..Her lips lingered there for a long time..She looked into eyes and said..

Twinkle:And about claiming my rights on your Body.. I don’t want you to do it like a Job.. I want you to do it with lots and lots of love..And I don’t want that moment to be special because You yourself is a special person.. I want that simple with  love,desires and passion from you.. Because I believe we should do it when we feel immense love and desire..And I love you always.. When you want to make me yours with Love and Passion I will claim my rights on you kunj….Said all this while looking in his eyes with intensity, love and immense respect.. And please you change in our room and I will change in Bathroom..

After changing Twinkle came and saw him sleeping on couch.. She Went towards him and asked..

Twinkle:Why are you sleeping here?..

Kunj: I thought you will feel uncomfortable.. said hesitantly..

Twinkle:Oh Please.. I already told you.. I Love you..OMG are you scared that you will lose your control..Said mischievously..

Kunj:Oh Please.. I was thinking about your comfort only..

Twinkle: I am too much comfortable with you..And comfortable to do anything with you..And please do the honors of sleeping beside me..Said without any shame..Kunj Smiled and hit her head..And went towards bed shaking his head Smilingly while Saying..

Kunj:Ladki ki tarah thoda sharmao Baby..And slept on bed..Twinkle came and slept beside him..She Soo want to keep her head on his chest and hug him..After a battle with herself..She came towards him..Kept her head on his chest..Hands around his waist..Which gave peace to both of them..And looked at his face..Kunj too opened his eyes and looked at her face shockingly..

Twinkle:What..You are my husband..And I have right to cuddle with you..No one can stop me..And took his hand,Encircled around her waist and also kept her leg on his and slept peacefully..Kunj just smiled Saying “Pagal Ladki” and Slept..

Next Morning:

In Twinj room..Kunj and babies are sleeping peacefully.. While Twinkle is awake and looking at her cute, Innocent and baby like husband without blinking her eyes with full of love..It is looking as if She is trying to make herself believe that it’s not dream and it’s true..

Twinkle traced his facial features,Ruffled his hairs and slowly kissed his hair..

She rubbed her nose with his and kissed his forehead..

And rubbed her cheek with his two days stubble cheek like a puppy does..And made pout as his stubble scratched her baby soft skin..She kissed his nose cutely and said..

Twinkle:You are looking soo cute like a baby Patidev.. Just like our babies..Uff How much I love you..Arre Aap kitne unromantic ho.. Your wife your cute little wife is lying beside you..But you..You are sleeping like kumbkaran..Sorry Aiyyappa..I know you shouldn’t say like this to your husband but what should I do he is sleeping..Aur Aap Kaisei Hain aap..Koi aise sotha Hain Kya..who sleeps like this in the early morning without caring about your Wife..You should romance with her..It is good for health..Chalo it’s okay I will romance with you and kissed his cheek..And left to Washroom..

Kunj opened his eyes after she left..And chuckled shaking his head saying “Sach mein Pagal Hain ye Ladki”..And again slept..

Twinkle came wearing red saree..And looked at Kunj..She is about to apply sindoor..But stopped and called Kunj..

Kunj opened his eyes and was mesmerized by her beauty..


Twinkle: Please fill My Partition with Sindoor..Kunj looked at her hopeful eyes and went towards her..Filled her Partition with sindoor.. While She closed her eyes in content..Kunj is about to go..But She held his hand..Tiptoed and kissed his forehead..Kunj Smiled and said..

Kunj: Morning Morning you gave Soo many kisses to your this unromantic Husband and now again you are showering Me with your kisses..What’s the Matter Darlo..Twinkle became red in embarrassment.. While Kunj smirked..But he forgot that She is his wife who loves him immensely..

Twinkle:If not you should I kiss our neighbor uncle?.. Don’t forget you are my husband..And I have full rights on you..Now I can do more than just kissing Hubby.. Firstly I will start from your forehead..Then eyes..Then your cute sa nose..Then your Cheeks..Then your this sharp jawline..Then I will kiss,suck and bite your this thin pink lips..Said very seductively and continued.. I will kiss your neck very hardly Patidev..Then I will remove your shirt..After kissing and sucking your whole upper body.. I will remove your pant..Then I will remove your another peace of cloth and.. Before She could complete..Kunj closed her mouth..His whole face is red from blushing..He is bitting his lip to control his blush..This time Twinkle smirked seeing his red face and ears..

Kunj:Shhhh..Ladki ki tarah thoda sharmana sikho..Twinkle removed his hand from her mouth and said..

Twinkle:You Are My Husband Kunj ..And I love you too much to feel shy Kunj..They shared an eyelock.. Which got disturbed by Babies crying..

Kunj ran towards them..Took Them in his either hands..And went downstairs..Twinkle too followed him..Kunj is having difficulty in holding them and trying to boil milk..Twinkle took Neeyan in her hands who leaned his head on her shoulder..Kunj Smiled at her..And started boiling milk.. While Twinkle admired him and his love for his Babies..Twinkle is watching everything carefully..Kunj checked milk with his finger to see is it enough warm or not..After that he kept that finger in his mouth and tasted to see if sugar is enough careful not to make it too sweet for the babies..As it is not good for their health..He tasted the milk and came to know that it is almost enough sweet for Kunj..So he added some more milk and boiled the milk and repeated the same..After being satisfied..Kunj filled milk in the bottles and gave one to Twinkle..She kept the nip*le in Neeyan mouth..Which stopped his sniffs and started drinking milk fastly..Same goes to Mia..Tears rolled down her eyes seeing them like this..She kissed Neeyan’s head tears still rolling down..Kunj looked at her crying face and understood that She is crying on his helplessness and for Babies..And he can clearly see concern in her eyes..And he felt Happy that She is concerned for them.. Neither pity nor sympathetic..And he can clearly see immense love in her eyes for them..

Kunj: Don’t cry Honey..Trust me..We will make sure to give them the happiness they deserve..And wiped the tears from her eyes..Kunj himself don’t know why he said that..But Twinkle is very happy listening to his words..

Twinkle:Kunj I really don’t want them to go through the same which we went through..You three deserve love and care..After looking at you three like this I can’t stop the tears..And the intensity of her tears increased..Kunj looked at her for sometime..And to lighten her mood he said..

Kunj:Kuch toh hain tumme ladki ke gun.. Twinkle looked at him for sometime..Kunj also looked at her..After sometime it clicked her..What he meant..And gave him a fake angry glare to which Kunj laughed..

And went to their room.. Twinkle also followed him still Neeyan in her hands..Kunj took babies to the washroom..He checked the water to see if they are enough warm..And after that He made Mia and Neeyan sit in the tub..And Twinkle is seeing how he is making them bath carefully without hurting their skin and without making the soap go into their Eyes and Mouth..Then he kept kept his forefinger in their mouth..And cleaned their mouth with his forefinger and removed the saliva from their throat keeping his forefinger in Their mouth.. Twinkle is watching everything carefully..Then after making then bath..

Kunj made them sit on the bed..And dried their body..He covered Neeyan with towel..And Made Mia wear a cute cotton sleeveless T-shirt and cotton shorts..Red colour..And dried her hair..Then he dried her hair.. Applied oil to her hair..And made ponytail of her hair which is too much cute and small..She is looking soo cute that Kunj bit her cheek and sucked it..Then Kunj made Neeyan wear the same but Blue colour..Kissed his cute face madly..Took his mobile and clicked their picture..Sorry guys forgot to tell you..He clicks their pictures everyday.. Twinkle also kissed their Cheeks.. Tickled them to which they giggled..Then She took Kunj’s hand kissed it and Said..

Twinkle:You are the Best Kunj.. I Love You.. I am proud to be the wife of a father, person and husband like you..And they shared an eyelock..

Hope you guys like it..It is not edited..

How was the update?..

Kunj is Best?..

Twinkle is Best..Yeah She is naughty but only for Kunj?..

How was Twinkle Naughty words for Kunj?..

OMG Kunj was Blushing?..

Kunj is the best father one should have right.. I got tears at one point..What about you?..

And About Shy Twinkle..She loves him too much to feel Shy..If you want Shy Twinkle to May be you will see her in their love making session..

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  3. Awesome….
    Luved it….
    Bold twinkle ….omg …she was speaking like talking to her bestie …..& our kunj is so shy ….
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  4. Wow fantastic episode dear all scene is too good

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  6. Wow amazing.
    I just loved it.
    Twinkle boldness and everything.
    You wrote amazingly

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